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  1. I was assuming that the Massive Chalice was fairly hard to destroy. Legendary artifacts usually are. And if they aren't, destroying them is even worse than leaving them whole. Imagine what a dick move it would be to break the chalice and unleash the full strength of its corruption on the land while the bloodlines are still weak? And with its immortal king dead or unable to handle it all on his own. The King needs to live on and fight on until the kingdom can survive without him. That's about as selfless as you can be.
  2. What if the Massive Chalice that keeps the Immortal King alive is the cause of the demons attacks? Perhaps it's corrupted or maybe it's simply a demonic artifact to begin with. The longer the King survives due to the power of the Chalice, the stronger the plague on the land. Given that, the IK would know that the only way to protect his people in the long run would be to build up the bloodlines to the point where they have the power to gather the materials and ritual tomes required to cleanse the Chalice. When the Chalice is cleansed/purified, the demons would lose the ability to enter the world (or cease to be created by the Chalice?) and the game is "won".
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