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  1. I was running out of time so basically just went with my mock up from a few weeks ago. Someone had to use the "salmon"
  2. @DF Anthony I was thinking of using some Austin Powers puns as the battle cry, but they were just too long.
  3. Just a quick mock up of my possible sigil. House Cephei
  4. As a backer of Massive Chalice, the next kickstarter I am most excited about is: The Mandate The Mandate Kickstarter As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you. Explore a world of culture, with 1500 years of lore, ruled by the Tsars. Survive a world of pirates, mercenaries & faction forces with their own agendas. Make enemies, or appease more powerful factions. The world reacts to your choices, and you must live with the consequences. Utilize the human chain of command to manage your crew. All hailing from various colony ships, tasked by you to fill their stations. Watch them grow, learn, and experience… watch them tire, break down, and die. Ships in The Mandate are the crew’s home. Blast through shields and bulkheads to knock out the various sub-systems, ejecting the crew into space – all in real time. Board the enemy, or defend against boarding! Fight from space as your friends put boots on the ground, or team-up and storm the enemy ship with RTS mechanics. Scavenge derelict wrecks and salvage what you can to survive. Expand your home base to rearm, upgrade and design new ships. Grow from a single frigate to a powerful battle squadron.
  5. A few little comments after watching the team stream and reading this thread. I really like the idea of combining the arbalist and falconer concepts. Falconry at is its heart is a form of small game hunting. It fits very well in the theme of the arbalist as described in the team stream. Instead of making the falcon the core attack of a "falconer" class, it could be used to take away fog of war (as described in the team stream), distract the target/do a minor damage attack to set him up for a more powerful shot from the cross bow, or even flush an enemy from cover. I think they would really work well as one role. If you are interested in getting a sniper rifle kind of look to a crossbow check out target crossbows like the ones at http://www.winzeler.ch/ These have the bow mid way down an elongated stock. This allows for a lighter draw pull, but long stock, putting a lot of distance between the front and rear sight, greatly improving accuracy. They look kind of interesting vs a standard cross bow just made larger. Perhaps this could be a different version that trades damage capacity for accuracy. With the fisherman/harpoonist described by others above, why not make him the "pull" to the caberjack's "push" repositioning attack. This makes the caberjack a great tank by being able to move the demons away from the more vulnerable classes, while allowing the harpoonist the ability to pull enemies in to closer potential damage from the other members of the party. Splitting the push and pull in to two different classes makes an interesting separation of roles. My 2 drachmas.
  6. Have you guys thought much about using hexes or squares for the grid on which the tactical game is fought? As a long time table top and turn based strategy games I would like to put in a plug for a hex based grid. On a hex map you end up with a much more equidistant to each side is far more constant than what you get on the corners and sides of a square based map. It always feels much more natural during game play and allows the player to estimate ranges far easier than a square map. For more details check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hex_map. Thoughts?
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