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  1. MASSIVE CHALICE Update #58 - hybrids Hybrids HYBRIDS! (cont.) Hybrid Class Armors Geoff had a sweet idea to do custom armors for all of the Hybrid Classes. He did a custom set for the base, refined, and advanced armors for all 6 of the hybrids. This is a TON of art but it’s looking really close to being finished! Here’s a sweet shot of some of the heroes with their upgraded hybrid armor! ! In this screen you can see the 3 Alchemist flavors with their Advanced armor together. Alchemist/Hunter left, Pure Alchemist middle, and Alchemist/Caberjack right. Relic Art Chad, Geoff, and Jeremy have cooked up a sweet system to give the Relics of MASSIVE CHALICE some unique visuals. Geoff and Jeremy have modeled a bunch of Throwers, Cabers, and Crossbows based off of Derek’s designs. These weapons are all split into two pieces. When a Relic is created, two of these pieces are grabbed at random and assembled into a Relic weapon. This should give a lot more personality to Relics. It’s also backwards compatible with old saves so if you load up an old game that has Relics they should all get unique visuals applied to them! ! Check out Whiskeybreath with the Atkinson Relic, The Fleeting Smile! ! Initial Bloodline Selection Silvio, a new programmer on team MASSIVE CHALICE, has completed the Sigil Picker! This screen is used to select your Core Bloodline when starting a new game. It’s really rad to see all of the sigils that were created by the backers of the game. Thanks again for your creativity and hard work! The Future We’re not done yet! Here’s our original Early Access list of things that we’re still jamming on! Difficulty Modes. IRON Mode. Controller Support. EFIGS Localization. (French, Italian, German, Spanish) We’re looking forward to the continued balance tweaks in future updates. Thanks for all of the feedback on the forums! Teamstream #30 Friday December 12th! Our next Teamstream (number 30!) is set for this Friday December 12th at 4pm Pacific. We’re going to go through the rest of the hybrids and discuss our thoughts on each of them while showing off their unique skills! Come join us at twitch.tv/doublefine if you can! ! Back This! Thimbleweed Park! Our old buddy Ron Gilbert has a new Kickstarter! It’s called Thimbleweed Park and it looks amazing. It’s intended to be a true return-to-form for old school Adventure Games! Complete with big-ass chunky pixels! ! I totally love this mockup of the game on a 5 ½” floppy! If you were into Maniac Mansion back in the day then you really owe it to yourself to check out Thimbleweed Park! Here it is straight from Ron’s pixelated mouth: Check out the Kickstarter here! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thimbleweedpark/thimbleweed-park-a-new-classic-point-and-click-adv Share Your Feedback! Report Bugs! Get Involved! Make sure to check out the official bug forum here. That’s the place to check if a bug you’re experiencing has already been reported or to report a bug of your own. And if there’s anything you want to talk about MASSIVE CHALICE in general, feel free to start a discussion right here on the forums! In case you can’t make our live broadcasts you can find all our Twitch streams on the Double Fine YouTube channel here. You can always check out the MASSIVE CHALICE blog for the latest updates from various team members. Thanks so much for supporting MASSIVE CHALICE! - Anthony
  2. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! “We’ve talked about it” long enough! We’ve been digging into the Hybrid Class system and we’re just about ready to unveil it! But first… we’ll just give you a quick reminder that we are in Steam Early Access RIGHT NOW. http://store.steampowered.com/app/246110 If you backed the game at $20+ and haven’t received your code for MASSIVE CHALICE then please email us at support@doublefine.com or you can contact Humble directly to get your code! https://support.humblebundle.com State of the Game We’ve issued multiple patches to the game since we launched our Premium Backer Beta back in November. And right now we’re in the middle of our biggest patch yet! We’re prepping a big update that features the long-awaited Hybrid Classes! Hybrid Class Overview Starting in the new patch all heroes will have a Primary Class and a Secondary Class. Your