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  1. To the IRC people this is the proper link invadererik updated their post so this can be removed now.
  2. I'm probably going to regret saying this in the morning, but I can try and help out. Does this count? (I am still working on this, but I've had a hectic 3 months and haven't been able to find time for it) I can't draw to save my life though (can't even colour between the lines in a toddler's book), but I make up for that in my coding abilities.
  3. I think M-Gate Labs is on about the same idea as both you and I, where you can "open it up" (ie decompile it) and make changes that way. This isn't currently possible since we have no way to open it up and keep the information used in tables (ie the words you want to translate). The only way you could do it is, as I mentioned before, to ask someone who plays on a mac to paste the "opened up" version (ie the source code) in this thread and then edit that. This would work since you can then change whatever you want (ie you could change "help" to "ahhhhhhhhhh!", or change everyone's name). Nicholas Roth was the guy that mentioned mac users have source code access so let me ask him if he's willing to post MainGame_enUS.lua in here. On a side note I will try adding a method to extract tables to the decompiler, but I really want to finish my mod first.
  4. The problem with decompiling a mostly tables script is that our current decompiler can't handle tables, so you will have to ask a mac user for the source code. As for editing the compiled file directly, you will have to use something like Notepad++ that will keep all non-ascii characters there, and any edits you make will have to be the same length (ie if the phrase was "help" then you could only replace it with something that was 4 characters long, like "ahh!") - this is probably why it's not running after editing. Hope this helps.
  5. I posted about the aes thing here, but since then I think it's a different method. Using this doumentation and this explanation I think we can crack it from the 2 random keys (client:xIl3HWupPdsvwY94XV3UHtW04aE/wT4X8p7FmdSxW5w= server:Up2+Rmzxa4CFywMpfAMCBn7wJHaiBnwEGslWPq4QaTQ=), the pre-master key (AwKV0UmxkA/iXZ4Y4NDn0P1Ju/m6GNL10FR7PuJae/83Ghy3Eo+6qDiJwQsNzjyB) and the certificate verification key (Tcz7sewhNdF70Xmd). I might be very wrong though since I'm quite tired, but see what people can do.
  6. I'm hoping someone can find a password or key so we can use this website to decode it by converting each base64 line using this into hex. If anyone has Linux then this is the command line way to do it (and probably a lot simpler). EDIT: and we already know the settings are aes-256-cbc from the mp3 in the jpg-zip-thing.
  7. *Shameless plug* Just wanted to point out to anyone using Windows or Linux that the original modding thread has tools to decompile the game. Mac users apparently have direct access to the source if they go into the folder "Space.app" in the root directory of the game (ie "steamapps/common/spacebasedf9/space.app"). Hope this helps anyone interested in modding Spacebase.
  8. "[your user folder]/Documents/SpacebaseDF9/Saves/" I think someone said.
  9. I also have a quick q for Chris - what happened to the "danger" layer of the songs that were in the prototype (and what's up with the random snare at 1:17 in "Discovery" compared to 0:58)?
  10. Right here: http://doublefine.bandcamp.com/album/spacebase-df-9-original-soundtrack You can also shoot an email to the pre-alpha feedback list and ask for me to hook you up. Thanks, but it only seems fair that I should buy it like everyone else.
  11. Yer I googled LuaJIT decompilers and only 3 results from years ago came up for how to do it for Legend of Grimrock, but since then it has included modding tools which took away the need to decompile LuaJIT. Oh I'm sure it'll be a pain to keep updating it, but things like Bukkit seem to be ok (although they do have more people...). And you can disable bug reports in the config options so that's not really a problem. Oh and the git is up if you need a tutorial on how to use the tools btw.
  12. Also alt+enter toggles fullscreen (don't know if that's windows only)
  13. Is there a way for those of us that participated in the pre-alpha builds to get the soundtrack (other than by buying it for a friend and "borrowing" the soundtrack files from them)?
  14. Hi people of the forums! Some of you may remember me from the Spacebase DF-9 prototype forums as "that guy that did that multiplayer thing" - well I'm back with another attempt (on this new version obviously). My current goal is to have a working co-operative gamemode (not versus or anything fancy) and I will post back with updates whenever there are any. Works fine in Alpha 3! Things that worked last time I checked: Change door states Change room types Change jobs of crew Change the time speed Downloads the savegame on connect Simultaneous construction editing Builders build everything Mining Beacons New crew joining Crew movement Sunk some character stats Things I still need to do/fix: Proper crew movement interpolation Fix the erase tool Almost everything EventController related (ie Pirate ships, falling debris) Renaming of things Oxygen + pressure Sync some more character stats Anything else that I can't remember while writing this Here is a video of it in action (prepare to be very disappointed): 0cSpc8eCjUQ As I'm sure some of you will be asking when the expected date of completion will be, all I can say to that is: never - making a multiplayer mod for a singleplayer game is not as simple as adding "mulitplayer.exe" to the current game, and that takes time. I'll post versions of the mod though as and when I think there is enough content for it to be actually playable (I think you'll all agree that the current version isn't there yet). I tried modifying unluac and luadec but couldn't get either to work, but if someone else has better luck please say so! Edit: Since a few people were asking for the modding tools I set up a git to get them from here with instructions on how to use them. Also if you have any tips add them to the wiki, or if there are any bytecode commands that I never added then just post it as an issue on the git.
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