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  1. Hello, Yesterday I finished my 5th playthrough of this game to get the trophies "win-win...win" and "Corruption", and when I finished the game, the trophies didn't pop out even though I have all the requirements (If I look at the memories I see I have them all, both evil and good). Searching a little on Google I found someone with the same problem, and they said that their problem was that they were playing with the controller #2. I went and see if I was playing with that controller, and in deed, I was. In this moment it seems I've lost the opportunity to achieve both trophies because my savefile is already at the beginning of the game again. Can you make a fix so the game recognize that we met all requirement to achieve the trophies ? I don't think I'm playing a 6th time to see if they pop up. Thanks.
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