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  1. Two more, both from places that don't do scores. Approximate reaction is "Eh." AV Club : http://www.avclub.com/article/300-year-war-drags-double-fines-massive-chalice-220574 Rock Paper Shotgun: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/06/04/massive-chalice-review/ In general, I'm getting the impression that the emotional attachment angle is proving to be the stumbling block rather than the mechanical elements. Here's to hoping that the initial sales rush is enough to support fleshing that out with little-ish bits like crypts and an in-game bloodline builder.
  2. I don't know about y'all, but I am pumped for the Blood Dragon-esque expansion that runs with this.
  3. Also, I'm a big fan of triggered Personalities (Lone Wolf/Pack Hunter, Avenger, Bonded to House X, etc.) over the flat ones (Tranquil, Patriotic, Alert, etc.). I don't know if I ever actually formalized this in the various trait/personality threads, but I think you could use that structure to revamp the personality system into a cool metagame in its own right, so here we go. Morale via Personality Traits are your characters' stats. They may be good or bad, but they are - and are intended to be - flat modifiers on stuff you're already going to be doing. And that's fine. Personalities, on the other hand, are about expression, and are what should really lead to procedural storytelling & fancy headcanon by differentiating how heroes act. We just need to game-ify it the correct way. To that end, all Personalities would be re-written to be (A) triggered by a specific in-battle context, and (B) uniformly positive when triggered. In addition, heroes would have a dynamic Morale stat in combat ranging from 0 to 3, and that Morale would be equal to the number of their Personalities that are currently being triggered. Hero has 0 Morale = As current state, minus some accuracy (15%?) 1 Morale = As current state 2 Morale = Current state, plus some accuracy (15%?) 3 Morale = Current state, plus more accuracy (25%?) and some stats (+5?) The idea being that you would need to very consciously tailor your team structure and tactics based on how your heroes like to act, rather than just who has the biggest numbers. In a nutshell, this would give Personalities a lot more... personality. Example personalities to incorporate into this system Aggressive: +Morale when attacking full HP enemies Bloodthirsty: +Morale for 3 turns after killing an enemy Cautious: +Morale when >75% HP Cunning: +Morale when attacking a stunned enemy Gregarious: +Morale when near members of 2 other families Insular: +Morale when near 2 family members Natural Leader: +Morale to all nearby allies Relentless: +Morale when <40% HP Ruthless: +Morale when attacking enemies <50%HP
  4. My vote is for two things. (1) More random events! And (2), less-random random events! My diatribe from the random event thread:
  5. That's entirely my point. When they hit Early Access, the team realized that it was kinda sucky for regular game-level backers to have to wait until 1.0, so they sent out all of the codes and gave everyone beta access.
  6. If you were a Kickstarter backer, they were sent out months ago via Humble Bundle - you may need to do some inbox archaeology. Everyone who backed has had access throughout most (if not all) of the Early Access/beta period.http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15581/
  7. This is much too late to hit v1.0, but I'd like to eventually see an overarching structure for the event system. My concern is that right now, events are random in a same-y kind of way. Because they rarely carry lasting effects beyond tweaking a unit's value as regent or standard, I worry that people will find the/their ideal build order and make subsequent playthroughs more about refinement than adaptation, which is where replayability and strategy are going to come from. I think we’d benefit from categorizing events by Easy/Medium/Hard, and controlling the probability around when each kind would appear. Example: Years 0-30: 75% Easy events/25% Medium events/0% Hard Years 30-75: 25%/75%/0% Years 75-150: 5%/90%/5% Years 150-250: 0%/80%/20% Years 250-300: 0%/25%/75% Easy Events: Themed around “Opportunity.” The focus here is on getting your hero engine chugging and giving you healthy shoves in new directions tech-wise. These would often have guaranteed benefits, low-risk or low-cost consequences, and/or the ability to opt-out of risky decisions without consequence. Medium Events: Themed around “Tradeoffs.” These would include most of the current events, focusing on risks and gambles to refine a kingdom that is already up-and-running. Traits, personalities, and relics become a big focus, but these are frequently gambles or loaded with tradeoffs, threatening to torpedo bloodlines and kingdoms if you push your luck foolishly. Hard Events: Themed around “Damage Control.” Your kingdom is full of big damn heroes, but you can’t bench press away the Cadence’s corruption. These may include minor benefits to your heroes and relics, but at heavy cost or risk. More frequently, you’re caught choosing whether to lose your left arm or your right. Actual event ideas: Special Sauce (Easy) A surge of spirited backers appearing in the capital has charged the chalice with unusual potency! Drinking this batch of chalice water would fill our heroes with incredible power on the battlefield! - Give to (Regent & Partner A) -> +2000 XP to both - Give to (Regent & Partner B) -> +2000 XP to both - Distribute it amongst our newfound heroes! -> Instantly trigger Recruit Heroes. Goal: If sufficient keeps have been established, shape the early-game by giving one bloodline (and thus, class) a big leg up on its peers. If not, additional heroes will provide a buffer time to get keeps up & provide genetic diversity. Native Habitat (Easy) While exploring the ruins of an recent battlefield, (1 hero from vanguard/retinue) spies a (Rupture/Lapse/Bulwark) stumbling alone, lost and confused. It hasn't noticed him yet… and he's confident he can get the drop on it! - Go for the kill! -> Hero gains 1 kill worth of XP. Roll RNG, and gain Lone Wolf personality on a pass. - Bring it back alive! -> Receive a research credit for that enemy type’s armor, weapon, and most basic accessory. Then, roll RNG; on a fail, hero suffers a Leg Injury, Arm Injury, or is killed. Goal: Incentivizes variable tech path & priorities. Orphans! (Easy) (Regent) arranged for a group of orphans showing signs of chalice attunement to be sent to the capital, but the caravan has reportedly been sighted under attack. (Regent) believes he can get there in time to help, but there will be no time to gather reinforcements. What should he do? - Go save some babies, hero! -> +1 baby to all keeps, then roll RNG. On pass, no effect. On a fail, regent dies or is grievously injured, unable to breed or pass on experience for the next 5 years. - Let’s wait for the cavalry -> The Cadence are beaten back, but not before the babies are lost. No effect. Goal: Opportunity for more heroes in the early-mid game, and also introduces genetic diversity to initial (and thus, most hurriedly-chosen) bloodlines. Heart of Darkness (Medium) (Regent of outer region) commissioned a study with our Sagewrights to determine the source of the region's power (note region boost) and at long last we have an answer! The bad news is, it appears to come from a condensed core of Cadence corruption! The Sagewrights believe they could unlock the core's power, at the cost of speeding the spread of corruption. What do you think? - We need that strength to defend ourselves! -> Double effect of region bonus but add 1 strike of corruption. - The Cadence is our sworn enemy. Destroy it! -> Reduce region strikes by 1, but lose bonus. - Let’s not touch it. Just walk briskly away before it goes crazy. -> No effect, but trigger a Keep attack immediately. Goal: Further emphasize one region bonus (and potentially class as a result) and/or cause a swerve in building plans. Blood Feud (Medium) A recent feast between the (Bloodline A) and (Bloodline B) families became heated, and (Regent A) was killed in the resulting brawl! The houses are at each other's throats, and will probably stay that way unless drastic measures are taken! - Arrange a marriage to bring the families together. -> A random unit from (Bloodline A) becomes Regent, with a random non-zero fertility partner from (Bloodline B). Both gain the "Child Averse" personality. In 3-5 years, roll RNG. On a fail, "Child Averse" is lost for both parents. On a pass, "Child Averse" is replaced by "Patriotic" for both parents. - Wait it out; they'll settle down. -> "Feuding with (other Bloodline)" personality gained by all members of both houses. (0 fertility with house, lowered accuracy when both are present & alive in battle.) After 5-10 years, roll RNG for each unit affected; on a pass, that unit loses the personality. - We don’t fight our own! Banish (House B)! -> all House B units removed from retinue and keeps. (Vanguards can stay, I guess?) Goal: Force player to adjust regent & vanguard plans, with possible payoff for an up-front challenge. Brain/Off (Medium) (Sagewright) approaches you on a dark and stormy night. “Sire, I believe I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, enabling us to move our heroes’ consciousness into more powerful bodies! All I need is a volunteer to test my theories! Whaddya say?” - (Hero A from retinue) seems willing. What’s the worst that can happen? -> Roll RNG. On fail, this was all a waste of time; Sagewright gains Unintuitive Personality. On pass, Sagewright is struck by lightning and killed, but the experiment succeeds! Hero retains all Personalities but replaces traits with Quick, Bear Strength, and Nimble and is reset to 