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  1. One thing I'm finding really frustrating with this game is the vast gap between normally fertile and Bountiful couples. Empirical rates noted over 3 successful campaigns and a few failures In my subjective experience, if I marry a pair of 15-20 year olds together and one is Bountiful, I can expect 5-8 babies before they get too old and die. If both have Bountiful I can expect something like 8-15 babies! On the other hand, if I marry a pair of normally horny 15-20 year olds together, I can expect 0-5 babies before they die of old age. I'll probably get some children out them, but sometimes the results suggest they aren't even trying or are secretly Infertile. I have seen Brad comment that the chance of being Infertile is going to be tweaked down considerably and they will add a low fertility trait (name not yet decided!) as the opposite of Bountiful. Those are good things in and of themselves, but I believe the game needs some tweaking of the normal and bountiful fertility rates as well. What you need to Keep your kingdom running From what I understand, most players aim for 4-6 Keeps as a stable number of Keeps. There are 1-3 Sagewrights and 1-3 Crucibles on top of that. Lets go with a fairly middling set of buildings (and even leave one out) and assume 5 Keeps, 2 Sagewrights and 2 Crucibles. Just to populate those you need 5 Regents, 5 Partners, 6 Sagewrights and 2 Standards. On top of that you'll need 5 Heros to take into battle at any given time. That's 23 Heros per generation. Each Keep will need to produce 4-5 babies per generation minimum to sustain those numbers. It is more like 5-6 babies if you expect to absorb some losses in battle or you actually want to have some choice in who you use (rather than just who goes where). When you are trying to grow your kingdom, you'll need even higher fertility rates or you'll have to rely on the Recruit Hero research item to get enough heros to fill your buildings. Suggested Fertility Rates Normal Fertility rates should be brought up so as to allow normally fertile partners to reliably (90% of the time) produce in the range of 4-8 children over a full lifetime. The Bountiful bonus can probably be decreased to the level where a single bountiful parent increases that to 5-10 and a pair increases it to 6-12. Call that +25% fertility bonus per Bountiful parent. Low fertility parents would have a similar negative penalty, giving about 3-6 children for one low fertility parent and 2-4 children for two low fertility parents. That's around a -25% fertility penalty per low fertility parent. Impacts on Play Style * With low fertility rates it will be impossible to maintain your population of heros, much less grow them, without liberal use of Recruit Hero and/or Adoption. * With normal fertility rates, you can probably maintain a stable population with normal fertility rates, but you will need to get Heros as battle rewards or through the Recruit Hero research item to populate new buildings. * With Bountiful rates, you'll be able to grow your population without Recruit Hero, but you might still need it to help you get better traits and personalities into your bloodlines. In most games, you'll probably have a mix of all three rates, so it should even out, but families with low fertility bred in will be much smaller than those with high fertility. With the current building costs, it looks like you'll want to use Recruit Heros a few times per campaign just to get new blood for later Keeps. All your original Heros will be well into old age (or dead from Heart Disease) by the time the fourth Keep is ready, even if you just build Keep after Keep. In the current patch, it will take 36 years to build up to 4 Keeps and longer if you want to build anything else. An additional issue is that you must marry your regents young or you'll miss out on their best fertile years and fail to maintain/grow your population. This is fine if you have 2 Keeps for one house and can stagger the deaths a bit. It's terrible if you have one House per Keep, because Regents typically live into their 60s. This leaves you with 30+ children who are past their best breeding age. When this happens, you need Bountiful regents and partners again just to keep up.
  2. I'm not sure that's right. If I want to have extra range and accuracy I have to miss out on the extra item. I usually had Steady Hander along with Wunderpants (most fights have Lapses or Wrinklers in them). Now I have to choose between losing out on Wunderpants protection or losing out on the accuracy needed to hit a long range throw. Unless you chug on Age'n'Rage Draughts regularly, you are going to miss range 9 throws a lot, which is just silly. I'm assuming they didn't change the range penalties for Alchemists. Need to play more to find out.
