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  1. I think the cave is definitely some form of after life, one because each character seems to be reliving past experiences, and two because the twins seem to be dead, what with their look and ghost ability. I don't know what kind of afterlife it is though, whether it's hell, purgatory, or they are just spirits, but they are all obviously looking for answers/redemption, that being said, I would love to know the full stories of the other people you see in the cave, such as the mine, hermit, hunter, clown, robot, and pirate. I also noticed that Hellscripted File, but can't think of any hellish moments in the game, apart from at the end when the cave is being closed down, and all that one section of the cave is filled with lava, or some kind of molten material. Also, I read an article where somebody had the idea that each character represents one of the seven deadly sins, though I think they may have been reading into it a little too much.
  2. I would definitely want some DLC for the CAVE, as it's easily one of my top ten favorite games. The rest could just be used to make more original titles, or to help with Broken Age.
  3. Just wondering what everybody's favorite character combination is. I have a strong affection for the Hillbilly, Time Traveler, Scientist combo because they were my first characters, but I think my favorite combination would be the Hillbilly, Time Traveler, and twins, although I feel the Time Traveler, Monk, and Knight is the most useful combination. That being said, I think all seven characters are great and very well done.
  4. I guess I'm just lucky because I have played this to death on PC and Xbox and have never found a glitch or bug that I didn't go looking for. Anyway, I would love to see some DLC for this, but figure that would be too awesome to happen.
  5. I would love to see some character DLC, Recently started playing obsessively again after taking a break for a few weeks, but I've played it so much that I can just about play with my eyes closed.
  6. I got the achievement by using the Hillbilly, Time Traveler, and the Scientist, but I agree that the Knight is probably the way to go considering his invulnerability skill.
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