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  1. I'm at about year 150, and it feels like I have Quick on everybody and that's about the end of the logic. I've been able to generally breed out certain negative traits like Heart Disease (less luck on getting rid of Asthmatic, which rears its ugly head every now and then) but actually controlling for much else is proving difficult.

  2. Reign of King Selke I, Year 70-150 (Patch 0.82)

    This was a pretty smooth cruise, with a huge "one more turn" factor keeping me up entirely too late. Whooops.

    Battle selection has generally been pretty trivial - defend whichever has more diamonds. It's also interesting in that the board doesn't really "progress" in terms of how much corruption it has unless you (A) lose a battle or (B) are attacked in two regions that have no corruption. I expect this element to get much more tricky as the game advances and zone losses become inevitable.

    Speaking of zones, I've filled up every single one of em. 2 Crucibles, 2 Guilds, 6 Keeps housing 4 bloodlines. That feels pretty close to "ideal" (though I could see dialing back to 3 bloodlines) and I think I like that you can pretty easily fill up the board before regions start crashing down, unless you're super focused on researching other things. Speaking of research, I've picked up level 2 armor on everyone (eschewing the Veil Armor for now), but the Cadence weapons haven't seemed terribly worth it. Partly that's because I'm starting to pass around Relics and the numbers just favor the latter.

    In combat, Caberjacks and Alchemists came into their own the instant I got Haste Juice. I think there may be a bug involved with it (will explore later) but it is amazing to get such free run of the battlefield. The Caberjack's Charge move is also hilarious, if slightly impractical - I'm doing a lot of "Save -> Move to the wrong spot --> Load --> Move to the correct alignment --> Charge." Hunters remain really good (though the Follow Up nerf brought them back to earth some) but it's definitely easier making my other units feel relevant. I haven't lost a unit in battle for a LONG time, though Twitchers have put me close on a few occasions.

    Overall I'm having a great time with it. I can see where people are frustrated with how genetics work; my houses are starting to homogenize somewhat but still feel like a crapshoot with the traits, but it's working.

  3. I'm actually not in love with the idea of using different terminology for under-15-year-olds, on the grounds that it implies the chance for the player to reverse their decision. Unless that's added, "Arrange Future Marriage" is unintuitive for the sake of being only slightly less creepy.

  4. See, I never customized my XCOM units beyond color-coding their armor by class for readability, or occasionally giving them a new hairstyle if they looked nigh-identical to someone else on the team. Actually changing them dramatically made them feel more artificial, because I was in control rather than me having to play with what the game had dealt.

    I think I had a default level of attachment to them in part because of my history with games like Fire Emblem (where a unit dying means we're resetting the battle) and partly because they're relatively irreplaceable. XCOM Rookies are terrible. Squaddies are only barely better, except for Squaddie Snipers which are almost worse. So when you lose an advanced soldier, your effectiveness is taking a pretty big hit. That is, until you hit the late game when it's fairly trivial to raise up a newbie due to your amazing equipment and the fact that you have 5 other Colonels to carry him through fights.

    I'm wondering if some of the trouble here is just how replaceable Massive Chalice units are. A marriage with standard fertility gives you quite a few kids, and between Relics and shared experience from parents & Standards, you automatically have a pretty good B-team as long as you have a decent quantity of units. Adjusting the early game to avoid the year-50 drought might open up room to reduce birth rates overall, which would make individual units more precious. And tweaking the parent/Standard XP share can probably be done in isolation, possibly with a boost to battle-participation XP to make up for it. Both of these are well-intended as catch-up mechanics, but there's a chance they're over-generous at the moment.

    Beyond that, customizable timeline notifications makes a lot of sense, but I'd also suggest that there's a difference in losing a hero who actually participated in battles (generally represented by "is in your retinue right now") and losing a benchwarmer. The former seems much more worthy of a notification by default, and it'd be a nice touch to mention the number of battles the hero participated in as well as their overall kill count.

  5. Yep, you should be able to just ESC out of choosing a partner. If you can't it may be a bug, but I've definitely left regents unmarried when their partner has died due to not having suitable replacements. Should work the same way when you're appointing a regent.

  6. What kind of radness have folks mined out of the tech tree? Team Stream 25 did a preview (thread here) but I imagine plenty has changed since then.

    I've only begun to scrape the surface of non-building stuff, so I'm still sitting at Health Vials, Steady Handers (which seem amazing), and Caber Armor 2. Have folks found any super cool equipment or upgrades as they've built up their research base?

    Specifically regarding the "People" side of things, I'm not clear why I would ever adopt a single child rather than recruiting a handful of heroes; I get more warm bodies, more trait variety, and quicker access to the latter. And the Recruitment boost seems a little weird; it's long (~20 years?) but doesn't seem relevant by the time you've hit the mid-game and have a handful of Keeps churning out babies.