  3. Wow. That sounds like some great changes. The only thing I'm really concerned about is the severity of the change to the Global Building Bonus that can turn up in a region. It sounds like it may underperform now compared to the impact a lot of the other regional bonuses give. We shall see! Time to get started on a new playthrough Edit: Typo or bug on the change to the base cost of building a Keep. In game it shows up as 7 years for the first Keep, which is different from the 8 years written in these notes.
  4. If the advisors are getting to you, consider going into options and turning their voices off and subtitles off. The building bonus works. It applies to all the buildings built after you have built on that region. I can only assume you were expecting to get the bonus on the building you built in the region. Spongestone and Boneshell Armor are risky items. You are hoping that you get hit multiple times and that you get all your health back from the first hit when you go and smack something else. But the Spongestone only heals back 1/4 of the damage you do. So it is very easy to take more damage than you can heal. Alternatively, if you research Refined Armor for your Caberjacks, all physical hits (everything but Lapses and Cradles) do 5 less damage. So you can virtually ignore all the melee types while you kill the Lapses and Cradles first. The Archers double attack is meant to hit twice before the Bulwark can armor up. You get the same effect with knocking them into a wall before they have armor (damage from hit, then damage from hitting wall before the armor goes up). The recruit heros options is severely underwhelming at the moment. Of course the level of the recruited heros will be slightly below the level you are expected to have at that point in the game. But it's only above level 2 if you spend many years researching the nation bonus for recruited heros. It is way to expensive to get early and kind of useless late. They need to make it easier to get early on. I suspect what happened with you is you fell behind the levelling curve. Sometimes it happens because the random number gods hate you and the strategy layer destroys your campaign in the first 50 years. Sometimes that happens because you did something wrong, but it can be hard to tell compared to the impact of the sheer randomness.
  5. The squares with the movement edge going through them are always the worse option. Either all your movement or outside your movement range.
  6. There are three things that can reduce a Heros sight range. * First is the Nearsighted Trait, which you say the characters don't have. * Second is Old Age, which reduces your sight range by 2. * Third is the Drunk status which a Reveler can have (or someone who has been hit with an Age'N'Rage Draught), which reduces your sight range by 5. Only the character in the second screenshot looks like she might have been old enough to get an Old Age effect and even then probably not. Most of your characters are low level, suggesting you may still have many characters that could have Reveler or Impressionable (which can borrow Reveler) and thus become Drunk. If so, their Sight Range could be reduced to 6 and cause the severely reduced sight range you saw in the third screenshot. I will say that the second image looks pretty suspicious with the two squares sticking out that are covered by fog of war. I really can't see how they could be covered by Fog of War with the squares on the other side from your character being revealed as well. There is nobody in the right position to see those tiles without also revealing the suspicious tiles as well.
  7. You are pretty well right about the location of the subtitles. It feels like they could be put out of the way better.
  8. MrMooEar has said some interesting things about the reasoning behind some decisions and also some things that may be coming that haven't been said here or in the TeamStreams. In light of that, I thought I'd give a quick review of the most interesting comments he has made so far. Some of them are in regards to features that we've been clammoring for and haven't really heard a response for here.
