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  1. Really, a generic Trait-based filter could come in handy for a lot of contexts. I found Infertility got bred out quickly, which would make that specific view useless after the first 50 years or so. But I spent the other 250 years wary of Slow, Asthmatic, Heart Disease, and even Young At Heart, in both breeding and in Sagewright selection. A generic, multi-select filter would be a huge help any time you find yourself flipping through a dozen possible regents or partners. Alternatively, we may just need a different approach to the hero selection UI that shows off traits without requiring the player to expand the hero's details.
  2. Quick question: how did you die? Did you run out of heroes, or was it via land corruption?
  3. I'd rather put a hard cap on Crucibles (max: 3 or 4?) and/or hit the build times than change their zone of influence. The build times in particular seem could be tweaked non-linearly, with something like the first 2 being relatively quick affairs, and Crucible 3+ taking a hefty investment unless you've got a solid Sagewright's Guild backing it up.
  4. Little Blue Pill. (Must NOT have researched Fertility Boost yet.) A sagewright approaches you and explains that he's putting the finishing touches on a potion that will enhance our heroes' fertility! He suggests 3 male heroes to serve as test subjects. Choices: refuse, submit any single hero, submit all heroes. For each hero submitted, roll the RNG. On a failure, the hero gains Infertile. On a success, he gains Bountiful. If ANY succeed, the kingdom acquires the Fertility Boost research immediately. That Escalated Quickly! (New Regent must have had first child in last 10 years) You discover that one of your regents has joined a cult devoted to physical excellence and intends to sacrifice his firstborn to enhance his power and line! Do you allow it to happen (high chance of replacing all negative Traits on Regent & Partner with random positive ones, at cost of Trainee's life) forbid him to do so (no effect) or strip him of his regency entirely? (Hero removed as regent, possibly abandons your retinue entirely out of frustration)
  5. Agreed that the limited ammo is a neat concept for them, but that it goes a little too far right now. Some scraps from my playthrough notes in another thread:
  6. It's actually slightly bugged, making it even better - if you move to use it on an ally, you get your entire move back. But yes it's incredible. Researching it was what convinced me that Caberjacks and Alchemists were useful, like, at all. The fact that you get two of them is icing on the cake.
  7. I too crushed face with all 5 of my units. Or rather with my 2 Hunters and 2 Caberjacks, and I guess an Alchemist walked around too. Some kind of Boss Monster might be nice, both to reduce the need for repeated waves and to ramp up the lethality so that the player does lose a unit or two. Also, no Bulwarks or Ruptures ever spawned for me. What gives? Let's see the whole enemy cast. And I'm pulling this straight from my playthrough thread, but I was kind of annoyed with the ending. SPOILERS IN WHITE TEXT With a name like the Cadence, the idea of this happening in cycles was kind of narratively inevitable. At the same time, it feels a little cheap to pull a last minute story twist like this in a game that has so little narrative to begin with. Just tell us in the beginning that we can usher in an age of peace and stave off extinction, don’t move the goalposts at the last minute. This needs to feel more like a grand culmination rather than a last second rug pull, and the Chalice justifying misdirection on the grounds of “Yeah you might have been a sad sack and a quitter” is sorta crappy.
  8. If we're doing general discussion of relics beyond just UI components... I still really like the idea of Relics being something that can be handed down somewhat manually rather than waiting for death. Even if it's as simple as "once a hero is in Old Age, he can hand down a Relic." It makes the handoff process slightly less wonky (especially leading up to year 300 when everything comes to a head) without breaking the themes behind it all. Beyond that, I do wish that the relics themselves were a little more unique. Offering automatic Traits, Personalities, or skills would feel way more impactful than extra damage, and it gives some more reason to have multiple Relics per Bloodline. Near the end of the game, I had a few new relics pop up that I just assigned to any old shmuck, simply because there was no need for anything beyond the Level 10 Relics I already had.
