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  1. They are both from 2010, and while I suppose Tim's response may have been in reference to a new game, it could just as likely be a reference to a bugfix/update for the XBOX Originals and Steam releases. The simple fact of the matter is that this was a direct, two-line conversation over Twitter; we're not missing any context in my above quote... Speculate away. Regarding the meat circus, while it certainly wasn't impossible, it was reasonably challenging considering what a drastic departure it is from the rest of the game.
  2. Interesting, no? Work still being done on Psychonauts?
  3. Quitting to the title screen from the pause menu (save first!) and then continuing your game also fixes that.
  4. Twice. Both times on PC. The first time was a 100% game, completed in one sitting, the day I got it, back when it first came out Currently working on a third playthrough on XBOX 360.
  5. Yeah, Madden was released August 14th, FIFA was released October 20th, and NBA 2K10 was released October 6th...
  6. Juts curious, but has there been any word on whether or not The Love Giver will be made available to those who didn't pre-order through GameStop?
  7. That's pretty telling right there... Is your 360 online and up-to-date? If not, perhaps a system update would remedy the situation. It definitely sounds like a problem with your system rather than the disc.
  8. I recently did the same, and I am experiencing the same issue. It only happens when you pause the game, and can be corrected by saving and exiting to the title screen; when you continue from there, all is well again. Any authoritative word on whether or not this happens in the XBOX Originals version?
  9. Original paint job, bolt thrower, mine dropper, bloodlust, and shredders. Lemmy, Eddie, Ophelia, and Ozzy on Mt. Rockmore.
  10. Got the DLC, and It was like a 100KB download; that suggests the data shipped with the game... Not cool, especially considering that it's free for PS3 users while XBOX users are out $5, the new maps are apparently incredibly hard to use, and the new axe's description is pretty lacking... What does it do, other than look cool?
  11. You are not the only one. I applaud Brütal Legend for its creativity, and only ever died during the final stage battle against Doviculus. I bought the game for full price on launch day and have been completely satisfied. It's worth noting that I didn't read any of Schafer's posts or watch any of his videos until I'd already completed the single-player campaign. The only truly valid complaint I've noticed isn't even particularly specific; it's not that the stage battles are too esoteric, or that the scavenger hunts are overdone, or even that key elements can be easily missed... It's that too many aspects are not effectively or consistently communicated to the player. Whether it's the nuances of the stage battles, the logistics of unlocking legends and freeing serpents, or understanding how the Motor Forge works; as intuitive as these things may seem to many of us - especially after the fact - the response from the general public seems to be that almost everyone has been hung-up on at least one of these things for some period of time... For me, it was unlocking legends and freeing serpents. Sad indeed.
  12. $69 is the Canadian MSRP; I've not seen it cheaper in Canada, and most retailers will only go ~$5 below that on new releases for a little while anyway. I got my copy on launch day, but it was sold-out at the indie shops and GameStop; I ended-up snagging the second last copy at a local used record store that recently started selling video games. I'm pretty sure that Jackyll just meant that a lot of people aren't willing to spend over $50 on any game, aren't rabid Schafer fans, don't need new releases immediately, and would rather wait a month or so for the game to drop to $40 or start showing up in used game stores. Essentially, he seems to be saying that this game has legs.
  13. Hard to say. The only numbers I can find are for the XBOX version, and they're saying around 120,000 units. That doesn't account for the PS2, PC, XBOX Live, Steam, GameTap, the new shipments of originally unsold stock (I saw all kinds of new PS2 and PC copies showing up in the used game stores a couple of years ago), etc... I've read that Tim Schafer says that it has sold well over the years, but since it wasn't an immediate blockbuster, there's this perception that it didn't do well.
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