initial batch of heroes will be Pure Classes - Caberjack, Alchemist, Hunter. These are the Classes that are in the game now with no changes! For the sake of this system, a Pure Class is a character that has the same Primary and Secondary Class. Hybrid Classes are created when two heroes with different primary classes have a kid or adopt one. The Regent’s Primary Class becomes the baby hero’s Primary Class and the Partner’s Primary Class becomes the baby’s Secondary class. Here’s a totally sweet graphic that shows how the system works! Note that this generates 6 unique hybrid classes. Why did we choose to do it this way? With the way relic weapons work we wanted the Primary Class to determine the weapons and armor of the hero. So this way if your Regent was a Caberjack/Hunter and you are a Caberjack/Alchemist (because your other parent was an Alchemist/Alchemist) then we want you to end up using Caberjack armor and fighting with your Regent’s Caber. Hybrid Skill Trees For each hybrid we started with the Primary Class’s tree. Then we worked in as many abilities from the Secondary Class’s tree that made sense. After that we started brainstorming brand new abilities that felt like cool variations of the Secondary Class being applied to the way that the Primary Class operates. The simplest example is the Hunter/Alchemist. We removed the ability of this Hunter flavor to use the Follow Up shot and replaced it with the Flask Shot. This ability lets the Hunter/Alchemist fire an arrow tipped with an explosive Alchemist flask at a target to deal AoE damage. It feels significantly different than an Alchemist flask throw. You can fire it at a much longer range than an Alchemist throw, but you can’t shoot it over walls and you lose the ability to position the explosion exactly where you want - it always has to be centered on the target that you’re aiming at. This opens up a lot of additional strategic depth where you can breed a Hunter to become an AoE threat capable of killing multiple Seeds at once! Alchemist/Caberjack Hybrid Deep Dive The Alchemist/Caberjack is turning out to be one of my favorite Hybrid Classes in the game. We wanted to take the Alchemist and focus much more on the melee aspect of the class. For starters we decided to remove the Free Throw ability from this class. That ability is all about Flask Throwing so taking it away opens up space on the tree and allows us to create new things. In its place we added a double melee attack called Hack n Slash. This ability has similar rules to the Hunter’s Follow Up ability and lets you deal out two melee attacks on the same target if the first one hits. It really stresses the melee ability of the Alchemist! We also wanted to get more of the Caberjack’s abilities into the tree. So we took the standard Alchemist Flask and replaced it with a custom Knockback Flask. This explosion only knocks characters 1 tile away and doesn’t guarantee a stun, but if you position your bomb just right you can knock enemies into walls or each other to get a stun. This turns the Alchemist/Caberjack into a much more controlling character. At lvl 4 we replaced the Alchemist’s Spirit of the Dart Falcon (again, another Flask-focused ability) with the Caberjack’s Fury skill. This skill encourages you to get your Alchemist up into the action taking some damage so that they get a big damage boost on the next turn. At lvl 6 we replaced Throw Items with the Caberjack’s new AoE Prime Target. I thought this would be especially sweet on an Alchemist that’s wearing the Cadence-fueled Volatile Carapace. Taunt a ton of melee enemies, get a defensive buff, and watch them rush you and trigger multiple explosions! At lvl 8 we replaced the Fertilizer Flask with a brand new AoE Claw Swipe ability. This is another melee-focused move that lets you deal AoE damage at close range. It’s great to have an AoE option for when you run out of flasks! We’re leaving all of the lvl 10 abilities unchanged, so the Alchemist/Caberjack will still have the Mad Bomber skill, allowing them to carry a ton of Knockback Flasks into combat for maximum control! Did I fail to mention that there are a ton of other changes in the patch like increasing the base Alchemist Flask to a 3x3 explosion? ! We’ll have an in-depth look at the rest of the hybrid trees and abilities during the Teamstream! !