  9. It's really hard to give a perfect solution for the first 50-100 years right now. The main reason is the Regional Bonuses you get on the outside five regions. I've always gotten Global Caberjack Strength Bonus, Global Alchemist Intelligence Bonus and Global Hunter Dexterity Bonus for the first three, but the last 2 are definitely randomly selected from a list. The list of random regional bonuses includes, but may not be limited to: * Global Building Bonus. All buildings go up twice as fast. A form of research bonus. * Local Sagewright Research Bonus. All Sagewrights in a Sagewright guild built in that region count for twice the Intuition. * Local Keep Fertility Bonus. If a Keep is built here, your regents are more fertile than normal. Maybe 20% more, don't know exact number. * Local Crucible XP Bonus. If a Crucible is built here, your Standard provides 50% more XP per day than normal. * Global Cadence Kill XP Bonus. Increases XP returns for killing Cadence by about 10% or so (not sure). A game where you get both XP bonuses is very different from a game where you get both Research bonuses. You have to adapt your expectations to what bonuses you have. Another big reason why you might get slammed is pure randomness. Getting the beach map with half a dozen each of Lapses and Bulwarks at year 30 is BRUTAL if your guys are underlevelled or they are all nearsighted so they don't even see the baddies before they get shot. But then you might get Seeds and Ruptures that time instead and laugh your way through. You might have your super bountiful regent and partner have no children for 10-15 years or they could have 8 children in the same amount of time. Your starting 15 heros could be half infertile and half with heart disease, making it damn hard to have a second generation. You could just have randomly terrible heros with no redeeming features. I'm on my third run-through (this time Alchemists all the way!) and I still have trouble getting through the first 50 years without a lot of reloading to get some different random results. My first playthrough I never reloaded and still did great (only 4 battle deaths in 300 years), but I'm convinced that was pure luck! Having said that, it works well to build your second Keep and then go straight after the first Sagewright Guild and Crucible. It's really important to try and use the regional bonuses as much as possible. If the Building Bonus is up, grab that ASAP. It will save you like 50 years worth of research time on your buildings. If there is a Keep Fertility Bonus, then your second keep should go there. Crucible on crucible bonus and sagewright guild on research bonus if they are available is also a no-brainer. My usual plan is 5 Keeps, 2 Sagewrights and 3 Crucibles, but you can't get to it the same way every time. Don't feel like you have to get all the buildings filled straight away. If you are running low on heros, slow down a bit. If you have Caberjacks you want to fight with, building armor for them is great. For Alchemists, first priority is Steady Hander so your flasks are more accurate, but Armor is a close second. For Hunters it can wait a little longer until you can make Veil Armor because their stealth keeps them safe most of the time. Some people will tell you to research the health items, but healing 10 health isn't that good compared to taking 5 less damage every round (which is how good Caberjack armor is!) or killing them before they can fight back. Researching armor is expensive though, so you might not have the time depending on your bonuses. I won't say it's the best option every time. Caberjacks and Alchemists with Refined Armor can reduce Seed and Bulwark damage to about 2 damage a shot maximum. So as long as one of those classes has their armor by year 30 or so, you can survive Bulwarks no problem (just bring more of that class along when you see you are fighting them). If you can manage it, try to keep one or two of the higher level heros from the first or second battle in action until Bulwarks come. Their extra health and damage due to levelling will help you blow through them. Failing that, getting a strong Standard in a Crucible ASAP will help you have some higher level heros in your second generation (especially with the Crucible bonus!). After that, it's all about using your characters abilities well. Careful Hunter stealth movement to spot the enemy and then snipe them at max range. Caberjacks and Alchemists use cover to get in close. Caberjacks use their Knockback Stuns on anything that can't be killed in one round (first time you run into Bulwarks and Cradles usually). Alchemists can throw their flasks over cover to attack stuff they can't even see yet. A common mistake I see with Alchemists is the idea that Eagle Eye is not worth taking over the Acid Solution at level 4. Until you have about 130-140% accuracy, all the accuracy you can get on an Alchemist is golden. It's the difference between your flasks being wasted or nailing 2 or 3 baddies from 7 squares away. In later generations you can switch to Acid Solution, but in early years it can be a deadly mistake. The most important Traits to breed for are the damage boosts (Bear Strength for Caberjack, Brainy for Alchemist, Nimble for Hunter), followed by Quick (+1 movement range) and Hearty (+4hp). Bountiful is helpful in that it gives you lots of rolls of the dice, so you should take advantage early on and eventually breed it out. Avoid Traits like Strong Willed, Slow and Asthmatic like the plagues they are. The most important natural personality is Tranquil. It makes you far more accurate and saves you from costly misses. After that, there are some awesome traits you can get as special event rewards like Family Ties, Patriotic, Insightful, Bookworm and Might of the Walrus. Another useful natural Personalities are Young at Heart (for Hunters because it keeps your Dexterity high their whole lives). Avoid Personalities like Rebel and Reveler like the plagues they are.
