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  1. Just wanted to chime in with the aye-sayers here. You're not going to thwart the skepticism around kickstarter projects, which are mostly due to outright criminal activities. People taking advantage of a trust-based model will always solicit criticism of that model; which is a misplaced criticism, since the transgressors are wilfully deceiving. Community is built on trust and for the genuine developers who intend to fund a feasible creation, kickstarter is a nice way to raise funding and get free publicity. DoubleFine has just set a standard of proper planning and execution of launching a game, but DF is not responsible for anyone else taking the care to respect their backers. Each to their own responsibility. I'd prefer the documentary being released since it's a great piece of work in and of itself; kudos to the documentary makers!! Maybe because of the documentary, I felt like DoubleFine took an interest in acknowledging their backers specifically. And that's not to mention how inspirational the video is, for other creative minds. Now that we've seen it, there's no reason not to share. It's awesome to spread the love:) Sincerely, Sigge
  2. I'm actually playing it on my cellphone currently, and it works pretty well with touch! This game inspired me to read a lot of sci-fi, and amazed me at the possibilities of graphical movies.
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