  3. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! Today we have a huge surprise for you! We’ve been getting a ton of requests from our $20+ backers (that aren’t part of the beta) to play the game. So we’re sending out codes for MASSIVE CHALICE to EVERYONE who backed it! And we’re sending them out TODAY! ! If you backed the game at $20 or more you’ll be receiving an email from Humble Bundle with everything you need to get your Steam key for MASSIVE CHALICE. If you’re a $20+ backer and you don’t see an email from Humble today feel free to contact them here! https://support.humblebundle.com $35+ Double Codes The $35 Kickstarter tier of MASSIVE CHALICE included an extra code for the game. We've released these codes to you guys! Check your Humble page for your second copy of the game and share it with someone you love! ! $50+ Soundtrack We’ve fully mastered the MASSIVE CHALICE soundtrack and it’s amazing! Brian Trifon and Brian White of Finishing Move did an absolutely fantastic job with our music. Backers in the $50+ tiers should see the the Soundtrack available in their Humble page for MASSIVE CHALICE! ! The soundtrack will also be available on Steam for non-backers! Early Access We’ve also had quite a few requests over the last few weeks from people who missed out on the Kickstarter asking about when they can get the game. We decided that the best way to do this was to get the game on Steam Early Access RIGHT NOW! ! http://store.steampowered.com/app/246110 MASSIVE CHALICE isn’t complete, but the game is stable and playable from beginning to end. We expect to launch a polished 1.0 version in Spring 2015 and we are fully funded through that period. We’re super excited to involve all of our backers, along with some brand new players, on our way to the finished game. Stream Away! Our beta backers have been streaming MASSIVE CHALICE on twitch over the last few weeks. It's been great to drop in and talk balance with the chat! Special shoutouts to Joeydevaux and HatchXXII for streaming the crap out of MASSIVE CHALICE. You can follow their shenanigans here! ! www.twitch.tv/joeydevaux www.twitch.tv/hatchxxii If you're just getting the game today let us remind you that we're totally cool with you streaming the game. Playing MASSIVE CHALICE with an audience is pretty fun, and we love dropping in and seeing peoples' reactions! Stream away! ! Teamstream #29 TODAY! Stream Invasion 2: The Invasioning We’re going to be doing some streaming of our own TODAY with Teamstream #29! Tune in at 4pm Pacific TODAY at http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine where we’ll be playing MASSIVE CHALICE and invading other people’s MASSIVE CHALICE Twitch streams! Share Your Feedback! Report Bugs! Get Involved! Make sure to check out the official bug forum here. That’s the place to check if a bug you’re experiencing has already been reported or to report a bug of your own. And if there’s anything you want to talk about MASSIVE CHALICE in general, feel free to start a discussion right here on the forums! In case you can’t make our live broadcasts you can find all our Twitch streams on the Double Fine YouTube channel here. You can always check out the MASSIVE CHALICE blog for the latest updates from various team members. Thanks so much for supporting MASSIVE CHALICE! Anthony
  4. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! Teamstream #29 Tuesday! Come join us TOMORROW at 4PM Pacific (24:00 UTC) Tuesday, November 11th at http://twitch.tv/doublefine! We’ve been making a ton of balancing tweaks and the game is more balanced than ever! We’ll have various members from the team joining us, and of course we’ll be invading various MASSIVE CHALICE Twitch streams. So make sure you’re streaming because we come bearing FREE STEAM CODES! YEAH! ! Share Your Feedback! Report Bugs! Get Involved! Make sure to check out the official bug forum here. That’s the place to check if a bug you’re experiencing has already been reported or to report a bug of your own. And if there’s anything you want to talk about MASSIVE CHALICE in general, feel free to start a discussion right here on the forums! In case you can’t make our live broadcasts you can find all our Twitch streams on the Double Fine YouTube channel here. You can always check out the MASSIVE CHALICE blog for the latest updates from various team members. Thanks so much for supporting MASSIVE CHALICE! Anthony
  5. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE Backers! Our friends at Fangamer, the amazing people who make sure you get all your Double Fine t-shirts, posters, buttons, and schwag delivered to you on time, are running a Kickstarter RIGHT NOW that celebrates EarthBound and the fans who have created tons of amazing content inspired by the game. Be sure to check out Fangamer’s EarthBound Kickstarter here: http://fangamer.com/kickstarter
