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  1. cool. just some responces to your points: HUNTERS: i agree that the pure hunter class is the best of the 3 hunter classes, enforcers dont feel enough like a bad-ass with a shotgun (the blunderbuss helps this though since it has less range and higher damage). And the Trick shots have a bunck of abilities which in theory make them flexable but in reality restrict the class. that said i personally never bother with hunters. the people who like and prefer hunters tend to be people who move very slowly and carefuly through a map, which is a valid strategy, but does not appear to everyone. You can play the game hyper aggressively and get just as good results but you cant use hunters to do it. At most i only ever have one hunter for scouting and breeding hybrids. Caber-jacks: Ya these guys deal really decent damage like you noticed. here is a thing which the game dosnt tell you. Caberjacks have high armour which means they resist physical damage but they have low resistance. that means ruptures, lapses and cradels deal tons of extra damage becuase they deal magic damage but everything eles does reduced damage. if you reasurch lvl 3 armor your mid game cabers will only take 1-3 damage per physical hit and they have the most hp in the game anyway. add a leech stone and your caber will heal himself more per hit than any cadence can do to him per turn unless you are getting attacked by magic cadence. i see why you like the shadowjack they are awsome and fit with your hunter stratagy. but blastcappers can get increadibly powerful if you reasurch items for them to carry and manage to put them into positions where they can hit lots of foes. blast cappers are also the most tanky class. they get bonus int and resistance from the alchemist parent and so they have high armour aaannnd resistance makeing them alost unkillable. ALchemist: USE THEM IN MELEE MAN! they have both attacks for a reason! early game they arnt much damage wise but if you can breed bear strength into them... my alchemists deal more melee damage than my caberjacks, and my brewtalists? they hit harder than my caberjacks twice in a row. not to mention an aclchemist with a relic can crit in melee and with thrown flasks, not to mention they become amazing when double carrying movement items like haste hooch and skip stone (they can run across a whole map and teleport around chucking bombs lol). on top of that they have super super high resistance which means they can melee ruptures and only take 1-2 damaeg even early game, as well they have low-no armour so the rupture armour reduction dosnt really effect them. alchemists can tank all magic damage pretty well and all three kinds of flask are incredibly useful. best class in my opinion Items: skip stone has infinite uses man, and it costs a half action. achemists (if they use it ass there first action) can blink, freethrow and then normal throw. if every teammmember has a skip stone you can scout forward with one hunter and shoot, swap the hunter for you alchemist throw 2 flasks, swap the alchemist for your other alchemist, throw knockback flask, swap in you caber who runs n and does his thing and the whole time you never exposed anone to attack. haste hooch is op (especialy if you can use it as an aoe) and basicly lets you ignore movement range, slow and asthmatic for a few turns as well as great for offence and defence. 2 uses. leechstone? lose % of hp but you heal about 1/2 the damage you deal. give it to a tanky character like a caber or a high str alchemist and boom, they dont die unless they are super hevily outnumbered, and it heals for aoe as well, so an alchemist can bomb 4 cadence for 20 damage each and heal 40 hp. lol ultralixers are the worst item in game imo.. besides the exp scarf maybe, i nerver get the underpants INHERITING TRAITS: this is a dence system that i havent completely figured out 1. every house has a genetic code that has a ton of traits. only three become active each generation 2. every traight is ether dominant, or recessive. if you marry two heros with the same recessive traits those traits become domonant, 3. if nighter parent has the same recessive traits then the domonat traits become active. (this is why you shouldnt breed the same houses together for a long tiime, both houses end up with the same genes eventualy and have the same recessive genes. i think all the bad traits are the recessive genes. I keep a spreadsheet to remeber what traits have apperaed in what house and which are likely to become domonant. but i still have alot of trouble becuase...) 4. there is a % chance with every child that there genes will mutate and they will have diffrent traits then the parents.... if you have alot of kids you can avoid the one with diffrent traits you havent seen before but it is tough. I think that the genetic trait system is super cool and relistic... but i wish it was more gamifyed. ether show me the genetic code and %chance to pass things on OR make it a simpler system so that i can control what traits become standard for each generation/house/hero in some way. it dosnt need to be easy but i wish i had more control over that part. cheers davebro
