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  1. I'm not too into graphic novels or anything but this one looks pretty cool and they're sooo close to their goal. The art is pretty awesome and there's definitely some humor which sounds right up Double Fine supporters alleys. Who wouldn't love Vikings vs Aliens. Anyways check it out! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1854464912/the-spider-king-graphic-novel/posts/687161?ref=activity
  2. Have you guys seen Iron & Ale? A dwarven drinking game! looks pretty fun and the dwarven kiss is hilarious http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1941136212/iron-and-ale-0
  3. Eador Masters of the Broken World has a ton random events and they really add a lot to the game. Anything from trader or vagabonds coming through your province to your fisherman catching a mermaid!
  4. One of the biggest things that got me excited for MASSIVE CHALICE is the idea of weapons and armor as relics being passed down the generations, hearing that it won't be in there is very disappointing. I think if they could implement it through weapons getting experience like suggested would be great and I hope they reconsider. Even if its just one type of weapon per house that gains experience and might be a fun interesting design aspect for the backers that get their bloodlines in as well. Say house Muir is known for their great defense so they have a chestpiece relic that gain experience when a Muir wears it and house Battleaxe has a Battleaxe that gains experience, that doesn't seem like it should be too difficult and then maybe if someone dies while wielding it the weapon or armor could gain a little XP boost or the player could choose a special skill like fire def or fire attack with choices opening with how many enemy types got killed or hit the armor. That would be cool.
  5. I really like the idea of questing your heroes in between the tactical layers. It allows your young recruits to gain some experience so when you send them in they aren't just cannon fodder. In X-com:EU the rookies would have such a higher chance of dying for me because they didn't have any experience and would end up being used as sacrificial lambs on occasion because they were weaker and I didn't care about them. If our heroes come in with a few levels from questing I think you'd already be more attached to them. Also the extra story lines could add a lot of depth to the game
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