  9. Reign of King Selke I, Year 225-301 Game over! Chalice Massive'd! Hooray! Kind of surprised at how the game wound down. Advanced Cradles and Advanced Lapses were dangerous, but my Caberjacks and Hunters were completely unstoppable monsters and nothing else was even remotely scary. Alchemists ascended to the rank of "decent" but never felt like a linchpin. I actually sort of like their limited ammo setup, but they don't have enough going for them otherwise. I had initially expected their armament to increase with levels, and while that sort of comes in with the Bottle of Bees vs. Shrubbery skill, you're mostly rocking those 5 potions for the entire game. I still wish they were the long-ranged class and Hunters were the mid-ranged, but you could probably do some interesting stuff by giving them the ability to throw items all the time, as a level 1 or 2 ability. Or maybe as Nation-level research. Steady Handers crowd out your accessory options, but I'd like to see units be able to bring 2 accessories as well. Possibly as a research upgrade, akin to XCOM:EW's Tactical Rigging. I guess that flows naturally into Research. Brad mentioned in a thread a LONG time ago that he didn't like how XCOM's tech tree was more about "when" than "if", and that's definitely what I got from this playthrough. I researched nearly everything in the game, stopping short of a couple Cadence-derived items because didn't have the corpses for them, and even had my Sagewrights idle for the last 30 years of the game or so. Nation-level research (longevity boost, fertility boost, armor boost, etc.) seems like the most interesting area for expansion. Allowing some of those earlier on (rather than needing to encounter Advanced Cadence of the corresponding type) could shape a playthrough, but I also like the idea of upgrades that affect the Genetics game or that flat out upgrade a unit type. For the former (mentioned this elsewhere) you might learn to view latent traits, or "Cure" one trait forever. For the latter, you could give all your units an additional accessory, or grant a specific class boosts like reduced cooldowns, extra alchemist ammo, ability to fling items, etc. I really like the idea of your core houses shaping your advancement through the tech tree, but right now that only comes up in the generally-underwhelming Cadence weapons, which are still throttled primarily by collecting the corpses. On the land front, I did finally savescum my way to a Crucible battle, which was interestingly dangerous since my Caberjack Standard was so isolated at the start. Kind of interesting how many line-of-sight blockers there were as we hauled our butts over to her, but at the end, no casualties and the Standard got a level, which was a nice-but-not-crucial perk. I also ran into a Keep battle shortly afterwards, and I agree with the assessment that it didn't feel like the stakes were high enough - I just had 5 awesome units and 2 decent units running amok. I ended up losing no zones at the strategy layer over the course of the game, thanks to having not lost any tactical battles. The endgame itself got a little funky at the strategy layer, as I basically stopped caring about regents (installed some gay couples as a result though!) and had to carefully balance when I handed out Relics so that none were tied up come year 301. I probably SHOULD'VE paid more attention to getting rid of Reveler because OF COURSE some idiot went to the final battle with a hangover, but other than that, it was a pretty smooth ride, albeit one that felt weirdly short on Events for the final 50 years. Would be nice to see more enemy types in the finale - I didn't get a single Rupture or Bulwark, which seemed odd. Also didn't have any units die (which specifically sucks for Alchemists who run out of ammo!) so I should probably reload just to see what that's like. I will say that I was kind of annoyed with the ending. SPOILERS IN WHITE TEXT With a name like the Cadence, the idea of this happening in cycles was kind of narratively inevitable. At the same time, it feels a little cheap to pull a last minute story twist like this in a game that has so little narrative to begin with. Just tell us in the beginning that we can usher in an age of peace and stave off extinction, don't move the goalposts at the last minute. This needs to feel more like a grand culmination rather than a last second rug pull, and the Chalice justifying misdirection on the grounds of "Yeah you might have been a sad sack and a quitter" is sorta crappy. Had a good time with the game, but I'm probably going to sit tight until another patch or two hits.
  10. There have been a handful of threads about this, but I think the one Smiles is referring to is here
  11. I'm at year 270 on my playthrough and haven't had a Keep/Guild/Crucible battle yet (may start savescumming for one) but you can probably sneak into the regent's equipment in the pre-fight screen. Just track down a Hero that's a child of either the Regent or Spouse, click on the parent's emblem in the family tree, and hit the Info button. (Siblings of the regent/spouse should work as well.) There should definitely be an easier way to do it, but that should be a serviceable workaround for the moment.
