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  1. You sure have a fitting username Couldn't agree more with this post. Please make an episode or sidequest or whatever you may call it, that has Tim and team watching streams, reading comments and reacting to feedback! This, very much, love, I would!! Thank you guys! The greatest compliment I can give - and the greatest thing in this game for which I would like to compliment you: I was able to play the game with my practically non-gamer fiancée (definitely not adventure gamer) - and she loved it as much as I did. I think this is a sign of a great game. Way to go!!!
  2. That is a very good way to look at this, dear Sir! Yes we are patrons, yes we need, we MUST to be patient and understanding - we backers shall NEVER become the impatient, agressive, restrictive force that big studios have become - against whom the whole Kickstarter thing stands!!!
  3. I, for one, are happy that the game is getting bigger and that Tim is to ready to take risks to create & deliver a BETTER, more beautiful game. Remember, if her were not ready to take risks, games like Grim Fandango or Psychonauts would have never been made... Go, Tim! Go, team! Go, 2pp!!! You are the best! P.S. : i will donate more money if I can, I probably can, after summer.
  4. My thoughts exactly. The store is reasonably priced if you are only interested in goods and are not able or willing to give extra money for helping developing a game that you will probably love.
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