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  1. Whoa, lots of very complex suggestions in this thread. Honestly Brad, just keep it simple. We already have enough with the geneology, item trees, and everything else to make a ridiculously complex game. I'd just go for the Dota model, with an ability each character archetype you discussed. A passive aura such as rust which maybe slows an opponents attack speed or time between turns over time. Another may have an active ability to return to a point in time earlier (say 3 turns) and restore their stats from that time. Perhaps another could learn new abilities from others for a set period of time, but then forget them quickly. But I would keep it all stats affliction based, not dive too much into too much more lore and overcomplicated the game here. That way it just ads flavor to what character you're up against or controlling w/o overpowering the player with complexities.
  2. Ya that seemed to be a bit of thoughtful foreshadowing of what probably would happen.
  3. Here's my customer story, I imagine it's emblematic of others. Fell in love with you guys during Amensia Fortnight, I'm not a huge money maker but I support what I love. Got into DFA, watched all the documentary material. When it mentioned Brutal Legend proceeds support DFA, I rushed out to Steam to throw money at it. The night before I had heard Brad Muir talking about how terrible the experience was with EA's trailer for the game. It's also well documented on the games wikipedia page as a major restriction to the potential marketability for the game. So I was a little shocked that when it was uploaded to Steam, the same trailer was kept. I know making a trailer is far from a simple thing, and involves a good deal of FTE work hours thrown at it. There's a ton to gain from the Steam platform though, and many people who are really interested in seeing more of the game after hearing about it for years on consoles salivating at their chance to get to play it. It's such a fantastic IP, why not give it the trailer it deserves for the steam crowd and erase the taste of EA from the self-published version? Edit: Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/225260/
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