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  1. I see what you mean with maxing the exp, in my play through I was getting everyone to level 10 by about the same time too if not sooner, maybe about 180. It felt like focusing on experience was more important than research and often keeps too... I had 3 crucibles, one of them was on a double exp bonus country, and once I started getting higher and higher levels, the exp bonus increased so it ramped up very quickly by about half way through the game. Exp scarf was also useful. It got to a point when I'd always have about 10-15 max level hunters to choose from, and I was just going based on their attributes for battle. Keeping 4 keeps with bountiful partners gave an unending supply of heroes so that I never had to adopt. actually, I didn't use a sagewright, since I was maining hunters, once I researched their bows, and a few items, and veil armour, no further research was really needed.
  2. quick question, where are the save files located?
  3. The most memorable random event for me was when two unpaired heroes had a child together without your consent, and all your options involved punishing them in some way. That was very emotive, in the end I let the child decide who to keep and who to exile and I got to keep at least one parent and one child, but no option to keep them all =/ The other one I enjoyed was when a regent and their partner had a falling out, so I sent one of their children to talk to them together to calm them down, and as a result they both became insatiable! So I guess what I'm saying is, would be fun to have more relationship type events that effect statuses between characters and their partners, or result in a special child.. maybe including a 'love' status perhaps?
  4. I enjoyed the game, but I had to stop playing it once I reached the final battle, mainly because it now keeps crashing two turns after loading, but also, when it doesn't crash, the waves are endless, I've spent over an hour on it killing wave after wave of cadence. I figured I'd take a break for a while.
  5. where do we email our saves to?
  6. In my recent playthrough, I've created such a complex misshapen family line where regents have had 12 children, and two of them have started their own keep, and then their children eventually marry with descendants from their parent's keep, and their descendants have taken over a third keep and married down a different house.. I would really like to see what kind of crazy family tree this becomes, it would be great if there was a tree for each house for example and you could save them and post them to others, and it would remind you of all the great heroes that have passed. You could even track the passage of relics down the family line to its current state - and in fact the weapon could include the names of its previous owners in the description, and how many enemies have been killed by it. few random ideas, any thoughts?
  7. This is true, its nearly impossible to figure out how much exp per day you need across crucibles to end up with trainees of level 10 by age 15. An info note detailing what level trainees can expect to be at 15 would be useful too
  8. This is a good idea What will then happen is heroes will be in love with ones they are not married to.. later on you may start to get illigitimate children. I think there is already an event which mentions this, but the love factor makes it more prevalent in the game. I think the 'in love' status should primarily happen between heroes who have been dispatched to battle together and have survived, it creates a more personal story between your favourite heroes, and they can build up to form a legendary bloodline later.
  9. I gotta agree, when I tried to put this game down I couldn't. Its so so addictive, its got that 'one more level' factor that makes you want to keep going. The last battle was the only time I got bored and stopped playing. They should give more clues as to how long you need to hold out like a counter or meter, and possibly shorten the stage too.
  10. Not sure if I missed something or if this is meant to happen, but at the final stand, the cadence just keeps re-spawning with no apparent end, and there wasnt much instruction before the stage. Is something meant to happen? How do you complete it?
  11. I've been maining a team of 5 hunters with veil armour and slidestone for 90% of the game, it made it super easy since you hardly ever get hit.
  12. This is mainly how I played my first run through, I had 3 keeps with the same bloodline (hunter) and I swapped out my 5 relics between my main fighters within that bloodline. With enough bountiful traits you wont run out decent fighters even when you are spending some for training. My 4th keep I kept for a secondary bloodline with queenmakers mainly to provide partners for the other 3 keeps.. it seemed to work quite well.. even if it felt a little mechanical..