  6. Hey Guys! We're so excited to have the game out in the wild for the first time today! Since the game is in beta it's still got a fair amount of work ahead of it. We had to put as much focus on getting gameplay bugs squashed and core tech issues resolved. We want those stable before we head over to Mac and Linux so the current release is only for PC. FOR NOW! Hehe... we're working on getting Mac and Linux brought over as soon as we can! For you new guys joining our forums be sure to check the Team Updates Forum (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewforum/54/) where we post frequent and pretty deep updates about our development status! Thanks again everyone, I can't tell you how excited the whole studio is right now! - Anthony, Producer, MASSIVE CHALICE
  7. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! Today’s the day! We’re launching the MASSIVE CHALICE Premium Backer Beta! YEAH! ! If you backed the game at $50 or more you should be receiving an email from Humble Bundle with everything you need to get your Steam key for the MASSIVE CHALICE Premium Backer Beta. If you’re a $50+ backer and you have not received an email then please contact Humble support ASAP here! https://support.humblebundle.com Remember, you’re playing a near-complete version of MASSIVE CHALICE! The entire game can be played from start to finish but there are still a lot of bugs and balance issues. We’re going to be working on them non-stop but we need your help to do that! Stream Away! A lot of people have been asking us if they’ll be able to stream the game. ABSOLUTELY! One of our favorite things about developing MASSIVE CHALICE has been sharing the it with you guys on Twitch. Please stream away and share some of your favorite moments with us and the rest of the community! ! Teamstream #28 TODAY! We’re going to be doing some streaming of our own tomorrow with Teamstream #28! Tune in at 4pm Pacific TODAY at twitch.tv/doublefine where we’ll be playing MASSIVE CHALICE and talking about game balance! We might even try checking in on some MASSIVE CHALICE streamers during our own stream! Maybe we’ll be streaming your stream during the Teamstream? ! Report Bugs and Provide Feedback! We’re excited to gather tons of feedback and bugs from you guys. The best way to submit that feedback is to head over to the MASSIVE CHALICE FORUMS and make an account. We’ll be in there as much as we can chiming in on threads and taking suggestions! - Anthony P.S. For the rest of the backers that didn’t back at $50 - we haven’t forgotten about you! We want to make sure that the game is in a stable, polished state before we unleash it on you. Please sit tight for a bit longer… we’re going to see how this beta period goes and we’ll have more information soon about our release plans. Thanks for your patience and thanks again for your support! !
  8. The Indie Box! The Indie Box, a rad subscription service that ships custom boxes for indie games right to your door, is running a special promotion featuring Brütal Legend! Quite a few members of the MASSIVE CHALICE team put in a lot of years on that fine heavy metal video game, so if you still haven’t played it this is a great way to check it out at https://theindiebox.com/brutal/! ! Back This! Human Resources Our friends at Uber Entertainment in Seattle launched a Kickstarter a little while ago for their new apocalyptic RTS Human Resources! As a huge fan of Command & Conquer I’m incredibly stoked that they’re using the Planetary Annihilation engine to make an RTS with a bunch of crazy units where tiny people are the resources. You should really check out this “Cthulhu vs. Skynet” inspired strategy game from a bunch of super talented industry vets! ! I mean, did you see the part where the giant monster picks up the building and smashes it into the robot’s dumb face??? ! Thanks so much for backing and see you Tuesday! - Anthony
  9. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! Premium Backer Beta Coming Your Way Tuesday! The beta release of any game is a big deal and ours is just a few days away! This Tuesday, October 21st our $50+ backers will be receiving Steam keys for the MASSIVE CHALICE Premium Backer Beta! This will be the first time that you, the people that supported us from the very beginning, will be playing MASSIVE CHALICE from the comfort of your own gaming rig! ! Receiving Your Steam Key On Tuesday you will receive an email from our friends at Humble Bundle with a link to your personal Humble Bundle page. You’ll be able to get your Steam key there as well as future digital backer rewards as they become available. Oh and if Tuesday comes and goes with no sign of your email and you’re positive that you backed at the $50 tier or higher (Slacker Backers included!) then make sure to contact Humble support here: https://support.humblebundle.com Report Bugs and Provide Feedback! This is a true beta build and there are a lot of bugs and imbalanced things running around in there! We’d love to have your help destroying these bugs and tuning the balance of the game. The MASSIVE CHALICE Steam Community page and forums won’t be live during this beta period. This is a secret time just for you guys. ! We’ll be collecting bugs exclusively through the MASSIVE CHALICE forums here (massivechalice.com/forums). If