  2. well there really arnt that many traits.... maybe what 15? brainy bear strength agile arthritic slow quick dimwitted weak clumsy bountiful infertile dodger (cant think of may others off the top of my head) now every hero gets three genetic traits so at the very least you have to keep 3 traits allowed in the pool so that you can play the game and so you dont break the genetic trait system all together. further more every trait has an opposite trait. slow-quick, brainy-dimwitted ect. this is important because the "opposite traits" are important for calculating recessive and dominant genes in a bloodline. disabling one of a matched pair will have to disable both. ie. if you get rid of bear strength then you have to get rid of weak as well or eles there is no trait to be dominant over the weak trait and you get all weak heros. after figuring for matched pairs you dont have many options. using just the list i made above (12 traits) that is 6 trait pairs. you need to keep 3 pairs to have the genetic system that still works at all... soooo. at maximum you can "dissallow" three trait pairs from the game... removeing half the traits from the game compleately... and once you do that every one of your heros will have the same exact genetics. if you disallow weak then you lose bear strength and gain nothing except uniformly average heroes. your houses will not develop other traits even through the mutation system, becuase there will be so few traits they will already have the whole genetic code hardwired into the bloodline. not sure what the point of stripping out the genetic system would be still. it is one of the most origonal, thematic and core systems in the game. might as well just cheat right?
  3. ok i am not suggesting any changes here, i know these thoughts are insane and absolutely not implementable. as i finished my first play-through with hybrids i started thinking about what i knew about this game now and about what i would change in development if i was present at the beginning knowing what i know now. if i could climb into a time machine and zapp back when the development started pushing it in a different direction what would i have changed. these are my thoughts. possible past 1) instead of farming xp for heroes so that you can have lvl 10 heros late game. why not start the game with lvl 10 heros? you tell the player up front "every generation will be worse than the generation before them (less xp). and you disconnect abilities from lvls s it currently functions. what does this do? it makes every hero a treasure. Every generation would be the last lik it you would ever see. you would need heros to last, need them to achive something. as the game stands in the middle of a fight, you never say "if only i had your father he was a bad ass". you dont say that because the son is always better. the game has a great theme of degradation, erosion the effects of time. Why not use it? in mediveil times and in lots of fantasy settings there is this idea that "the past was always better". ie. Godolin was the greatist city in middle earth but it is gone and long ruined, the emperor in 40k was the best human in history, but now he is a just a rotting corpse ect. with this change your late game heroes would be descended from legendary heros. in this revision of the game relics would become super important because they are the only way to make 5th generation heros competitive. Every time a HOUSE (not hero) lost so much xp that they would lose an ability the payer has to choose which is forgotten. there would be a greater focus on research (slowing xp loss per generation, armor to make up for the poor stats, cadence wepons to supplement houses with no relicsect). perhaps reasurch would stop some abilities being forgotten. breeding would become more important too, sure your houses are loseing xp but you can try to breed traits to make up for it. and the end battle would be epic. as your weak 10th or 15th generation heroes die (and of course they would die, they will be such a lower lvl than the cadence) stronger and stronger ancestors would start showing up. That bitter "oh no i have lost too much xp i am going to lose the last fight" feeling would start to turn and bit by bit the game would bring you back to the good old days when your heroes were gods. this wouldnt make the game easyer in the final fight becuase you still need to defend the chalice. You would mesure the worth of a hero not only based on his ability but on his liniage. older bloodlines would have more bad ass founding members and the pain of loseing a old house would be huge. That last fight would become the walk down memory lane it could be right now exept it isnt. this would also have the effect of smoothing out the difficulty curve. you wouldnt have a tough start into an easy middle and cakewalk ending. the game would throw all the options at you, let you experiment and feel powerful. but as time goes on your heros grow weaker and decisions matter more. you dont need to strengthen the cadence at year 150 or balance against xp farming. they catch up simply because your heros are getting worse. there would be this great sence that you are suspended above a lake of lava and desperately trying to time your decent. this would also balance the huge baby boom you get late game. sure you sudddenly have tons of heros.... non of them are like legendary great grandma horn though and you will need the bodies. this structure becomes the anti x-com. xcom looks to the future, to space and sci-fi and hope and invention. Massive chalice would have been about looking back, the past, faith in a greater plan, fear of doom, grasping hold of diamonds as they slip through your fingers. Anyway if you could go back to the drawing bord on MC and totaly change things now that you know how it works what would you do.