  12. Save the Orphanage! Hero spots a burning orphanage just in the nick of time! Does he rush in and potentially save a few, or is the risk too great? Cradle to the Grave to the Cradle! (Must have encountered Cradles, must have a Sagewright's Guild) After a skirmish with the Cadence, a hero brings back the body of a Cradle for study by the Sagewrights... but the body begins moving again! How does the hero respond? (Potentially a Sagewright Guild battle, clean kill, injured/killed Hero or Sagewright, or exposure to the Cradle reduces Hero's age by 30 years!) What's in a Name? (Must have encountered Twitches, must have a Sagewright's Guild) After a skirmish with the Cadence, a hero brings back the body of a Twitcher for study by the Sagewrights... but the body begins moving again! How does the hero respond? (Sagewright battle, clean kill, injured/killed Hero/Sagewright, Hero gets sucked in to the Twitcher's spotlight and comes out belonging to a different Bloodline) Not Big Enough for the Two of Us! A long lost house (aka: new Bloodline with multiple heroes) from the outlands has returned to the capital... and they're demanding a Keep that one of your current Bloodlines is using! Do you exile the interlopers, attempt to negotiate, or grant their demand by evicting your current line? (Possibly triggers a battle... versus humans?! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!) Crushing Lamentations! (Must have a Crucible) A bard chronicling your reign asks, "What is best in life?" A loving family, crushing your enemies, serving your country, etc. Answer adds a corresponding Personality to all of your Standards.
  13. I don't understand this point, I think. I definitely don't think anyone wants a bonus that would only apply to same sex partners. I do want there to be a mechanical justification for to same-sex partners. It shouldn't always be The Wrong Answer, even if infertility is a big strike against in a game specifically about reproduction and heredity. It doesn't need to be The Right Answer in a broad set of circumstances (and again, it's difficult to conceive an appropriate bonus that would push it into that territory) but I'd like for it to occasionally be on the table as one of many viable options. As is, gay partners are strictly for novelty or Self-Imposed-Hard-Mode purposes, and the adoption agency doesn't change that even if it mitigates the damage.How would people feel if straight/fertile couples just could not adopt, full stop? It'd characterize "normal" bloodlines as fundamentally haughty ("We don't mix with commoners") in a way I'm a little sour on, but solidifies a niche role for gay couples in terms of introducing genetic diversity for better and worse. This would also allow you to totally separate adoption from research by simply establishing a flat adoption rate similar to the fertility rate. I'd still prefer the "Lovers" personality stuff, FWIW, but this is a more dramatic move that at least doesn't strike me as completely terrible?
  14. I've said this before, but same sex partners - while an admirable goal - are a really awkward thematic fit for Massive Chalice. It's a game about being a eugenicist fascist overlord. With a big emphasis on productive marriages and no element of happy marriages in sight, it's sort of inevitable that same-sex marriage be comparatively worse unless you invent new rules for how childbirth works within the Massive Chalice universe. But the current system is so punitive that it pretty much sends the message of "You will doom the kingdom if you endorse gay marriage." It's counter-productive to the original goal, and if the system isn't improved then I'd honestly prefer it be removed entirely. As for actual suggestions... I strongly dislike the XP-sharing system described above, for two reasons. First off, I would go so far as to say that the core hook of Massive Chalice is the Bloodline/Trait management. Putting in a mechanic that directly discourages experimentation hamstrings the game's biggest strength. Second, you can't actually control how many kids a family has, so even if a couple has an awesome child on their first try, they're going to choke the XP stream when they have further, weaker children. In my current playthrough, I had an Alchemist couple with 11 kids. That's a historically productive family, and I'd hate to see the house suffer as a result. In the other thread, Kestrel suggested an automatically-restocking adoption agency, providing some new blood on a throttle without eating up your research time. I can get behind that - genetic diversity is a both a plus and a minus, since you're potentially reintroducing negative traits at the same time as positive ones. It stumbles a little bit in that it raises the bar overall rather than closing the gap between homo/hetero pairings, but again, it's difficult to accomplish that without transparently game-y, thematically dubious mechanics like "Gay couples can adopt more often because shut up is why." It fixes the perceived problem, but it's a bit of a kludge. A central pillar behind allowing gay marriage is freedom of choice, and I think a lot of the difficulty boils down to the fact that Massive Chalice heroes don't have any choices or wills of their own. As much as the Chalice advises you to treat them with dignity and respect rather than as a sack of numbers and traits, they're sacks of numbers and traits. (Somewhat problematically, you get a glimmer of free will in the "Standard and somebody have a baby" event, but there's no option to treat all parties with dignity and respect. Mixed messages!) I think you need to attack this at the source by playing up "in love with Hero X" Personalities that encourage specific pairings, and that Personality should arise for both same- and different-sex heroes. And it wouldn't need to show up on every single unit - call it "Star Crossed Lovers" or something to emphasize that it's an uncommonly powerful bond. Maybe it turns the couple into a package deal - if you appoint one as regent, the other's coming along as partner - or maybe it just gives better fertility and/or Personality inheritance in reflection of a happier home life. That gives a little more dare-I-say-Personality to the heroes themselves while facilitating gay pairings.