  13. This is a good idea but equally the opposite should be possible.. In preparation for the final battles, the immortal king can choose to preserve his best heroes into eternal sleep/stasis/hibernation to be awoken when needed most. But there is a very limited number of chances/ limited spaces for a hero to be frozen in time this way so it must be used wisely. Other heroes may eventually come to worship your legendary frozen heroes, and seek guidance and bonus stats. Or awaken them when disaster strikes. Demons may specifically target your heroes while they are dormant like this and abduct or corrupt them, so they need to be well defended, which can lead on to a time-limited defend missions where the legendary hero wakes up after a certain number of turns and can be used to wipe out the demons for a short time, but will die if not defended until then.
  14. Since I'm a medic I'm going to get creative with some inherited conditions and other negative traits: Mental: Schizophrenia = hero is introverted (negative affinity with other humans) and more likely to panic and flee or attack team-mates. More likely if fostered, or parents have trait. Depression = hero actions take longer, reduced movement range and attack power. May be temporary, such as after death of family or partner. Epilepsy = hero randomly falls unconscious and convulses in battle, will recover after a random time but with reduced combat effectiveness. If hero was a mage-type, magical discharge occurs around him damaging all nearby proportional to magic stat. More likely if parents have same trait. Parkinsons = reduced movement range, reduced dexterity. Rate increases with age. Dementia = hero randomly does not respond to commands. Likelihood increases with age, and with parents that have trait. Narcolepsy = hero randomly falls asleep in combat. more likely if parents have trait. more to come later, but here are some other interesting ideas: Haemophilia = continues to lose health after being hit, reduced movement range. Males only, X-linked Gene Cystic fibrosis = reduced actions per turn, higher chance of illness, reduced fertility. Recessive gene Huntingtons = Hero randomly attacks party members. Dominant gene Acromegaly = Hero has improved strength, and is physically larger, but dies at a younger age. Random mutation Turner syndrome = Infertility, dies younger. Females only. Random mutation Savant = proficient in all weapon types(or abilities/skills depending on class). More likely with certain mental traits.
  15. As a quick note about group dynamics, though I love the concept, I feel like the more complex it is the more difficult it will be to navigate, especially when you need a flexible system that is easy to understand and easy to insert new characters into. Has anyone played Agarest: Generations of War? The concept bears alot of similarities to MC in that it follows around 4-5 generations of play, but its an RPG with a named protagonist in each case, who passes on their line of succession to the next hero. It also is half dating sim where the hero chooses between 3 potential love interests and his interactions and decisions affect their affinity with him.. one decision might be very popular with one specific person but be unpopular with the other two, but there was only ever one parameter to determine the effect of the affinity. So you can have decisions affecting multiple people at once, while still keeping it simple. The fact that these events were determined almost entirely by cutscenes and story driven narrative can demonstrate the extreme side of these character supports, where each character reacts uniquely based on what decision is made and when, with a LOT of backstory and character feelings and emotion going through. I actually think it overdoes it in certain parts, if you have to work through hours of screen text just to get to grips with each characters emotions and feelings, when there are so many, your focus becomes too dispersed and you end up caring less about each individual one. On the other side of the coin is X-Com, with no scripted dialogue at all, and generic characters, where all relationships are inferred an no meters. Thats why I think Fire Emblem contains the best balance of both elements, even when you have so many playable characters, it contains small snippets of character-building conversation, in isolation between two people, which are also optional, but can also be expanded further into longer, more rewarding scenes if required. It gives you freedom to focus on your favourite characters and explore them fully, while still being flexible and allowing a large range of units to appear and fit into your army. Also, the way it displayed character support status in each case was to have a completely separate window for relationships and pull up a list of all your PC and a bar or a grade next to each one representing their affinity at the time. Similar to the system in growlanser or sakura wars. Another interesting mechanic that Agarest had was a fortune-teller type shop where the hero can enter and gain a prediction on what their child will be like if they were matched with a specific person, which allowed you to take a sneak peek at the resulting offspring and their stats in a way that made sense. Of course, the higher the affinity with that person, the better the stats were for that character in general, and the more cutscenes you get at the end of the generation for that phase. Possibly a good UI feature to have in MC, when planning bloodlines and hero choices...
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