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    Backer of MASSIVE CHALICE at the $35 level. Plan to donate the second copy. No, not to you. My biggest fear as a backer is that I'm the game is going to be filled to the brim with user generated bloodlines that offend either my OCD (mashed together Sigils that look misaligned, improper use of capitalization B3CaUsE it'Z C00L) or my good taste (Gangstaz Bloodline - Motto: "We gonna cap yo a**", or similarly childish, unintelligent nonsense). While I have been promised that user-generated in-game
  1. ... and on a less serious note: Invasion of the Rabbit: The game checks the IP address of the player. If it comes back as Australian, the player loses half of their farmland to an indestructible swarm of cute furry creatures, however they gain a "Hunter" hero that will grapple any demon and is invulnerable to everything except for stingrays.
  2. Ears of the Rabbit: The character's superior hearing allows him to gain a rough sense of where nearby enemies are, even if they're covered by fog of war, at the cost of being especially susceptible to noise-based attacks or debuffs Eyes of the Rabbit: The character has exceptional sideways vision, at the cost of having reduced frontal vision. Foot of the Rabbit: Upon the character's death, the character's foot becomes an especially powerful artifact (for that stage of the game), at the cost of being targeted ('hunted') more than usual by the demons (i.e. if the demon would normally attack any random character within range, it will target this character disproportionately often) Reproduction of the Rabbit: (name a work in progress) The character has twice as many children as normal, at the cost of imparting half as much XP during childhood to each as normal
  3. From a strict 'best utilization of resources' prospective, putting a bard (at least of the Grobnar Gnomehands variety) into the game doesn't seem to make much sense. Bard game mechanics are so different from those of other classes that it would detract from the ability to conserve/reuse as many animation resources as possible, something that the DF team seemed to want when they were talking in their last teamstream. Even more importantly, the most iconic bards in games tend to become memorable because of unique dialogue and quests, rather than game mechanics. Love him or hate him, Grobnar Gnomehands is a memorable character because of dialogue, and Haer'Dalis is (kinda) memorable because of his side-quest. That being said, there are other envisionings of the bard that make it more of a combat oriented character (that just so happens to be able to perform as well). Perhaps the best of these is the Pathfinder Dervish of Dawn (aka Dawnfire Dervish), (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/bard/archetypes/paizo---bard-archetypes/dawnflower-dervish) which uses bardic performances to buff his own attacks, and whose attacks take the form of a dance. The Blade archetype for AD&D (think Baldur's Gate), which turns the bard into a dual wielding whirlwind of destruction (literally, as it's an offensive spin attack) also comes to mind. However these aren't lute playing bards as much as they are rogue classes duct taped to a bard framework.
  4. I very much like the idea of the Magus from Pathfinder (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/magus) - a lot of the Magus' skills are geared towards using magic to enhance the user's weapon-based combat, and using the weapon to deliver spells is also a nice touch.
  5. I really like this idea. One thing that came to mind when you started talking about "Blood Magic" is that the implementation need not be especially complicated. In Dungeons & Dragons, spells can have any number of metamagic modifiers attached to them, which increase either the duration of the effect, or the damage dealt, or the size of the blast, or... other things. The point is, from a game development standpoint, you don't need to design two versions of each bloodline power, per se, you can instead just bump up the numbers, creating a vanilla version and a powered up "Blood Magic" version. The original Sacred Aegis might prevent the first 15 damage done to the recipient, while the Bloodline Sacred Aegis might protect against 22.5 or 30 damage instead.
  6. Sven_M

    On Relics.

    Playing tug-of-war over relics isn't something I think I'd enjoy, personally. If MASSIVE CHALICE is going to at all be like what I think it's going to be like, it's going to have a certain level of XCOM-esque 'there's never enough time or resources to do everything, let alone do everything perfectly'. If I lose a relic, no matter how powerful it is, that's going to pale in comparison to losing the hero(es) that accompanied that relic, and I'm not going to want to risk another batch of heroes for an item, as heroes are much, much more valuable assets to me than a relic would be.
  7. I like this idea, but if this is the way that it is done, I think that the number of options needs to be much larger, as with that small of a set, there's going to be a lot of repeats. On a related note, I eagerly await the Steam achievement "The Massacre at Tutorial Mission Fields".
  8. If the game does end up going with combinations from per-generated lists, it's important to make sure that someone goes through the combinations and makes sure there isn't anything exceptionally creepy. I got "Bloody Mother" as one during I think my second or third playthrough, and after that I pretty much stopped looking at mission names after that. Well... that and that every fourth mission ended up being "Purple [something]".
  9. I sent you a PM on the same issue.
  10. Relics. Alright, that was too difficult to pass up, but on a more serious note, I think that there are two things that the dev team has already mentioned that serve as conduits for the dead to be still impactful. First, theoretically the relics, and what they actually do, will be tied to what the ancestors did. It makes no sense for there to just be a per-generated 'relic bin' that new relics are pulled from; relics should, and from what I understand, are intended to be, a corporeal representation of the achievements of previous bloodline members. If a hero's father was a mage that used almost exclusively fire spells, the relic he leaves behind should boost fire damage, or something that's clearly tied to what the bloodline ancestor did. Second, there was mention in the art stream of having the ancestors appear during 'flourish' attacks (see below), which may or may not do anything other than look cool, but will at the very least serve as a visual representation of bloodline ancestors. http://www.doublefine.com/assets/massivechalice/ks/massivechalice_keyart_2560x1440.jpg
  11. I don't mean to be mean, but just straight up cut and pasting a large post like that and hoping that people take the time to read it and sort through it isn't the way that forums (or at least sane forums) work. If you want your ideas to be heard, you need to break up that massive chunk of text and either: a) Find existing threads that touch on the points you're making, and respond in those threads with your points, or b) Start new threads, one per category of point you are trying to make (but only if there isn't an existing thread on that topic) If everyone just posted massive, unsorted blocks of their thoughts, no one would be able to find anything or hold followable conversations.
  12. I'm not from Double Fine. I'm not even a game developer. But thank you for posting this. It was beautiful, and it is a sentiment that many people in the gamer community feel.
  13. It's not a matter of being personal or impersonal, it's a matter of that the more rules you throw up, the harder it is for people to break into the community. If there is a "proper" way of posting, that means that there are "improper" ways of posting. If there are "improper" ways of posting, eventually someone is going to go around lecturing people that their posts are "improper" (because being needlessly dickish to others is a fundamental component of human nature, amplified by the anonymity that comes with the internet). I don't want that to happen. I've been to forums and communities that are too rules driven, and they become insular and quash innovative ideas. That's not what's needed here.
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