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  1. I do have a significant problem with accuracy, and with 100 to 105% accuracy base I shouldn't miss this many times. It must be bugged. Because otherwise I would have to fix every single heroes with the steady hander. It felt like a 9 miss out 10.
  2. I also would like to see a slight difference in looks when "advance". Although I know that resources are limited.
  3. My first playthrough on 0.84 I felt so empowerd. I had mainly alchemist, I hadn't had many losses in the battlefield, although sometime happened. I think my problem has been either the patch or..... relics. Relics are the way forward to improve Cadence decimation. However, I notice in my first playtrough none of my heroes had a relic made of cadence weapons. So what I did is (because I was focusing on Cabers this time) give everyone the ramcap caber and try to make a relic out of it. 200 years in and nothing. So, what's the deal with that? Heroes cannot have a cadence weapon relic? Has not working out at all. Non relic weapon don't deal enough damage to kill cadence quickly enough. Therefore I suffered a lot of death on the battlefield. Especially in the later years things are tough if you cant deal damage. Ramcap caber has a unique playstyle. Smash cadence into things, you "double" the damage they deal. However, if you glance you are done. What happend to me? Glance over glance.... how is it possible when you have heroes with 100% to 105% accuracy? Overall the game got really difficult but I cannot explain what changed from the first gameplay. All I feel is it taking me forever to kill the cadence, and my heroes cannot survive long enough to kill every cadence around.
  4. Alchemists were my main class in my first playtrough. I liked them and find them very useful. By the way, you can hit enemy you can hear or you can't see with Caberjacks too. I'm not sure that many people knows that. If you guess the position right in the shadows or you can hear where the cadence is, just click on it. The Caber will go there, and if there is a cadence it will hit it.
  5. I think the choices given in the skill tree should diversify the gameplay of a Hero. Alchemist Key aspects: Melee - Area of Effect - Flasks Eagle Eye or The Acid Solution I saw a lot of people choose Eagle Eye, but to me doesn't diversify the Alchemist play style, instead it feels like a fix, while Acid Solution which is always my pick, improve melee combat. Throw Items or Extra Item Slot I mostly go for Extra Item Slot, although I heard many would like to see it in conjunction with Throw Items. I only used Throw Items with the Perilous Core, but I haven't used many Potions in my gameplay because I had everyone jecked up with strong armours and have them wearing the Vitaliband I would like to see Throw Items moved down one tier, to replace Eagle Eye, so that can be used with Extra Item Slot and moreover diversify between a melee Alchemist or a throwing one. Bees in a Bottle or Fertilizer Flask Always picked Bees in a Bottle because it felt more useful, although is a messy one, but I think it miss something to make it worth the tier it stays in - perhaps reduce visibility, or movement?. I tried Fertilizer Flask, but not for me, I'm surprised that someone used it. Also Fertilizer Flask, doesn't feel belonging to its tier. Hunter Key aspects: Exploration - Damage Dealer Honed Hearing or Put It Down I think is a good combination between exploration and damage dealer choice. I usually go for Put It Down, but Honed Hearing is a good alternative. Flarrow or Hobbling Shot Always Flarrow for me. It's exploration + crowd controlling, while Hobbling Shot only can control one cadence. I rather deal damage instead of using Hobbling Shot, which is as useful as Prime Target in the early stages, but not as useful later as someone said(?). Dead Eye or Shoot ā€˜nā€™ Scoot It's Dead Eye for me. Although it feels like fixing the Hero like Eagle Eye does to the Alchemist, there is to say that improve exploration. I tried Shoot ā€˜nā€™ Scoot, didn't feel like I had to go anywhere after I shot, also I think I couldn't hide anymore. Caberjack Key aspect: Defence/Tanking - Offence - Crowd Control Rebound or Fury I like both, I mix between the two. Stun Slam or Charge Picked Stun Slam once. I think it has a 3x3 area of effect, I wish it would be displayed, and I wish it would be a 5x5. Always Charge for me, although I don't use it that often. Sometime I use it just to cover ground. Stand Ground or Fortify Stand Ground I feel is more useful, and I think Fortify as a 3x3 area of effect, and I wish it would be 5x5. Weapons TimeFist Also I wish that the TimeFist would be more Cadence looking, like the Ramcap Caber takes the appearance from the Ruptures, the TimeFist should be more like the Twitcher's Fist, and that fist is too round, I would like it more sharp and no spikes..... .....sorry BlunderBow I wish that Flarrow has no recoil. Pillar Pitcher Does anyone find the pillar useful? I wish the pillar was actually trapping the cadence. Anarchy Slinger Is a no brainer. I like it but it feels a linear upgrade (more area covered) than diversify the gameplay like other weapon do. It should have something more unique to it.