  7. Honorable Mention For Badness:

    - Pack Hunter and Lone Wolf - just because it's practically impossible to tell who has these, when they should go into effect (how close or far do I need to move to get bonus?), and how good of a buff it actually is. Just a confusing trait that seems like it should be useful and lead to interesting intentional tactical decisions but I end up largely ignoring.

    White text will pop up (briefly) above a unit's head when these are activated, actually! I still haven't planned any actions around them and don't know how strong they are, but they're called out at least a little bit.

  8. Pessimist/Optimist - Going to echo the XCOM comment here. Could go with Tranquil/Nervous here instead, but I had an optimist miss a 100% shot (couldn't help but laugh after I figured out why.)

    Oh jeez, I can't wait for that to happen. Hopefully with an Alchemist that kills a teammate with it. "Don't worry guys, I GOT THIS. *Boom* Uh... sure is a windy day, huh?"

  9. Class-specific defensive moves as a default action seems a little overcomplicated for what should be something of a corner case. If you do need an "I'm not doing anything else with my turn" ability, I'd suggest making it just a generic "Defend" action which bumps your Str/Dex/Int (and thus armor, evade, and resistance) up a couple points for the rest of the turn. So, more Hunker Down than Overwatch. That'd also make for a good baseline for any other class-specific defensive moves like Prime Target -- each of them could be specific upgrades on that Defend in some way, in power and/or utility.

  10. Lists! Everybody likes lists. What are your Most and Least Favorite Traits/Personalities to see on units so far?

    Top 3

    Bountiful - Helps scrape by the early game, and gives you more tries for ideal traits later on. It's like wishing for more wishes!

    Quick - Cabers and Alchemists both feel like they struggle to get in range right now, and some extra movement goes a long way. More Strength or Intelligence is okay, but this is the difference between being able to act vs. sitting around waiting to get punched.

    Tranquil - If there's one thing I learned from XCOM, it's "never trust the RNG." The bonus accuracy from this will push a lot of attacks up to 100%, and knowing it's a sure thing makes a huge difference.

    Bottom 3

    Heart Disease - At least Infertility can yield good Standards and Sagewrights! Shortened lifespan means fewer babies and lower level. Worse all around!

    Asthmatic - It was discussed beforehand, and HOO BOY it is as bad as we thought. Might work on a Hunter, but it's almost a bigger problem when looking for enemies than it is fighting them.

    King/Queenmaker - They're not bad but they're total filler that'll never drive any decisions. Boooo urns!

    Honorable Mentions

    Avenger - I haven't lost many units, but one of my Alchemists became a murder machine (for the final round of a fight) when this triggered. Optimistic on this one!

    Reveler - While this is very rarely helpful, I'm a big fan of its style. The buff/nerf traits are important and strategic, but this one feels a lot more novel. A few more oddballs would be great!

  11. the problem with hunters isnt that they are OP. it is that they steal all the xp.

    hunters are the scouts so they are useualy way ahread of the party, hunters see enemies first, they have range and so hit the cadence first, and they have huge damage potential so more often then not they get the most kills. this gives hunters tons of xp. this starts a cycle of hunters haveing the most lvls and so get the most kills and so get the most lvls, and your other houses suffer for it.

    if you use hunters to much early then your hunter house become the only viable one in combat. if you dont use hunters then you suffer mid-game when all the ranged cadence start swarming the map and murdering your shorter range heros

    Wanted to expand on this, since I think it hits a big part of the problem.

    Caberjacks are your short-ranged class, Alchemists are mid-ranged, and Hunters are long-range. In order to introduce an element of risk to the long-ranged dudes, the team gave the Hunter the ability to stealth, encouraging them to move to the front of the group. Cool.

    Where this backfires is that it doesn't so much push your Hunters to the front of the line as much it pushes everyone else to the back. Your Hunters sneak forward, but they're still taking high-damage shots from their maximum range, because they're just as effective there and their range keeps them somewhat safe from enemies. That leaves your Alchemists and Caberjacks way behind since they can't get in their preferred range, resulting in them either (A) hiding behind line of sight blockers in hopes of being in range when the Hunters make their ambush, or (B) doddering around in back, picking up mercy or cleanup kills after the Hunter's initial attack. The team dynamic is just kind of wonky.

    I hesitate to call for flat out nerfs to the Hunter's stealth or damage, because those are both really cool things about the class. I'd rather lean towards movement & range tweaks to minimize the amount of accordion-ing your team needs to do. I'd go so far as to turn the Hunter into the mid-ranged attacker (think of it like a shotgun or... musket?) and give the Alchemist some extra range & accuracy to make him a long-range bomber, albeit on limited ammo so he ALSO needs to get up in someone's grill if he goes too bomb-happy.