15 years old. Roll additional RNG to see if hero retains current bloodline or is created using a new one. - (Hero B from retinue) seems willing. What’s the worst that can happen? -> As above - I don’t like the sound of this at all! -> Sagewright throws a fit and starts a lab fire. Delay current research by 2 years. Goal: Risky choice to potentially improve gene pool. That Which Doesn’t Kill You? (Hard) As you notice more and more bruises and injuries in your trainees, you realize that (Partner) has proven to be an… aggressive disciplinarian to his children. You begin to wonder if he's being too hard on them - any more “tough love” may break them entirely. What do you say to him? - Endorse his behavior. We need the best of the best! -> Partner gains Patriotic. All trainees in keep roll RNG. On a pass, gain Hearty trait, or Tranquil personality if they already have it. On a fail, gain Sickly trait, or die if they already have it. All trainees in keep roll RNG again, and gain Reveler personality on a fail. - Denounce his behavior. There is a line, and he's crossed it! -> Partner leaves his post and disappears from the retinue. Regent rolls RNG, gains Disheartened personality on a fail. Goal: Wide-ranging risk to Trainee supply during the late game, when you typically would have pick of the litter due to hero volumes.
  8. Best of luck with the final push to v1.0! It's been an exciting ride, and I hope the response is strong enough to stretch it out to some post v1.0 support. THIS CHALICE IS TOO MASSIVE, YOU'LL NEVER REACH THE BOTTOM!
  9. I'm finally getting to try out 0.96 a bit! Normal difficulty, Ironman, up to about year 60. A few thoughts: *** Dang, Cradles are brutal; I just recorded my second-ever loss across 70 hours of playing the beta, and the only other one was because of some ridiculously fluky luck. Aside from them having a tremendous amount of HP and damage, you're basically guaranteed to take a bunch of damage from the seeds that spawn. I'm actually not super intimidated by the prospect of Advanced ones yet though, because a lot of the difficulty stems from them appearing when your Alchemists are still kinda crap. (One of mine sealed his fate by whiffing a range 2 throw, tossing the potion straight up in the air and sending it crashing down on his own head.) A few more levels will make them much more reliable at cleaning out seeds and landing knockback-bomb stuns. What does Weapon Training affect, class-wise? Accuracy, damage, or both? I'd almost rather flatten out unit accuracy across the course of the game and just leave HP & Damage as your signs of progression. *** I'm really struggling to diversify my playthroughs. This game, I'm pushing for 6 keeps using 6 different families - I like to double up on Alchies and Cabers, and while I only need 1 keep worth of Hunters, I hate their hybrids. That's mostly for novelty's sake though, and it also takes for freaking ever because of the escalating building costs. More than anything though, I'm really settling into a rut on the strategy layer. My research pattern barely varies from game to game, region defense is based more on the state of the board than the value of locations. The game just isn't providing enough nudges to push me out of my routine - you've got region bonuses, and... that's pretty much it. I'm hoping that the event pool gets expanded over time (even post 1.0), but I'm also wondering if it could benefit from some structure. I'm imaging it split into three sets of categories - early game events (Year 0-150) mid-game events (Year 100-250) and late-game events (Year 200-300), with each group having different stakes and focuses. Earlier events would be more formative, representing the rise of the kingdom - helpful traits & personalities appear to be nurtured, regions change or gain bonuses - and later events would become more catastrophic as the Cadence threat escalates. Or framed a different way, my Sagewright's guild getting suddenly blown up by an event is a threat to be dealt with in year 180, but I'm flat-out resetting if it happens in year 60 when I just finished building the damn thing. Likewise, a free relic from an event is a godsend in year 30, and total garbage in year 250. Separating these into different categories of events allows you to shape the flow of the game, and it also means you have a better estimation of the player's state when you're designing the risks & consequences of the event. I do appreciate the creation of research credits, and they could probably be pushed even further to shape gameplay. Could they be incorporated as a battle reward? Frequently, battle rewards are mostly a "while I'm at it" sort of thing for me, since I'm more concerned with the math of strikes than the trophy I get at the end, but making them coupons for a specific research option would raise the stakes a bit and potentially entice me to go a different direction from usual.