  6. I am very happy with this update. 0.83 was unplayable on my MacBook Air with HD3000 but now it plays well! Although there are major graphical bugs (ie: terrain and cadence appear like crystal, no texture, everything super reflective ), I am very happy how the beta works on my Mac. I'm 200 years in. I had a blast, and I was pleased with the alchemists. Even though I like the new music, the old one always gave me euphoria, I felt the rhythm. Now everything feels too mellow. I hope you keep the old tracks too. Thank you for making a beta for OS X!
  7. Not sure it has been pointed out but I think that Heroes that become Regent should not wear their armors. They are retired from fighting and should wear something more appropriate. This has been done to Sagewright and Standards, I wonder why that has not been applied to Regent too. Also sometime due to their pose and bulky armor they may look a bit weird.
  8. I hear people keep saying the Hunters are OP, but I think the problem is that 90% of Cadence is range and there is not enough melee distribution. Beside seeds which are the weakest Cadence the only other melee attacks are from Wrinklers. Caberjacks are that kind of class that should take some heat, tanking some reselient enemies. However, tanking Wrinklers are not a good strategy because they age you. Seeds don't deal too much damage so is not an issue. Bulwarks shell up so you need to deal a lot of damage(Hunters) or stun them(Cabers), but they are range units. Lapses, range units. Cradles, AoE damage/range. the Twitchers, which can swap places. ...and Ruptures, need to be taken down before they get to you, therefore you deal with range attack. Also the Cadence can cover a lot of ground.
  9. I remember there was a problem in the fist days in Massive Chalice, like that you had a whole kingdom with too many kids or too many old people and because there were periods where people were born or die in the same period. I wanted to suggest something not necessarily related to that, but some how help balancing that too. Non-royal characters. Either born out of wedlock or coming from non-regal blood. Example: the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones. Different age of character that cannot have children(but not necessarily infertile) or sit on the throne in a keep. They are extra forces that cannot generate relics or kid. They help but they will not have a lineage.
  10. I am aware that we are not co-designing but MC team are listening to our ideas what I was after is to write those ideas in a shared document or a wiki. The forum is an unorganised collection of ideas all I was promoting is a way to make it organised.
  11. I love the concept of the game and I have seen a lot of comparisons and inspirations from other videogames. I wanted to point out of a board game that was on kickstarter early this year: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poots/kingdom-death-monster Is an horror survival game. One interesting concept of it is that each survivor can have permanent injury like loosing an arm or even get to high level of insanity after surviving battles with monsters. Beside that these survivors can specialise in fighting particular types of monsters and became experts, however due to injuries and old age is the player choice to retire them or still make them fight. Have a look and let me know what do you think about it.
  12. Hi, I read few threads on the forum and like some ideas coming from the forum and how these sometimes help out the game design that Brad and the rest of the team will have to work around. Also I see that Brad really wants us to partecipate and cares of our ideas and concerns and he wants to expand this dialogue. However, I don't think forums are the best way for this type of sharing, so I want to ask: - do we have something like a google doc where all the ideas are listed that anyone can comment and tweak and where Brad could read at times and give feedback on it? - and if we don't shall we do one? I apologise if this has been already mention in the forum(btw, this is exactly what I meant by "is not the best way"), but also I have a problem with my broad band and at the moment I can only browse the forum with my phone, and I am not up to date with most topics.
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