    On the Caberjack side, extra movement range would be great, but I'm also wondering if Prime Target should be scooted somewhere else in their skill tree. Their Charge ability being the level 2 pickup might actually address their mobility issues, and it feels more thematically appropriate as a core skill on our "big, burly, battering ram guy" class than a taunt does. (Admittedly I haven't gotten to a high enough level to actually learn & use Charge, so I'm going off of concept here.)

    Beyond that, I maintain that at least the early enemies (Ruptures, Bulwarks, Lapses) favor Hunters over almost anyone else, which exacerbates the problem. There are a lot of behavioral/interaction tweaks that could mitigate that. Some scattershot ideas (presented as ORs, not ANDs, though you could probably combine some)

    Ruptures: Are always knocked back by Caber attacks. Take extra damage from Caberjack's Knockback. Create a bigger explosion if killed by a potion. Create NO explosion if killed by a potion. Charge up when struck, resulting in a bigger/more damaging explosion when they do go boom.

    Bulwarks: Shield not triggered on glancing blow. Bone shield can be destroyed by potion. Bone shield can be destroyed by a Rupture explosion.

  12. Equip and skill up your Regents and Partner even though they don't seem to fight; cause they do! In Keep battles and its too late then to do it. As they say in the South, "When your knee deep in alligators, its a little late to drain the swamp"
    When was your first Keep battle? I'm at Year 70 and haven't seen one yet, so I think I'm due! 's fallacy>

  13. I like the minimalism of the main map, but just a simple "Current heroes, current trainees" would be nice. I'd save charts for elsewhere.

    It'd probably make sense to give small icons to not-fully-utilized buildings, too. You can see if there's an opening in a Keep/Guild/Crucible by mousing over, but there's nothing to actually call attention to a situation if you opted not to refill them immediately. (Or didn't have the people to fill them at the time.) Definitely a tough act to balance with keeping the map pretty though.

  14. I'm definitely seeing traits pass down, but it's likewise not sure thing. It's most pronounced early on, when you're scrambling to fill Keeps and might only get 1 or 2 kids out of a couple. (Basically, you're working with a small sample size.) The lineage because more clear once things have settled down and your couples are churning out a legion of babies. Each one might only have 1 or 2 of the parents' traits, but across the entire family, I've generally seen pretty much all the parents' traits represented, most of them on multiple kids.

    Personalities, on the other hand, feel largely like a crapshoot to me. Not being able to select where a Trainee is being raised is probably part of that.

  15. Reign of King Selke I, Year 40-70

    A few crashes have led to re-dos, but the gist is: around year 60, I felt like I finally got over the hump. When the second wave of heroes arrived around year 42, I had enough units to partner up any keeps that were missing them, and I finally got into a position where my Regents and Standard were overwhelmingly 19-35 years old. I still had to pinch for a pair of battles due to the majority of my heroes still being tweens (I think I've had as many as 15 Trainees at once), but once they came of age, I finally had enough units to relax and start playing the trait game.

    On the battle side of things, Wrinklers have got oomph to them. One of my Hunters fell (I think that's a total of 3 in-combat deaths for me over about 7 battles?) but had the good sense to leave a Relic behind, and the timing on that feels about right in terms of introducing new stuff into the game. Overall, Hunters continue to dominate though, picking up the vast majority of kills even when I'm trying to baby other units along. And a battle in which I had to bring 3 Alchemists along, I learned that Alchemists suuuuuuuck. Mediocre damage (that doesn't match the prediction) with godawful accuracy. Even with the Steady Hander! I hope to be proved wrong, but they feel like the worst of all possible worlds right now.

    Research wise, I've branched out into some items: Steady Handers, Health Vials, and Refined Caberjack Armor. I'd like to speed up the research process overall though, so a new Guild is up next to help handle the baby explosion.

    Events so far have generally not yielded me a whole lot of good stuff, though they've mostly happened to awful heroes so no big loss. I was particularly amused at one that earned a hero the title "The Negotiator" but provided no other benefit. I will say that I've really been enjoying the writing on them though - tonally, they're pitch perfect.

    Edit: Oh, and Asthmatic is in fact terrible. I brought a Caberjack along with it to a fight (that it looks like I have to replay, boo crashes) and he couldn't even keep up with the team, much less actually engage on an enemy. Still, the battle XP will at least help make him a better Standard someday.

  16. if the follow up shot from the hunter can't kill the bulwarks what the hell can? i have found that unless you can stun them every turn (with the caberjack) you just can't kill them fast enough before they kill you, especially if there is more than one
    That's the point - the problem isn't solved JUST by tweaking Follow Up, this is just a good niche to buff the other classes into filling.

