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  1. *single manly tear* It so beautiful.... Thanks Tim and everyone at Double Fine!
  2. 15 minutes left of work, one hour till my train home. Time to sit in the pub and press refresh over and over on my gmail app. The steam issue thing is weird, I wasn't upset when i needed it to play the counter strike 1.6 beta LIKE A HUNDRED YEARS AGO!
  3. i agree with Oanst. Should this beta soon woo thread be more about what we're all looking forward to most in Broken Age Act I ? For me I think its just getting to play a fresh point and click again, last one I played was Gemini Rue a good serious game. I think I'm ready for that famous Tim S. funny thinker genre now. ps. It's like a living Bagel painting o/ W.
  4. @Maxwood @herberck I'm also a slacker backer, I've been under the impression that slacker-backers are the same as the low tier kickstarter backers. We should still get beta I think. In California its only 6am so don't expect the game to go live at least until the Double Fine office is open at the earliest. Hope this answers your questions. W.
  5. I can no longer watch from the shadows as I have been for the last year, I MUST REJOICE! It's so close, I'm ready to be a child again. Playing Sam and Max on my phone this lunch, to get back into the point and click mind set (use max on everything!) It's been a pleasure watching this unfold, W.
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