  15. I'm with Kestrel on this one. With adoption in its current state, it's difficult to justify the inclusion of either it or same sex partnerships. The latter were always going to be a tough fit for a game built around opportunistic reproductive marriages, but we don't gain anything my making adoption such a possible but dramatically worse option.
  16. Pretty sure the "Eye" symbol is your unit having line of sight/sight range (which is basically equal to Hunter range) to the enemy and the "Blast" symbol means you'd be able to target them with an Alchemist grenade from the tile.
  17. I was weirdly touched by the bad outcome to the Balloon event. (spoiler in white) The old man dies, and your hero sends back a short note about being stranded. RIP terrible hero I sent out on that doomed expedition. I like a lot of the writing, but there are some seriously harsh outcomes that sometimes feel a little out of left field. I wanted NOTHING TO DO with the "What's in the magic box" event, and seeing that it could destroy a building is pretty nuts. The worst one I've run into has probably been the Endorsement event, where (white spoilers)I chose to endorse the Chef and it wiped all of my heroes' Personalities. WHAT. I did not feel guilty at ALL about savescumming that one, because whoa bro that's pretty harsh. Edit: Also, some of the event traits will be more interesting once they have actual descriptions. I've run into a few where I've said "Hey that sounds cool!" but it just says "This buff's description hasn't been written yet." Fat load of good that does me!
  18. This could be partially fixed by having the Cadence move more aggressively. They seem to stay mostly stationary, only ever shuffling a square or two if they don't see any heroes, which means that it's generally pretty clear what can safely be stealthed to and what can't. An AI tweak to make them more actively search for combat would go a long way here. And on that note, it's a little weird that they don't seem to engage in any teamwork or communication. It seems pretty common for two units to rush you while a third one that's literally 1 square further away sits around with his thumb up his butt.
  19. Yeah, that's been the standard for a long time. I can see why it would be a little odd if you're not used to turn based strategy games, but Attack-Move tips the scales pretty far in favor of ranged combatants, who already have a leg up most of the time. If it's any consolation, the Hunter eventually gains a Shoot 'n' Scoot move that lets you move after a successful attack. You may find that a nice fit for your playstyle.
  20. My concern is that it doesn't feel like I've made any appreciable progress at year 250 versus year 50. The early game is a scramble where one good trait is often enough, but I've been getting grumpy that my late-game pairings still involve hunting down yet another Bountiful+Quick regent like I've been doing all game long. It's good, but it's not better, which makes me feel like I'm spinning my wheels. (Especially when there are still Revelers getting my entire team smashed before every battle and ruining their otherwise decent genes. Seriously guys, we've been at this for 250 years; learn to hold your liquor.)I'd like to see at least a tiny bit more gamification to help that feedback loop. Previously I've advocated for the ability to "lock in" a trait for automatic passing down within a house, but gentler approaches could also do a lot. I'm thinking stuff like research options to (A) view units' "hidden" genes and/or (B) erase a negative trait from the gene pool. (AKA "We've discovered a vaccine for Sickly, nobody has Sickly anymore.") Those would tweak the process without nuking it entirely, and in the case of the latter, you're still being rewarded for breeding out bad traits in the form of not needing to spend research time. So maybe you're able to breed out Asthmatic and Heart Disease, whereas someone less careful might spend 20 years doing the same via the auto-magical approach.