  17. Whether Hunters are too good or everyone else is too bad, they're definitely a cut above right now. From my own playthrough thread:

    In combat, Caberjacks feel like kind of a raw deal so far. I’m starting to find some use for Prime Target, but you don’t want them fighting Ruptures, their glancing blows mean that you don’t necessarily want them attacking Bulwarks, and they don’t have the range to pick off Lapses before your team starts losing experience from them. They can kill Seeds, but so can anybody. Hunters are just straight up better, even without their scouting ability taken into account.

    This is part of why I lobbied for Follow Up to trigger Bulwark armor between shots - it gives Follow Up a unique weakness, because it doesn’t need a unique strength. It’s already any incredibly powerful killing move. Having seen it in action, I’d go one step further—make glancing blows from Alchemists and Caberjacks not trigger the armor. For one, it gives them an advantage over an early game foe whereas otherwise the Hunter holds all the cards. And beyond that, it makes a certain amount of sense—the Bulwark won’t armor up on soft impacts, otherwise it’d armor up each time it took a step or bumped its foot on a rock. (And it’s sort of like Dune! Who doesn’t like Dune?)

  18. Looks like the save took.

    In combat, Caberjacks feel like kind of a raw deal so far. I'm starting to find some use for Prime Target, but you don't want them fighting Ruptures, their glancing blows mean that you don't necessarily want them attacking Bulwarks, and they don't have the range to pick off Lapses before your team starts losing experience from them. They can kill Seeds, but so can anybody. Hunters are just straight up better, even without their scouting ability taken into account.

    This is part of why I lobbied for Follow Up to trigger Bulwark armor between shots - it gives Follow Up a unique weakness, because it doesn't need a unique strength. It's already any incredibly powerful killing move. Having seen it in action, I'd go one step further -- make glancing blows from Alchemists and Caberjacks not trigger the armor. For one, it gives them an advantage over an early game foe whereas otherwise the Hunter holds all the cards. And beyond that, it makes a certain amount of sense -- the Bulwark won't armor up on soft impacts, otherwise it'd armor up each time it took a step or bumped its foot on a rock. (And it's sort of like Dune! Who doesn't like Dune?)

  19. Reign of King Selke I, Year 20-40

    Well, it turns out our new heroes are hot garbage, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do, and we have a new (terrible) Alchemist house. Interestingly, my Caberjack house's partner died, and while the queen is only 55, the lone male I have has kind of terrible traits. Still, I'm pretty worried about lack of people, so I cross my fingers and hope for more babies. The Sagewrights get another warm body in the form of a wonderful Clumsy/Asthmatic/Slow/Reckless Caberjack. I'm a little conflicted on my Standard, but end up going with a young Hunter from my established house by virtue of everyone else having godawful Personalities. I may need her on the battlefield or as an heir, but I'm crossing my fingers that I get a few more trainees ready before that comes to pass. This is definitely a "fingers-crossed" phase of the game.

    Naturally, a battle pops up immediately, and I have but 2 Caberjacks and 2 Hunters to throw at it. Lapses prove a little tricky to deal with, killing nobody but tagging us for 2 experience losses. Still, we come out clean and earn another Hunter in the process. And she's young, with not-awful traits, hooray! She gets Keep 4, but maintaining these partnerships (and sending another hero off on a crazy event adventure) puts my roster back at 4, so out comes another hero drive. The next battle pops just before it completes though, leaving us with the same foursome (now in their 30s and 60s) and two keeps wanting for partners to get the baby machine going. YEEESH.

    Bulwarks prove to be nice and annoying. Especially when I spend 15 minutes running around the map for the last one, stupidly losing a 1 HP Caberjack on a Rupture puddle, only to learn that it's the last TWO Bulwarks. It's close, but they die before any of us do, and at least we earn a new female Caberjack to make up for the one that died. Whoooops.

    Also Escape is not pulling up the menu, so I sure hope it autosaved for me!

  20. Given that the events are based on/inspired by FTL (which uses an RNG for its events unless you have an event-specific "magic bullet" in the form of items or crew), it sounds like this is mostly just really bad luck. Sorry brother.

    My very first event was a hero's distant relative hanging on to a chalice piece, and I was able to recruit her to my team with help from her relative. She wasn't terribly useful - 70 years old with good traits, but everyone from the existing line was godawful so it's not like any relic she left would be good - and surprisingly did not come with her chalice piece, but it was definitely a net positive outcome. Second one was a 12 year journey I'm sure the character will not survive (due to age + Heart Disease), but I figured it was worth rolling the dice in case he made it out the other side.

    I am interested in seeing how events are shaking out for folks overall though.

  21. @Smiles - you are correct! This should work as you describe. Relics are bound by House, so anyone with, say, the same badass green-and-white Rhino sigil could use a Relic that's from that House. :D!

    Is there a common list of Keep Names to draw from for this, or will all the keeps under the same banner have the same keep name? Alternate approach - keeps after the first are all named [Name] 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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