you don’t have an account on our forums then please head over and set one up! It only takes a minute. Once logged into the forums you’ll have a chance to talk about the game with other MASSIVE CHALICE backers, report bugs, and interact with the team directly. We’re really looking forward to your help in making MASSIVE CHALICE a better game for everyone! ! Teamstream #28 Tuesday! Come join us at 4PM Pacific (23:00 UTC) Tuesday, October 21st at http://twitch.tv/doublefine! We’ll be celebrating with all you guys by livestreaming the Premium Backer Beta! We can’t wait to show you the state of the game but we really want to hear about YOUR playthroughs! Oh and speaking of your playthroughs... Streaming Policy A lot of people have been asking us if they’ll be able to stream the game. ABSOLUTELY! One of the best things about developing MASSIVE CHALICE has been sharing the development of the game with you guys on Twitch. We want that to continue! So please stream away and share some of your favorite moments with the community! Extra Life One special way to share MASSIVE CHALICE is through Extra Life (http://www.extra-life.org/). If you haven’t heard about Extra Life it’s an amazing charity drive that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Tons of gamers and organizations are going to be streaming games for 24 hours next weekend on Saturday October 25th! You can join in by streaming and raising money or just by donating to any number of people that are running a stream. Please head over and sign up (https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=register.start&eventID=520) and stream some MASSIVE CHALICE to help out! ! State of the Game The beta is just about ready to get in your guys’ hands! The team has been firing on all cylinders and we’re super stoked to get your feedback! Here’s just a quick reminder that the MASSIVE CHALICE FORUMS are going to be the primary method of collecting feedback about the game, so head on over to create an account if you don’t already have one. Caberjack Armor Upgrades! We have linear upgrades for each class’s human armor that are available as you progress through the game. Geoff’s been creating full new suits of armor for each class. The Caberjack was first on the list. Here’s a preview of what the armor upgrades look like in-game! ! VO hookups! I spent last week hooking up a ton of VO! The entire game makes a lot more sense when the Chalice is explaining things to you. The samples that we shared last time were a bit more flavorful, so here’s one that’s really mechanical and helpful. This scene plays out the first time you spot one of the vicious Wrinklers! ! http://massivechalice.com/assets/downloads/update53/WrinklerIntro.wav Age Buffs Early on in the project we decided that we’d cut a hero’s life into 3 distinct chunks: Young, Prime, and Old. We’ve had various bonuses and penalties for the 3 phases implemented for a long time but we just realized that we do a pretty poor job of conveying it to players! Chad took it upon himself to convert these under-the-hood bonuses into explicit buffs that get added to a hero’s character sheet. Here’s a small chart of what the bonuses/penalties are for age! These are still being tweaked, but we wanted them to be as dramatic as possible so that you really feel it when one of your heroes crosses a threshold to the next phase of their life! One of the benefits of breaking out primary stats for each class is that we can mess with how effective each class is at each phase of life. It made a lot of logical sense to us that Young heroes would have high Dexterity, Prime heroes would have high Strength, and Old heroes would have high Intelligence. Giving the 3 core stats different curves like this make the game a lot more interesting! Drunkenness Chad is really going the extra mile and implementing some crazy traits! My favorite one by far is called “Reveler.” Heroes that are really into imbibing are marked with this Personality, and it has various effects when you launch into a tactical battle. If you choose to deploy a Reveler into a tactical battle they’ll start the fight with one of the following buffs: • “Hangover” - reduces movement Speed, HP, and Evasion. • “On the wagon” - increases Resistance. • “Drunk” - reduces Dexterity, Intelligence, and Sight, but actually increasing Strength! Caberjacks don’t mind hitting the sauce. ! Chad also put in some crazy pathfinding for these intoxicated heroes as they do their best to defend the Nation while tipsy! ! Region Destruction FX Panya’s been jamming FX into the game at an alarming rate! One of the coolest effects that he’s done is for REGION COLLAPSING! If one of your regions receives its third corruption strike you’ll be treated to a super sad, gassy destruction of 10% of the Nation! Backer Beta Final Punchlist Brad played the game for about 8 hours last Saturday and made a huge list of tasks. We prioritized them and have been chewing through them all week long! It looks like we’re going to get to most of the high pri items before we ship the PREMIUM BACKER BETA out on the 21st! !