  4. this pans out differently for diffrent people... in the final battle where there are dozens of cadence, i hardly lose anyone ever. through most of the game (after the incredibly dadly early game) the only real threat to your heros is attrition. i mean surrounded by four advanced bulwarks one of my caberjacks took 1 damage per bulwark bringing him down to... 27 hp and i dont even have boneshell armour. then that caberjack one shots a full hp bulwark. if i give leech stones to all my heros i can not lose. they are only in danger if they are underleveld. the only chance the cadence have against me is that 1) i dont bring leech stones 2) i dont bring helth potions 3) they are able to swam me multiple times dureing a fight and wear down my hp. if you are on or above the lvl curve the cadence need geater numbers to beat you becuase they all die in one hit but your heros can take many many hits. in X-com there are only 15 bad guys becuase every one of those bad guys could wipe your whole team. In MC your heros are the monsters and the cadence are poor civilians running for cover.
  5. Not fun to discover new game mechanics in play?!?!? Not fun to be surprised by stuff still even on your 4th playthrough??!?!?!?!? what?? please. that is part of games. you don't know how the new unit will move, what the next spell might mean, whats around the next corner, what the next popular build in the meta will be, what the map will look like when you generate it. ect. if i knew how every fight in a game of MC would play out i would be done playing/haveing fun with this game. P.S. that knock back surprised me too.
  6. thrown hast hooch becomes aoe. double vitila band give you lots of hp. double leech stone dosnt increase lifesteal but the max hp debuff stacks so dont do it. double skip stone does nothibg. you can throw the perilis core but it is still useless.
  7. STR= melee damage, physical damage resistance, HP buff DEX= accuracy, dodge projectile chance, dodge melee chance (cause a glancing blow) INT= special ability damage (flasks ect), magic damage resistance (rutures, lapses) Intuition= the amout of reasurch the hero can do if he become a sagewrite Resistance= passive magic damage resistance, (lapses, ruptures) decided partialy by class, partially by Armour (ie. reactive armour has super high resistance) and by class Speed= the move spaces per action point so a move of 4 should be able to move 8 if you use both actions Armor= physical damage resistance (decided by armour type, Str stat and class) so an alchemist with the brainy trait will deal more damage with flasks, and an alchemist with bear strength will be more tanky and deal more melee damage alchemists naturaly take less damage from rupturs and lapses becuase of there int caberjacks naturaly tank lots of physical damage due to high str (but a brainy caber will also tank magic attack pretty well) hunters dodge ranged attacks alot becuase of their dex. they almost never hit seeds though becuase seeds have tons of dex and so can dodge ranged attacks really easily
  8. i think you are being over critica of the enforcer. what kind of hunter armour do you have? remember both hunter armours give extra evasion not damage resist, your enforcer will get glanceing blows most of the time. and a naturaly higher str will give an enforcer higher damage resistance. get teir 3 hunter armour stat try giveing him a bone barb bow then use point blank shot and watch everything die as for knockback arrow. i have never had a problem getting a stun out of it, there is so much stuff on maps to knock cadence into for a stun it is silly and doing it at such huge range is insane. you can also use it to push around your own heroes without stunning or doing damage. that shadowjack who didnt quite get into combat? knock him forward into a cadence stunning the cadence but leaveing your guy fine to act. or knock a guy out of danger or los remember seeds are designed to counter hunters and have high evasion. use any of the other 6 classes to deal with seeds. as far as i can tell so far the stats of a class depend almost entirely on traits and main class. i dont think hybrid class effects stat progression at all. all hunter derivatives are high dex ect. i have been testing and am starting to think the breeding system has changed to take into account the whole bloodline when developing stats (ie. breeding in cabers every generation leads to more str gain. if all your grandparents were brainy they you will have more int) but i haven't cracked it yet. that said. it is odd because cabers and alchemists both benifit from all three stats. STR=hp and damage resisstance DEX= accuracy and dodge INT= magic resist and special ability damage. i am guessing that int decides the damage for knockback arrow and that a combo of st and dex decides damage for point blank...