  10. Just responding to the quoted items. * You never have to rechoose the skill points of your units. You do have to respend the skill points for each new hero as you may want to do it differently this time. There is a bug in the screen for passing down relics where you can select skills and gear for a character and it won't update in that screen, but you have really done those things. That's the only bug I'm aware of with that. * You can just turn the Voice setting in Options to zero for the main portion of the game if the commentary from the Chalice gets to be too annoying. The only time they matter is during their introduction speeches (up until they give you control of your heros) and during the cutscenes bookending the final battle. * Bulwarks armor up the first time in a round they take damage. Even one point is enough to trigger it. They drop that armor at the end of the current round though. Your round and their round are separate too, so stuff like the Acid Solution and Bottle of Bees that hurts them in their round does full damage before their shield goes up again. Their armor is designed to make it hard to cut through in one round. I've heard about a bug involving their "armoring up" animation happening more often than once your round if you attack them with potions, but I've never seen it myself. Is that what you mean? * The random event system is very random. Most responses have at least 2 different outcomes. Sometimes you have to wait for the result and the outcome is fixed from the moment you choose. Sometimes you have to wait and the result is different each time you reload in between. Some results are really good. Some results are really bad. Some results have no discernable effect and 20 years later something happens. It's all designed for "Ironman mode" play where you roll with the punches until you get an idea of what can happen over many playthroughs. Personally, I find it kind of annoying myself, so sometimes I cheat by saving regularly and then reloading just before a random event until I get a result I like. Shameful right? I'm not sure if they happen at the same time in every playthrough, but they do happen on the same year/day every time if you reload from a save in the same campaign.
  11. I said yes, even though a solid plan should mean you'll never have to. If the cost of placing a new building is the next step of all buildings you've ever built of that type, the cost get high quite quickly anyway. Demolishing a building should make you lose all Trainees or Sagewrights in the building. Any Hero that could be part of your Retinue should be returned. So far, I've always built 2 Sagewrights, 2 Crucibles and 1 Keep on the outer rim and 4 Keeps and 1 Crucible in the Inner Circle. The only reason I even put a Keep on the outer circle is to grab the Local Fertility Bonus if it pops up. By the time you can be forced to lose a region, I usually have all my important research done and have lots of level 10s to use as Regents anyway, so I can afford to lose Sagewrights and Crucibles. And 5 Keeps is usually enough to keep everything populated and build good genetics.
  12. For the Caberjack/Alchemist, how about Ramjack? A caber is basically a one-man ram right?
  13. The reason why you are missing is because your Accuracy is opposed by the Cadences evasion. The basic Cadence have next to no Evasion. But when you come across the second wave, there are some with quite high evasion. Advanced Lapses have 45% evasion, Advanced Wrinklers have 40% evasion and Advanced Seeds have 30% evasion. With your 105% Accuracy, you will have only 60% chance to hit an Advanced Lapse. To fix it so you never miss against anything, your Caberjacks need to get some stuff that increases their Accuracy up to 145%. Steady Hander helps, but then you risk losing experience when hit by a Lapse. The ideal solution is to spread the Tranquil personality through your forces. It will give you an increase of 20% of base Accuracy. At level 10 your base accuracy (on a Caberjack) is 125%, so Tranquil will give +24% giving you a total of 149%. There are a couple other Personality traits you can gain from events that help Accuracy a lot. Family Ties adds a similar amount to Tranquil if you have someone from the Family your character is tied to in the active party. Patriotic adds 10% of base accuracy, but only +1 speed and at least 10% evasion! If you are really desperate to kill things with no questions asked, the Age'n'Rage Draught will triple your damage and add something like +50 accuracy for a few rounds. Each round will make your guy 3 years older though! Note: Hunters and Alchemists have 5% less base accuracy than Caberjacks, so they need even more boosting to hit all the time.