  21. Easier approach - make Charge the Caberjack's level 1 skill and eliminate the basic Knockback entirely. It's thematically appropriate, helps them out with some extra movement, and keeps them at 1 push+stun ability unless they set aside a skill for the Ground Pound later in the game.
  22. I've used nearly no Cadence tech. I focused really heavily on buildings early on, wrapping up 6 Keeps, 2 Crucibles, and 2 Guilds by around year 100-125. I did a few other small projects in there, but by the time I could get Cadence weapons, I already had relics for both my Hunter houses and my Alchemist house. And it just kind of seemed like a no-brainer to go with the Relics since they had growth opportunity and raw damage by the time I could have the items. I did get some use out of the Knockback Caber while waiting on a relic for my Caberjack house (it's nifty!) and the Rupture slinger (Anarchy Hurler or something?) after some funky relic handoffs; both are good, but they pale in comparison to a decent relic. On the armor front, I avoided the Veil armor since everyone said it was hilariously OP as well as because I just didn't feel like I was missing out on stealth opportunities. And frankly nothing else sounded terribly good! Items, I stuck with the Haste Hooch for my Cabers and Alchies for pretty much the entire game. It's benefiting from a pretty major bug right now, but even if you don't abuse that, the amount of movement it gives lets you run anywhere and kill anything. I can't imagine anything else. And for Alchemist 2/Hunters, Steady Handers are totally unmatched.
  23. Just wait, it gets weirder! I'm at about year 260 now, which means I need to be very meticulous about who gets which relics in preparation for the grand finale in year 300. Otherwise, I risk having to choose between a young, healthy Caberjack with no weapon or an old fossil of one with a relic. Granted this is slightly easier than the regent situation - I'm keeping a spot or two open in the Sagewrights, since induction forces you to hand off relics. But yes, there are definitely situations where you really just want someone to go away for good.
  24. Reign of King Selke I, Year 150-225 Relics popped up for the early chunk of this phase, and by the end I had about 4 either at or near the cap, plus a handful of others floating around for when one got locked up in a Regent or Standard. They're undeniably good but not terribly interesting. There's nothing new to do with them, you just happen to be better at murdering. I can't help but think it'd be more engaging for them to provide unique bonuses, and to make them house-bound rather than character-bound so that you could swap them out on the fly based on circumstances. That's sort of been the moral of the story for this phase - more of the same. Fights largely haven't changed their rhythms, and advanced Cadence are palette swaps that don't even have the decency to use a new palette. On the bloodline side, I'm still doing the same thing I was doing in year 75 -- prioritizing Quick and not paying attention to much else. (It might be nice to put in a Nation upgrade that lets you establish one "Signature" trait per Keep that passes down 100% of the time. That'd at least feel like progress.) And I still haven't lost any zones, though I'm getting closer thanks to my first triple attack at year 182. Still haven't seen any Keep battles. On the research front, I've largely stagnated as well. I've forsworn Cadence gear (though Knockback Cabers were neat for a time), including the apparently-almight Veil Armor. My items are pretty well set in stone, with Cabers and Alchies getting Haste Hooch, and Alchies/Hunters getting Steady Handers. Maybe some more Nation-level bonuses to research would make this more dynamic, sort of like how XCOM:EW added Tactical Rigging to allow all units to bring a second accessory? I'm still very much enjoying the game, but it feels like it has steadied out a little too much. Admittedly one of the design goals was that a single tactical loss wouldn't doom you, but it doesn't really feel like I'm doing anything differently at year 225 from year 75.
  25. I keep getting surprised by how many events suggest throwing things in the Chalice. Buddy, that Chalice is the lynchpin in our plan to not get wiped out by the Cadence, I'm not hurling random stuff in there just because I'm worried about it.
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