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  1. I think it is a great idea. Release them for the world to see, I will always vote to get more information out there.
  2. Iron Mode

    I agree. I feel like we are being overly sensitive if we run scared every time the word man shows up. On the other hand, I always get the feeling from Brad on the streams that it is important to him that the game is gender neutral as much as possible and all inclusive, and I can respect that. With that in mind I think it would be better to not use the term Ironman or Ironperson. Trying to make such a well known term gender neutral seem a bit lame. Massive chalice should use its own unique term. Personally I vote for Massive Challenge. That's the best one I have read so far.
  3. Iron Mode

    How about MASSIVE-mode? :oD
  4. "Brad Muir and Double Fine Productions"

    I guess it's like a service to the customer as well as a promotion for the project lead. It is of course a Double Fine game, which signifies a certain standard and Tim Schafers stamp of approval. And since Brad is project lead it will be heavily affected by his approach to game design, which definetly means a strong focus on game mechanics rather than let's say narative. My point is, when you as a consumer learn what kind of games Brad develops, then you can make a more informed decision on whether it is a game for you, when you see Brads name on it. Just my two cents
  5. Post/Celebrate Your Bloodline Acceptances Here!

    @Selke Thanks About the shield cutoff. That was a tough decision, I wanted the shield to dominate most of the banner and the blood-motif to be very clear even in a smaller version. If I scaled down the shield to fit the banner, the blood drop would be very small and there would be a lot of room left around the shield. In the end I thought the final result was the better compromise.
  6. Post/Celebrate Your Bloodline Acceptances Here!

    Yay! Accepted and thematically aproved. Life is good
  7. Also those are some really cool patterns @Ebu_diGriz. I'm very impressed with what you have achive with this simple editor.
  8. My submission. Maybe not as creative as some of the others, but I think it fits the theme nicely.
  9. House Demon Face Punch. And House The Wolf and Toad Pub.
  10. May a little too classic heraldy, but I wanted to try it out.
  11. @Brad: Thanks man. That editor works so well. Great design guys ) Here are a few more banners, won't be the last.
  12. This editor is so cool. I'm gonna have lots of fun making banners for my house. Only problem is to chose one :-D