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  1. Even if all of this is the case, if you have all Level 10 heroes then it already becomes kinda boring. If all of your heroes are level 10 then it doesn't matter when the end happens, you're still going to slack off a bunch. What if the XP creep is truly the problem?
  2. Why allow the player to have multiple crucibles in the first place? It seems like it could be counter to the fiction to have multiple anyway.
  3. I think if a hero dies at Lvl 6 with a basic weapon that they will create a relic. I don't think that cadence weapons have the potential to turn into relics.
  4. I REALLY like the idea that the relics imbue the user with the most dominant/common traits the bloodline carries! Like if you're the only puny member of a caberjack bloodline that the caber you inhereted from your grandfather gives you strength? That sounds awesome! I remember the original concept for the game where the "spirits" of your ancestors would appear as shadowy figures lending their support on critical hits. Giving the relics traits common to the family would really bring back that concept and I love it!
  5. What if the same-sex partners, in the absence of having children of their own to raise, seek out those in the population who are "attuned" to the chalice? You could even make this an option for research ("Chalice Attunement" or something) and that could be a way to justify them getting 2-3 adopted children "for free" but then costs more (because they can't leave the keep if they have children to take care of).
  6. Can we have a "tinfoil earrings" item that prevents XP loss from lapses?
  7. I remember that there was an idea to have a cradle or something to represent young trainees or something but they're trying to keep the costs of the game down and creating additional models can incur significant cost (this is why trainees don't have animations). I hear what you're saying about the keep defense missions but sometimes they can take on a frantic pace if your squad of active heroes are spawned across the map and have to fight to get to and protect the regent and partner. There is some variety in these missions as they go on and it certainly feels like there's a lot at stake because you have to defend your bloodline. Maybe the mission would count as a massive defeat if the regent and partner both fell in battle? That would certainly mean a lot more is at stake without requiring too much in terms of $$$. I do know that my outer-region keeps were attacked pretty often but I don't think it would make sense for the cadence to attack keeps on an inner region if the outer one has yet to be fully corrupted.
  8. That's actually not true. Regent's partners will pass on a portion of their XP and their personality traits to trainees in their care. The traits won't be passed on if they aren't the biological parent, but the personality traits (unless the trainee is a Rebel) and XP will be passed on.
  9. I think that if the Cadence were more aggressive in seeking out the heroes, that might help solve the problem too.
  10. Bulwarks don't need a buff! What if the "forgetful" Cadence could detect and attack hunters while stealthed - so the Lapses and the Twitchers? They seem like natural counters for hunters. I don't think they should "reveal" the hunters to the other cadence, but Twitchers being able to swap with stealthed hunters would be a great counter and encourage the hunters to hang back while the rest of the team takes care of the problem. As it is, caberjacks are pretty great against Twitchers so it'd be cool to let them be like "Don't worry. I got this."
  11. Like I said, the 'sidegrades' are nice when you don't have a relic available. They're good in the midgame and even late game I ran into an issue where I only had 4 relic weapons, but wanted to take another hunter. The Blunderbow has the highest damage output of the bows so I gave it a shot. It's not so bad if you use it well, but I think it needs a further damage buff to offset it's poor range.
  12. Thanks Brad! Will the update be retro-active? I have a save file that's mid-fight and it'd be nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel. If not, then I absolutely understand (I think I've fought 12 waves at this point) and I'll just wait until my next game gets to that point to try it out. Also thanks for recognizing that the "honeypot" mechanic isn't strong enough, it was definitely frustrating to sit back at the chalice and see the cadence hiding from me. Although, I do have to admit, I felt pretty badass thinking that they were afraid of my heroes ;-)
  13. I'm worried that some people might be misunderstanding the point of this discussion. Yes, including "fair" and "inclusive" options for same-sex appointments might seem like they're not in keeping with the fiction or theme of the game but there are plenty of fiction-centric situations which can arise that should make adoption a better mechanic in the game. Keep in mind that same-sex regent-partner relationships don't have to be about any kind of sexuality at all (so technically it doesn't have to be 'playersexual') because they can just, you know, rule the keep together and not actually share a bed. The only part of the game that implies any sexuality is the birth of children, but if that doesn't happen... So let's veer away from any discussions of sexuality and discuss possible reasons why one might want the adoption mechanic to be better: 1) There's an event where a partner becomes infertile. If that event turns a 16 year old regent who is bountiful into an infertile ruler, suddenly your bloodline is in trouble. Note that while there might be some player 'choice' involved, it might be overly punishing when this result is a result of the RNG. 2) Your regent dies and the only viable choices to take over are younger than 15. They are unable to have children anyway and so their fertility is hidden until they reach 15. You assign a regent and then discover when they come of age that they are infertile. Again, adoption could save this situation, but again it seems overly punishing. 3) For some reason, you have a sausage-fest of a squad and the only options for your males are other males to rule their keeps. Adoption is needed. 4) You assign a regent and partner who, on paper, are totally supposed to have lots of babies (has happened to me) but they go 30 years without having a single child. Again, not the fault of the player, but being able to adopt more babies into their bloodline could be useful. All of the above are absolutely possible and the way the adoption system works is overly punishing right now. While there are mission rewards and random events which result in adopted babies, I think that there should be a way to have a steady flow of babies for those times when you need it. The early game is especially vulnerable to this with rapidly aging heroes and fewer keeps, but I think the system just needs an improvement. I don't know if an "orphanage" is necessarily the best option, as it kinda weakens the fiction a bit (the chalice has to find them) but maybe there could be a differentiation in the research options between "chalice powers" and what the sagewrights are working on? Does the chalice need to be doing anything while the sagewrights are building a keep or other buildings? Is the chalice necessary for researching better armor? Perhaps "Chalice Powers" should be differentiated from "Research" without disrupting the fiction while helping to fix the adoption problems. I think it actually fits the fiction better, since the Chalice is spending most of its time charging up, so it shouldn't be used for all of the different research and building options anyway. This also leaves some potential additions for "Chalice Powers" that might not have fit into the scope of the current research options. I also think that adoption should not increase in time like the recruiting heroes option.
  14. I'm okay with Relics only being bequeathed to certain heroes and only upon their death. It's very thematic and I love the idea of it - I just wish that the relics would be locked to that hero. I'm reminded of "cursed" items in other fantasy strategy games - the hero is required to use the item no matter what, but it's super powerful. I think that if your grandfather passes down a relic weapon only to you, that you'd be forced to use it. It might also prevent some of the issues with them not being as visible if the hero was always using that relic. I also don't like the idea of them having the option to use a cadence weapon instead.
  15. Yeah I think there needs to be a "blast" icon for hunters - especially when they might have the eagle-eye trait. I got tired of counting out the 11 squares or 5 squares with the blunderbow. I do have to say, the blunderbow is GREAT if you don't have a relic - it hits super hard and if you combine it with shoot-n-scoot, you can pretty reliably stay away from retaliation from most enemies. I think it just needs to be range 6 instead of 5.
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