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  1. Whoops. That's what I get for posting after midnight. I thought this WAS the bug forum.
  2. You can shoot through the rock right here. Looks like one of the final mission doodads lacks any pathing information. That fancy e looks fine here... But your font doesn't have that character here. Seeds and Lapses constantly show up missing their scarf-torsos.
  3. The Sponge is incredible, combined with a high damage output and good armour. My caberjacks could be at 3 HP and be back to 21 after killing a Twitcher in one hit. Until I started dealing with Advanced Lapses and Cradles, my frontlline was invincible.
  4. I started up my second game and I had a grand total of two heroes that lacked the infertile trait. Maybe make sure no starting heores are infertile?
  5. 6th in the lash for me. I tossed a mother and babe into the chalice after a rough birth and got hearty and fertile out of it. Then I tossed in a diseased hero and lost her and two others D: The Chalice giveth and taketh as it pleases.
  6. I loved how there was only one horn sound. "What do you mean they all sound the same? Can't you hear the subtle variations in resonance and pitch?"
  7. Is the Caberjack Cadence weapon supposed to do double the damage of your initial hit, in addition to your initial hit, if the target is incapable of sliding around? Because my caber's hit for 35 but deal a total of ~100, letting me oneshot anything next to a wall/another creature. It makes the timefist sorta suck in comparision, expect on the wide open maps, as why timepunch when you can just slay (two or three) something(s)? Additionally, ANY sort of movement malus on a caberjack is crippling. Arthritis, Slow, Asthmatic, and Demoralized on a Caber is an instant researcher. Hunters felt fine all game for me, not as crazy as Cadence-equipped Cabers, but useful for ranged spot removal. Until you get the extra range skill, and then its hunting season. Alchemists always felt underpowered.
  8. After a playthough, it looks like Hunter's accuracy is static but alchemists are variable. I didn't feel limited by attacking ending your turn, but I can imagine how it might be frustrating to others.
  9. Considering that getting dropped to lvl 9 is the only thing standing in between my hunters/cabers from wiping out each pack as they spawn, I hope it is intentional.
  10. `The biggest strength a late-game hunter has is his/her ability to kill Cadence from outside their sight range, with complete safety. Changing enemy AI to utilize and stay in cover to break LoS if being shot at from outside vision range would go a long way in reducing Hunter effectiveness while simultaneously buffing Alchemists. A nice pack of Cadence huddling behind a rock is a prime target for an alchemical bomb. Having the AI in general be more communicative with each other, to move as a pack, would do a lot to increase the difficulty in a fair manner. Too many times my Hunter would pick off dude after dude while the Cadence just stood around and watched each other get shot.
  11. I was rolling with mostly caberjacks and almost got wiped by the first pack of advanced Lapses I came across. That necessitated some serious reconfiguring, but if you were rolling with mostly hunters I can see how you'd find them easy marks. Yeah, once you get the increased range skill, you can just sit outside Cadence sight range and shoot at your leisure. The bone bow is superior to the relic weapon I had once your hunters hit level 10. once they get a kill or two they oneshot everything they touch, so letting them mow down lines of foes speeds things up. Yes, although I think it might just refuse to finish until one of your heroes dies. Brad said that there are only supposed to be four additional waves, and by the time I was finished I couldn't see most of the floor due to the amount of bodies everywhere. Bees should lower movement or some other debuff to make it competitive. the guaranteed +evasion from foliage is the far better choice. -I rarely found a compelling reason to carry any items besides the steady hander (nothing beats guaranteed damage) or ultralixers to patch my heroes up. I did not mix up the items very often though, so I may have missed some very useful build-outs. My caberjacks all ran with the sponge for lifesteal. They were gods, until their low max HP + low resistance made them get oneshot by advanced lapses.