  9. my build strat is 2nd keep. sage guild leech stone keep armour of some kind bossadome! hooch or vitaband keep armnour for a diff hero ... make it up at this point
  10. i am compleately fine with the events and snowballing losses that so often lead to a total restart. i dont think there needs to be a comeback mechanic. difficulty settings will take this position in the final game. loseing is fun. loseing is how you get better. i like playing the game over and over. i think that is why so many of us keep posting even though we have had the beta for months. the game is fun to play AND fun to lose. the best memories i have of this game are my loses, my grim defeats. a victory is not memorable, a victory is what happens when everything turns out as you expected. what the game needs are more ways to challange plaers in the late game that dont punnish player who are behind the curve any more than players who are above it. giveing late late game cadence more damage or hp only serves to punnish players who are behind the curve, while only makeing things moderately more difficult to players on or above curve. the effects like ageing and memory loss are better. ie. ageing affects all players the same, both above and below the curve. both have heros with diffrent ages and both players heros are equaly vulnerable to the effects of ageing. (exept when you ad time undees) i think this was a bit of a failing in the wrinkler design. to make their ageing mechanic shine it seems they should deal less damage. but that is beside the point armour reduction is a bad example of this. low lvl heros have less armour to be removed and so take more damage from already high dps creatures. armour reduction hurts high lvl heros less becuase they have high armour and hp. a way to make armour effects even out would be: armour penitration. a low damage attack that ignores or bypasses a % of armour. the low base damage makes it a threat to low lvl heros but becuase it only reduces a % of armour on a single attack they have some resistantce to it. but the high pen makes it just as deadly to high lvl heros. currently beside the ruptures there are no cadenct that take advantage of any armour effects. other effects that could be considered that would affect both high and low lvl heroes equaly would be slows, blinds, damageless stuns, attacks that turn armour value into damage, effects that return a portion of the damage taken to the attacker ect. to force more panick in the final battle there are a couple things you could do. 1) i think, becuase there are so many cadence there, all heros could age X amount per turn. this would mean that all your heros would die eventualy (exept maybe very young ones) this would mean that you would always see your ancestors and you would always be incentavised to be active and agressive in the final battle. 2) you could flood the final battle with that cadence miasma that you see on the tactical map and give it a pattern. like: blind-slow-age-armour reduction-poison-blind... every turn a new status effect occurs that you need to work around on a cycle. these effects would be equaly frustrateing to both hih and low lvl heros but both can play around them. "the blind round is next so i will throw phlasks, stun and go invis this turn... poison turn is next so i am going to lose jim and suzie any way might as well have them go for that kill ect." 3) add an objective besides defending the chalice to the final battle (like meld in xcom) perhaps add somethoing that make the final battle end faster or add a foe (giant bulwarks?) that can shoot the chalice from the far side of the map. whatever it is add something that forces the player to divide his efforts. yes hight lvl heroes will have an advantage but a low lvl team well managed can still sucseed. in any case i dont think the solution is makeingthe cadence in the end fight harder or more numerous.
  11. you should be able to look up the early team streams on twitch or on youtube. the first 6-7 team streams were the best becuase you saw all the concept art and reasoning behind all the design desisions. the vangaurd was a sword weilding mellee fighter with a tuning fork. hitting foes made sound and helped your team mates to hit targets. concived as a super weak but fast unit that could buff others falconer was a kind of scouting class idea, the falcon would work like the flarrow ended up working revealing the map and giveing los to the alchemists/hunters. there was talk about giveing the hunter a falcon but they scraped that idea. wasnt much eles to this class. Roma- less well concived. a kind of semi-roman pit fighter, a brawler/gladiator. was talk of nets and spears/tridents. this was back when they wernt sure how combat worked. invisioned as perhaps being the only class able to attack on diaganals. net stunn? time mage- was basicly a class designed to support the "time fist" which was a popular ability discussed on forums that would knock someone into the future. this became the time fist caber and it was decided that Massive challice should have less magic on the human side. ie humans vs unhman rather than super magic vs monsters. the magic is only the chalice and the player character archeologist- sort of an indiana jones style rogue that was the best at uncovering relics and useing cadence tech but he was the least fully developed when the vangaurd was cut from the development they decided to give the alchemist a melee attck to make up for it. they gave the falconer's stealth and scouting abilities to the ranged hunter. all mele heroes were allowed to attack on diagonals. cabers got the roma's ability to stun mixed in with his knockback and every class got the cadence wepons invisioned as the archeologist's speciality. i am going from memory of the stream so i might be wrong but either way you should look it up!