  10. Honestly, they (sagewrights) could also just straight up be made less terrible. I think that their relative uselessness is supposed to be justified by the Chalice VO's lines about only members of heroic bloodlines being able to engage the Cadence... but these are still ultimately people who were born to said bloodlines. Yes, they've renounced their right to rule/marry/whatever, but blood's blood. Joining the Night's Watch means you can't inherit land, but it doesn't mean you can't exercise. Should they be heroes? No. But they could be more like... 60% of a hero, rather than 5% of one.
  11. Yeah, it seems like any more than 1 is questionable, and any more than 2 is worthless.
  12. Holy crap that is a huge detail that I was completely unaware of. If this is staying in for v1.0, it definitely needs to be more explicitly mentioned in-game.
  13. Fair warning that I've been internet-less for a little while and thus been unable to update to the latest patch. But from my experience pre-0.96, one of the big issues with relics (and I feel like there are a few) is that critting is far and away the most important thing about them, but it's (A) not super interesting, and (B) never predictable. Even at level 10, you're dealing with a coin flip of whether your attack deals the expected damage or double that, which also means that you'll frequently "waste" skills like Follow Up. It's both annoying and impossible to build a strategy around. My personal preference would be to eliminate crits entirely and replace it with something a little more flashy from a planning/customization angle. Options that come to mind: - Bonus traits! - Bonus personalities! - Bonus skill points! A level 10 unit with a level 10 relic gets all of the skills! - One accessory built-in to the relic - Automatic class-training for that unit. Build up enough Crossbow relics and you can ignore Hunter training entirely! (If you aren't just ignoring Hunters entirely) - Reduced cooldown/increased effectiveness for a specific ability - Just more damage if you are super lame and hate fun
  14. I'd like to voice my support for expanding the number and accessibility of items in Massive Chalice, while also offering the caveat that I think The Long War goes waaaay overboard into fiddly ridiculousness. This ties into the research & strategy layer as a whole having issues, but I eventually settled into getting Steady Handers and basically nothing else.
  15. I hear you, but isn't the bulk of experience already doled out based on participation in the battle, with kill XP making up a relatively small portion? That's how I recall it on the post-battle screen, but it's been a while. The Battle XP/Kill XP balance should also depend somewhat on the overall difficulty of the game, especially the early game. I'm okay with some of the kill-farming metagame of the Fire Emblem series, because typically the first 10 missions or so are pretty easy, and the goal isn't simply to win, but to start your units' development off right. With the early game of Massive Chalice being such a meat grinder, it seems like a less-elegant fit here.
  16. Holy dang, that's a lot of patch notes! Great work team!
  17. Isn't Honed Hearing the alternate choice from Put It Down for base hunters? I still haven't played on this patch, but since hybrids came in my impression has been that hunters are so weak that Put It Down is actually the worse option. My reasoning has been that hunters tend to deal a hair over half of an enemy's health per attack, which means you need two hunter actions for a kill. That puts Put It Down in a weird position of only adding value when it's enough to push Follow Up over into a one-action kill. (This also becomes less valuable as the game goes on since Follow Up's likelihood of critting increases, which is generally enough for a one-action kill.) It's the same problem I have with Chalk One Up at this point - yes, your damage increases, but almost never enough to cross the threshold of saving you turns. Again though, this is all a patch or two behind, and not on Hard. Were these actually time-savers in practice?
  18. +1 to Smiles. Also, is there an approximate timeline to v1.0? I may be remembering this wrong, but I thought the goal was Q1 2015. With only a few features remaining (EFIGS, Controllers... and that's it?) I imagine we're pretty close, especially since gameplay/balance updates have the feel of fine-tuning rather than drastic change.
  19. For what it's worth, I personally am okay with War Cries being slightly on the sillier side of average. When you're killing monsters, I don't ask you to compose poetry on the fly, and even real-world soldiers use a fair amount of "Ooh-rah!" and whatnot. If your war cry is "Yeaaaaaaaaaah!" or "Suck it, bad guys!" that doesn't necessarily feel wrong. Also, I've had the Willson house in my games, and I completely love "With two Ls!" It's like they're yelling at whoever's keeping tally of Cadence kills because the bookkeeping is constantly giving credit to those bastards the Wilsons.