  10. Thanks, Vanilla Starbucks! We’re no longer taking upgrades to the $50 tier. We want to honor the people that backed the project at this tier or above and make good on our promise. The PREMIUM BACKER BETA is exclusively for those people! We’ll get the game to you guys as soon as we can, and it will be in a more polished state! Soon my friends... sooooooon... *cough* *hack* *wheeze* the voice of Yogurt from Spaceballs> Thanks for supporting us, guys! All the positivity is great too!
  11. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! A lot of you have been asking when you’re going to be able to play the final version of MASSIVE CHALICE now that September has come and gone. It’s going to take some more time to get you the highest quality game possible, but it’s already in a fun, playable state! We want to get it in your hands as soon as we can! If you backed at the $50 tier (or higher!) to get in on MASSIVE CHALICE early, you’ll get access to the PC version of the game via Steam on Tuesday, October 21st! We’re referring to this build as the PREMIUM BACKER BETA! We’re looking forward to gathering a ton of feedback from you. We'll set up a bug thread here on the forums when we send out codes! We’re super excited to see what you guys think of the game! ! Thanks! Anthony
  12. I KNOW! When we were reviewing voices and got the first batch in I was like... "Kain? KAIN!!? YEAH!" I love that series so much. I think he sounds a little less eeeeeeeeeveeeeeill in our recordings than he did as Kain. That's a good thing I think! Haha! Stoked to show you guys more tomorrow! -Anthony
  13. State of the Game (Continued...) Mission Rewards Dan has been hard at work on a new Mission Reward system. This system is intended to make your mission selection decision that much harder! Here’s our current chart of mission rewards: Hilarious Bugs Every once in a while you get a bug that you just have to document. This one baffled us for a moment. Loading the Alpine_01 level causes all 5 members of your party, one at a time, to die for absolutely no reason. We ferreted out the problem and it’s already fixed, but here it is for your enjoyment! ! Play This! Crypt of the Necrodancer What happens when you take a beat-matching rhythm game and fuse it with a roguelike dungeon crawler? I DON’T KNOW BUT I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT. Crypt of the Necrodancer is an amazing mashup of these two ideas and the execution is pitch-perfect. On top of all of that the amazing Danny Baranowsky did the music and it’s ridiculously good! ! Necrodancer is in Early Access right now. It’s seriously amazing and the fine folks of Brace Yourself Games are doing a great job of adding new content to the game! http://necrodancer.com/ Thanks so much for supporting MASSIVE CHALICE and see you Friday! - Anthony Vaughn, Producer, Massive Chalice
  14. Hey MASSIVE CHALICE backers! Teamstream #27 This Friday! Come join us at 4PM Pacific (23:00 UTC) THIS FRIDAY, October 3rd at http://twitch.tv/doublefine! We’ll be showing off some new art, taking a look at a sweet spreadsheet involving the corruption of the strategy layer, and playing the latest build to show off all of the progress we’ve been making! ! 2 Player Productions: Behind the Scenes Filming Now! Greetings Backers! This is Paul from 2 Player Productions and i'm here to answer some of the questions you may have about the forthcoming MASSIVE CHALICE video series. The Double Fine Adventure documentary has its own feel and it didn't make sense for us to produce a documentary about this game in a similar style right alongside it. We always wanted to take a different approach with the Behind the Scenes of MASSIVE CHALICE. Much of the day to day development of the game has been covered by the Teamstreams, and our most frequent piece of feedback from the DFA series was that people wanted to dive deeper into the gritty details of game development. What we decided to pursue was a series that would tentatively be titled "MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE" with a focus on drilling down deeper on each member of the team and what it meant to work in their particular profession. Combining some biographical elements of the "Sidequest" series we produced for the Double Fine Adventure with a stripped down, brass tacks approach to technique and presentation, our goal is to give an idea of how to become a working professional in the games industry and what to expect when you get there. The series is currently set at 9 episodes focused on the following disciplines: Episode 1: Project Lead - Brad Muir Episode 2: Producer - Anthony Vaughn Episode 3: Game Design - John Bernhelm, Phillip Chung Episode 4: Art - Mark Hamer, Derek Brand Episode 5: Programming - Chad Dawson, Dan McGarry Episode 6: Modeling and Animation - Geoff Soulis, David Gardner Episode 7: Tech Art - David Farrell, Panya Inversin, Matt Enright Episode 8: Audio - Brian Min, Brian Correia Episode 9: Testing - DF Internal QA Team Episodes are structured by leading in with some biographical information and career path, a practical demonstration of skills in regards to MASSIVE CHALICE, and some general advice and best habits for seeking a position in the industry. After a few false starts, we decided it would be best to begin production later in the timeline of development so most questions would be answered and adequate demonstrations of the professions could be given. We're currently more than half way through principal filming and aim to have the full series ready to launch alongside the finished game. Currently each episode is running quite long, and although we won't know final times until the series is completed it is looking to be substantial. Hopefully you'll find the series to be informative while painting a clear picture of MASSIVE CHALICE's development and the people behind making the game a reality. State of the Game We’re hitting our stride! Everyone on the team is cranking full force and the game is really coming together. It’s really getting into the state where a human can play the game and have fun for an extended period of time. ! This is one of the most exciting times to be developing a game. We’re really looking forward to getting it into the hands of our $50+ backers for some feedback really soon! Effects with Panya! Panya is one of our VFX wizards at Double Fine. He just rolled onto our project after wrapping up his work on Costume Quest 2. We’ve got a huge list of VFX that he’s starting to crush through. The amount of polish that this adds to the game is ridiculous! First on the list was the water FX for the Chalice. I made this super quick gif to illustrate it. Check it out! There are a ton of other FX that have gone in the game over the last week and there’s a lot more to come! Check out this awesome gif of a Lapse getting destroyed! Sagewrights! The Sagewright is just about complete! Geoff banged out the models super quickly and transferred the animations from the Alchemist onto their rigs. With a few tweaks and quick model of their hammer they were set for implementation! Chad took it from there and hooked up all of their assets. The Sagewrights are technically implemented as a separate character class so we already had a lot of the hooks in place. Geoff also modeled a sweet set for the Sagewright’s Guild. It’s super cool to see your Sagewrights at podiums getting their research on! ! Chad hooked up the Sagewrights so that they can be actual combatants on the tactical battlefield. This is a rare case for when your Sagewright’s Guild gets attacked. Similar to a Keep battle you’ll be able to send a 5 hero squad in to try to protect your Sagewrights. They’ll only have a weak melee attack to defend themselves with so it should make for a pretty exciting mission. Random Events! The twins have been jamming on Random Events and we’ve got a bunch of them in the game now! I’m super excited with how these are shaping up! We want to save the majority of the events and their outcomes as a surprise for when you guys get to play the game so I won’t go into details here. You’ll just have to trust me that there are some super weird and surprising outcomes! These are totally going to monkey wrench all of your amazing plans in your battle against the Cadence! >! Random Event UI! We want to make some upgrades to the Random Event UI so that you can get some additional information on the heroes that are involved in the Random Event. We also want to upgrade the Outcome dialog from a simple OK dialog box into a full UI that gives you a little more information. Here’s our more advanced design for the UI! Voice Actors! Earlier this month we casted our voice actors and recorded our script! Double Fine has worked with Khris Brown of KBA Voice for years and years and she is THE BEST. For the role of the Male Chalice we decided to go with Simon Templeman. Here’s his imdb page! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0854742/ Simon is an accomplished actor and does a ton of voice work. I almost immediately recognized his voice from The Legacy of Kain series where he voices none other than Kain himself! Simon brings some serious gravitas to the Chalice and we’re happy to have him! Anna Graves is the voice of the Female Chalice! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0336247/ Anna works in video games a lot. She was the voice of the female Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, did a ton of work in Clone Wars TV series, and even did a voice for a female soldier in the new XCOM. So like, you know that we picked the right actor. ! Both of our voice actors did an outstanding job in the studio. Click here for a sample scene between the two of them discussing BABIES! ! We’ll play a couple more samples on the Teamstream!
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