  12. I actually found the final battle to be pretty breezy. Once I survived the initial rush (which was pretty hairy) and realized where the adds port in, I just sat one caberjack in each spawn zone and let them one-shot everything with their knockback weapon + killzone. I had a hunter for cleaning up anything that hot through, and an alchemist that quickly became useless after wave 8-9 when she finally ran out of flasks. ALchemists really suck on the final battle, compared to the gods among men that hunters/cabers are. Chalk em' up should decay after three or so rounds, so I'm not doing 300 damage a hit, and killzone should start dropping your speed after the first two kills so you can't run over then entire map in one turn. Alternately, make mad bomber slowly regenerate flasks so alchemists still feel useful after the first few rounds.
  13. Just sit and snipe and spam "end turn" until the last couple lurkers come out, that's how I got through the last couple waves. When you kill the very last one, it launches immediately into a (unfinished-ish) cutscene. I think it ended up taking me about an hour to get through the fight. Did any of your heroes die during the battle? I've read in another thread that there's a special resurrection mechanic in place for this fight. Maybe I'm required to see it before the battle can finish? I killed endless hordes of cadence, one of my dudes finally died, I saw a ressurection, and then the mission ended after finishing off that wave. Also: Hunters with the bone bow and +250% damage are silly
  14. Wouldn't that be the perfect opportunity to let your newbies gain some valuable xp? Considering the life cycle of, you know, people, the average power level of your squads will bounce up as lords gain strength, then shoot down when they retire and are replaced by a gangly teenager. Over the long term, the average strength increases, but a 45 year old veteran is going to have far better stats (I hope) than a green stripling.
  15. Made a new thread for this because I have a mental block on the words quirk and perk. Crossposting now! Hungry Like the Wolf: Character parameters fluctuate based on the lunar cycle. Based on day of the month the tactical battle takes place. Sickle Cell Anemia: Lowers maximum HP, increased disease/poison resistance. You blood cells aren’t shaped right, weakening you but increasing resistance to viruses, diseases, and poisons. Recklessness: Deal and take 30% more damage. Your enemies can’t kill you if they’re dead! Generous Spirit: You receive 30% less healing, but you heal allies for 30% more. Better to give than receive. Meleephobia: Once per turn, automatically take one step backwards when an enemy approaches. Watch your step around cliffs! Lone Wolf: Parameters increase when isolated. Bloodlust: Attack increases with every kill, but defenses are reduced. The rage builds within you. Drunkard: Resistance to negative fear and moral effects, but miss chance is increased. Liquid courage comes with drawbacks. Crusader: Defenses increased when affected by holy abilities. Your faith is your shield! Your shield is also important. Sharp-eyed: Increased vision and hit chance. Nothing gets by you! Gangly: Abilities that affect positioning are more effective on you. Your wimpy frame lets others push you around. Dwarf: Decreased movement speed, but increased dodge chance. Not the mystical race. Friendly: Negative house opinions are lessened, and positive relations are increased. You can look past grudges and encourage your fellow heroes. Energetic: Increased movement speed, but reduced poison/disease resistance. Your fast metabolism lets you speed around the battlefield, but makes you susceptible to toxins. Cold-blooded: Ignore morale damage from fallen allies, but lowers bonuses from positive house opinion. Your cold, logical mind knows sacrifices are necessary in battle, but prevents you from truly bonding with your squadmates. Hydrophilic: Parameters increase in water tiles. Sometimes you swear your fingers are webbed. Savior: Get an additional point of movement if you would otherwise end your turn one square away from an ally. You are always there to catch others when they fall. Nearsighted: Decreased vision radius, but resistant to gaze attacks. Where did you put those glasses? Farsighted: Increased vision radius, but miss chance increased in melee. You’re more of a big-picture type of person. Gallows Humour: Improve nearby morale as your HP diminishes. Mother always said look on the bright side. There is no bright side to an endless army of demonic invaders. Loud: More likely to be targeted by foes. Both your allies and your enemies want nothing more than to see you silenced. Shy: Less likely to be targeted by foes. You are constantly underestimated. And unrespected. And unappreciated. Obese: Decreased movement speed and defense, but repositioning abilities frequently fail to move you. You’re big-boned! And suffering from elephantitis!
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