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  1. Now that DF's been rolling with the AF concept for a few years, I'm curious as to how well it's working out in regards to company scalability, and what sort of restrictions are being put in place to prevent it from becoming a problem. Here's an overly-simplified view, from my outsider's perspective, on what you guys appear to be doing: This assumes the following: - No game takes more than two years to complete - One game from each year's AF becomes a new project - Up to three additional projects are going at any time, including games funded by Kickstarter and other projects that will never be seen by the public First of all, how much of what I've assumed above is actually anywhere close to correct, specifically the bit about limiting the timeframe of project development? Second, if this is correct, have you found two years to be a reasonable timeframe limitation, or is it still too long? And if it is too long, then how much does AF help in preventing developers from feeling burnt-out? Thanks!
  2. I vote for Vella, I vote for Shay Hope you know that I'm a backer, they make T-shirts in my name
  3. I vote for Vella, I vote for Shay Hope you know that I'm a backer, they make T-shirts in my name
  4. HEY please inspire us with weird games

    Speaking of inspiration, don't forget to go see The Wind Rises; it's playing at the Landmark in Embarcadero Center until this Friday. Wonderful, wonderful film. edit: Whoops, didn't notice that you guys had already gone to see it-- sorry!
  5. Based on all the game jams I've observed thus far, this is how it seems to work best: Get a designer with project management skills and put him / her in charge. Get one or two programmers, folks that know Unity inside and out. Get as many artists as you can. For a community game jam, most of the people that want to join up will be programmers, and once you've got your one/two programmers, everyone else will be rejected unless they are also artists.