  14. Are we sure "Advanced" is the final name or is it just a placeholder that everyone has gotten used to? I think it would be great to see some more lore based names for the upgraded versions. For instance: Seed > Sprout Cradle > Overgrown Cradle Rupture > Vile Rupture Bulwark > Reinforced Bulwark Lapse > Major Lapse Twitch > Spasm Wrinkler > Furrower Making a change in the name of these things should be very easy. It should just a case of changing a few text strings.
  15. I've actually been trying it out a bit. It's not as easy as it sounds to get a decent start with only one class. You can't be sure you'll get enough of your preferred class in the initial setup. You can't be sure that enough of the right guys will be fertile (much less bountiful) to make growing your population possible at all. You can't be sure that the guys in your preferred class won't have all the wrong stats and be completely useless next to some absolutely brilliant guys in another class. You can't be sure that rolling extra random guys is going to be of any use at all. You can't be sure that your guys with the extra level or two will be the class you wanted. With hybrids coming, it'll be even harder to keep pure classes because your pool for valid regents and partners will be even smaller. What that means is a lot of effort on top of the normal effort of surviving the first 50 years just to get a viable start for something that can be easily added as an option.
  16. I've been thinking about this a little more. How about the ability to designate exactly what classes you have available in your campaign? For instance, you decide you want to play with nothing but Caberjacks. You select that and all things that generate Heros (starting 15, hero research, events, mission victory) will only generate Caberjacks. Also, region buffs that only apply to Alchemists and Hunters won't appear. Or maybe you decide you want to play with nothing but Caberjacks and Alchemists. So anything that could generate a Hunter no longer does and Hunter region buffs no longer appear. You could even make these a Hard Mode only feature or a New Game+ only feature so that only players that want/need more challenge will be getting them.
  17. I honestly think that Alchemists are very strong, but you have to take advantage of their strengths. The thing with Alchemists is they thrive on Accuracy and Positioning. Early on, Eagle Eye is amazing because it increases your 100% accuracy range by nearly 2 squares of range. Combine that with the Tranquil Personality and Steady Hander Item and you can start hitting things 6 squares away (with the furthest edge of your bomb blast) with 100% accuracy. You need about 135% accuracy total for that, which you can get close to at level 5 (90% accuracy) with Eagle Eye(20%) and a Steady Hander (+15%) for a total of 120% accuracy. If you have Tranquil or Patriotic then you'll be right on or over it. At maximum level, you can have 120% base accuracy with Tranquil for +24% (144% total) and that's pretty much enough to make you deadly accurate up to 7 squares away at 100% accuracy. If you have Patriotic for another 12% (156% total), then you are damn close to hitting things at your furthest range 100% of the time. You don't even have to see them to do it as long as you know where they are. Also, if you are only using Alchemists you should try to get your Refined Alchemist Armor by year 30 and your Advanced Alchemist Armor by year 100. The extra 4 armor points from the Refined Armor is huge in reducing damage from Seeds and Bulwarks. Thats 4 less damage (to a minimum of 1) from every hit. Because you are an Alchemist and your primary stat is Intelligence you'll have a reasonable amount of Resistance too. Which means Lapses and Cradles do less damage to you than anyone else if they get a chance to attack. It also means you can stand right on top of the corruption left by a dead Rupture and take no damage at all from Level 2 onward. Unstable Carapace Armor is best reserved for when you know you'll be fighting mostly Lapses and/or Cradles and you have your Wunderpants. You'll have so much resistance that they'll be hitting you for 1s if they manage to hit you at all. Against anyone else, the 0 armor value is a massive liability. Alchemists are amazing at positioning due to their Free Throw ability. If you have 5 alchemists to rotate through you can get 2-3 Free Throws every round. If the enemy are within 6 squares but won't die straight away you can use your Free Throw before moving and then use your full movement to run into cover. If they are within 10 or 11 squares (depending on your Alchemists Speed) you can move up, Free Throw and then retreat into nearby Full Cover to break their LOS and force them to chase after you. The ultimate Alchemist should have the Brainy, Hearty and Quick traits, plus the Tranquil, Bookworm (event) and Patriotic (event) Personalities. The regional Alchemist Intelligence Boost Status really helps too. If you are going full Alchemist it's pretty well a must. A maximum level Alchemist with a level 10 relic and the attributes I listed previously can one-shot entire groups of enemies with a single flask. The Anarchy Slinger is very nice, but at some point you need to level up those relics. They have 20-30 damage at max level instead of the 16-24 damage of the Anarchy Slinger and they can crit (for 50% more damage). Even your thrown flasks and bottles of bees can crit. Which means you can wipe out enemies in one shot that would take 2 with an Anarchy Slinger.
