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  1. Wayne Bloodline Founding Heros: Thomas and Martha Wayne Keep Name: Wayne Manor Motto: "I am the night!" OR Man Bloodline Founding Heros: Rock and Roll Keep Name: Dr. Light's Lab Motto: "I'll keep on fighting for peace for both humans and robots!" Squirrelson Blood Line Founding Heros: Cheeky and Squeaky Keep Name: Over the Hedge Motto: ---
  2. [del]Disregard this, it double posted by mistake.[/del]
  3. What classes and random events do you have in mind?
  4. Well if you're doing all of that you can't leave out these guys: Eddie Murphy's laugh Danny DeVito Chris Tucker Patrick Stewart Patrick Star Sean Connery And of course Morgan Freeman
  5. My mod would add a one time special random event. It'd pretty much be, mankind mistakenly opens a gate to The BrĂ¼tal Land while trying to research on the portals the demon's use to get to and from *Earth. Eddie Riggs will exit the portal and join that Keep. *Whatever planet they're on More just for the laughs really.
  6. Hey guys, I'm kindasortabutnotreally active again. I'm really inconsistent at this place... Anyway, as I'm sure you all know Team Stream 11 was streamed earlier on Friday this weekend, and the topic of modding was brought up again. On Friday we learned that a lot of the game is being done in Lua, so if they ever did feel that modding was a doable thing for Massive Chalice one way of going about it might just be giving the community the Lua that they're working with. That got me thinking, what kinda mods would I make if they ever do become a thing? So I thought I might as well ask the rest of the forums too. Pretending that all of us are artistically and code-savvily blessed enough to make mods, what would you do? Add more character classes? Extra demon types? Would you make a total overhaul and make the game an open-world third-person action-adventure? More weapons/abilities/armors n' stuff? Graphics overhaul? Reggae polka soundtrack? A mod that gives everyone beards? I don't know, go crazy. If you could put anything what would you add? In before Bard Class
  7. My computer broke I have to use my phone now... I haven't been able to get online for a while
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