  12. a brainy blast cappe is a tearror on the battlefeild. and the aoe caber attack becomes super useful if you use the caber taunt ability. also the aoe of the blast capper's explosive caber (orange template dosnt show up in my version) is alot bigger than you might think
  13. Maybe i got really luck or maybe my playing preveous patches has made me a massive chalice savant but i am at year 150 and was thinking that the combat had gotten easyer. i agree the slower reasurch makes the campaign map harder (i have 4 castles a crucible alch armour and leech stones but that is all the reasurch i have managed) BUT hybrids make the combat much easyer in my opinion now i started with an alch house that had bear strength and was tranquil so i bred it with my hunters and caberjacks giveing me trick shots, alch-jacks and brewtalists. all of that high damage aoe + int resistance to ruptures made the early game a breeze. hordes of seeds would die all at once to exlposions, my bretalists could safely melle down ruptures and caber-alchemists can still charge and so can still stun relyably. by the time bulwarks and cradels showed up i had leech stones and suddenly all that aoe damage was healing my heroes like crazy they just wouldn't die. by the time wrinklers arrived on the scene my caberjacks had transitioned into shadow jacks and nothing survived. i just had a single lvl 7 blastcapper and a lvl 5 shadowjack solo two maps together becuase my breeding fell of a bit. no problems. they ended the matches at nearly full hp due to sponge stones maybe i stumbled into a magic formula for victory but it didnt seem harder than it used to be
  14. the explosive core has always left a bad taste in my mouth from the day i first researched it and killed two of my heros not realiseing that it stupidly deals damage to your own heros. in this patch it has been buffed in two indirect ways ways. 1) more heroes can carry multiple items now: making an explosive core an ace you can afford slipping into your caberjack's pocket 2) hunters can "shoot" items which makes the core a large aoe rocket launcher for all intents and purposes 3) the new taunt ability can allow a caberjack in bone shell armour to draw every cadence into melle range and then blow himself up the problems are still too big though 1) the core dosnt deal "game changing" amounts of damage and yet costs the player item space, hp and a turn to use 2) classes that have the item space and can survive the core's aoe damage (high int) are alchemists and hybrid classes of alchemists- all of which already have limited use aoe damage abilities that are more flexable and present less risk. making the core a worse option
  15. the entire genetic code of both parents is always passed on to the children, not just the expressed traits. the expressed traits are simply the ones that affect a hero in combat. i am not certain how traits are bred out of a genetic code or how the game determines which traits are recessive. i dont understand genetics but massive chalice apparently simulates the way genetic traits actaualy pass on in real life so if you know your highschool biology you should beable to control the system just fine. as for how i breed traits into a bloodline. I just try to control for 1 trait really. I pick a trait that one of my founding heros has and ensure that that trait is always held by at least one of the partners. it may skipp a regent sometimes but if i pick one trait and ensure that one parent always has it every generation then i can almost ensure that at least one kid gets it. That one trait can become dominant in a family if you breed for it for about 3-4 generations. this almost always means that other families will begin to develop that trait as well as they marry into the family, which makes breeding that trait easier because more of the families have it in their code, which makes it more common in all the families you breed with which makes it easier to breed into the house you want it to be dominant in. over time the hunters i am breeding for dex, marry the caberjacks that i have been breeding for int and i end up with both families having strong dex and int in their genetics. if you focus on one trait per house you can get some semblance of consistency but it takes lots of patience and dedication. also if you ever adopt you completely ruin you genetic code not that this really matters, as the game stands class, gear and xp are far more important to successes than genetics.
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