  18. Alchemist/Caberjack - Grenadier. Big beefy guys that charge into close combat while throwing bombs. Alchemist/Hunter - Philosopher. Because throwing a philosopher's stone at your head sounds like something an alchemist might do. Caberjack/Hunter - Skirmisher or Scout. Caberjack/Alchemist - Cannoneer, Saboteur. So jacked, they can hit you in the face with a cannon and then it shoots you too. Hunter/Alchemist - Trickshot. Because of all the tricky shots they can fire.... yeah. Hunter/Caberjack - Ambusher or Bushwacker.
  19. Not yet. Options are pretty well non-existent so far. I can only assume they will come closer to the full release. I think these options would be nice to have myself. I hate it when I get a kill and the guy levels up and then I have to go find that guy again to give him his new skill
  20. What's the list of things you can throw with Throw Item anyway? Health Potion, Ultralixirs, Age'n'Rage Draught, Haste Hooch and the Perilous Core? For me, the only one of those I'd be tempted to actually use with Throw Item is the Age'n'Rage Draught and only if I had a few severely underlevelled Heros in the fight or I wanted to see a max level Caberjack go on a 10 kill streak in the final battle. Otherwise I can easily get through any fight without using any of those items. It's usually better to kill another pawn than waste an action chugging a potion.
  21. I think the problem is not that Shoot n' Scoot is bad, but that Dead Eye is way too good with the current game mechanics. The main issue is that you can shoot at an enemy without anyone being in the AIs combat range at any point of the turn. This is because Dead Eye doesn't just increase the range of your shots, it also increases your sight range. You get a character who is a superior scout and a superior killer all in one. If Dead Eye lost the +3 sight range it would be less compelling. You'd then have to get the Hawk Eye trait on your Hunters to use Dead Eye at its full range or use other characters to roll back the fog of war with Flarrows or movement. And why go to all that trouble when you can just walk up, shoot and then walk back after?
  22. I believe so. When you have 6 different mods from a list of 30 or more, you already have about half a billion different combinations for each character. Then you spend the entirety of your campaign managing that complexity into something more or less optimal for each class and your playstyle. That's plenty of complexity imo!
  23. I'm not sure the nickname thing is entirely true. I was trying to "farm" some relics in the mid-game and stopped killing with one of my heros the moment she got her nickname. When she died, she didn't generate a relic. I hadn't even researched any Cadence weapons yet. It was pretty disappointing Of course, most heros that get a nickname while wielding their basic weapon do generate a relic, so I can only assume that the cutoffs for each are actually quite close.
  24. I think the Personality passed on through a Relic idea is pretty great too. There are some questions that beg answering about the concept though. Do you pass a random Personality from the originating Hero or only a good Personality? How about sometimes passing down a Trait instead? What do you do if the Personality/Trait being passed is the opposite of one the Hero using the Relic already has? What if the Relic is passed through several generations? Can it pick up an extra Personality/Trait at some point?
  25. All you'd have to do is flag the ability to only work if Cradles are in the mix for that mission or after a certain year. That certainly explains why the basic Seeds feel so non-threatening after the first couple missions though.
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