  20. It might require extra animation work (and they may have talked about it on stream - having trouble loading it) but I'd suggest extending the "barrel" that they shoot their projectile out of, and either augmenting the foot structure or adding a few extra legs. The goal being to make it look like it's really gripping/bracing against the ground to unleash a huge blast. Think of it as upgrading from a rifle to a cannon.
  21. I've reloaded in battle maybe twice in order to re-do a party wipe; I was a little guilty about it, but an atrocious string of RNG luck was always involved. (One involved 2 surviving caberjacks dying to 3 remaining Advanced Seeds after missing about 8 times in a row on 80+% odds.) Losing an individual unit here and there isn't something I've ever worried about, and I am honestly struggling to recall any actual defeats. At the strategy layer, I've reloaded to address event outcomes that seem WAY too extreme (losing a building, all heroes losing all personalities, young Standard gains Disheartened), but the more impactful savescumming has been on the Cadence attacks themselves. If your outer regions' corruption are at 2-2-1-0-0 strikes, there's a big difference between the two 2-strike regions getting attacked, the two 0-strike regions getting attacked, or some other combination. This is exacerbated towards the tail end of the game, when you can freely sacrifice empty regions or a Sagewright's guild, but Keeps and Crucibles are still valuable. (Also worth considering - even if you don't need a particular keep for unit production, you can lose relics if the regent, partner, or trainees are holding them, I think.)
  22. Advanced Cadence can have some pretty crazy evade numbers (Advanced Lapses in particular), but your actual accuracy should still reflect the predictions getting displayed. Unless your heroes are Optimistic, of course. As for relic creation, it's based off of the unit's lifetime kills. If you never give him a relic or Cadence weapon, earning a nickname generally signifies that he'll create a relic.
  23. I'm with Apex; the Alchemist is our Wizard, feature is working as intended. (Though I'd be totally okay with their skills being refocused on more weird throwables like the bees or fertilizer.) Would I like another base class? Yeah, absolutely. But then, I'm also in favor of abandoning hybrid classes entirely to make room for them. Even if the team did go that route though, a generic Wizard doesn't really fit the game world or the game system, and it would need a tremendous amount of iteration on art & design to close that gap. I'd be shocked if anything besides the Vanguard is on the table, whether for last-minute inclusion or first-pass DLC. (And that's cool, because whooooo Vanguard!) Honestly, I'm more interested in some of your dismissive asides about research and the game's difficulty. You mention "a minimum of 6 Keeps," which as far as I can tell is WAAAAY on the high end of what people have been using since building times got extended. I myself like 5, though even that yields a lot of surplus heroes. I'm right with you on the Steady Hander, to the point that I would consider researching no accessories besides it, but the Vitaliband? I don't think I've bothered with it since the initial release, where research was trivial anyway. Likewise, I don't think that I've seen the Alchemist's or Caberjack's cadence armor be cited as a strength before. Veil Armor is shnazzy and saves you 30-odd years of Hunter Armor research, but the others' utility seems suspect unless your guys are getting wailed on. I've never regretted using the standard armor for them. This is getting way off topic, so in short, my own two cents are: boooooo Wizards, and you should participate in the other threads involving the Strategy layer because your plan of attack seems markedly different in general.
  24. This is literally the only time I have ever seen someone suggest that Cadence weapons outpace Relics. I'd encourage you to spend more time building up the latter, because they blow the Cadence options completely out of the water in terms of their damage output in the long run. The Ramcap caber is the only one that even comes close to staying relevant, but ultimately the power of semi-reliable stuns gets hugely outstripped by a level 10 Caberjack with a maxed out Relic running amok in a Kill Rage. And this will only become more dramatic once the knockback-damage bug gets cleaned up once and for all.
  25. The flip side is, the first few minutes of the average SC2 game tends to involve Tasteless and Artosis discussing their favorite Muppets while the players build up their basic economy. This take is a few years out of date though, because I stopped watching profession SC2 years ago because there's a ton of uninteresting filler space between the interesting parts. Chalk me up in the "Start with 2 keeps" camp.
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