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  1. I had no idea you could skip the train section. How did it you meet Marek for the first time?
  2. [Story] Shay's Escape and Subterfuge

    That bugged me as well. It would be less jarring if you were required to find a way to keep the computer busy, so you were free to do all that sneaking around during the day. EDIT: Or, adding to the previous poster's suggestion, a simple extra line of dialogue could be heard explaining the computer was already busy with some trivial task (like repairing the train tracks you destroyed), and thus couldn't keep track of what Shay was doing.
  3. I know that, upon first using a new slot to save manually, the game asks you if you wish to use that slot to auto save. I thought "nah, I want to keep manual saves here so I can come back to certain parts of the game if I feel like it". I just assumed the game would keep autosaving into Slot 1 anyway, but it didn't happen. The game simply stopped using Slot 1. Now when I leave the game it warns me with the following message: "This is a Manual Save slot. All progress will be lost." In other words, if I choose to play on a Manual Save slot it will stop auto saving altogether. Now, to be fair, whenever I load a Manual Save the game asks me "Auto Save to this slot from now on?", but I wish I could keep manual saves and automatic saves in separate slots. What's the reasoning behind the save system being that way?
  4. It was during the "quest" to deactivate the ship's shields and get to Prima Doom. Once I was free to walk around the ship I eventually got to the room where one of the "fake missions" took place (the one where you save the doll and they come to hug you in the end). The doll was crying and there was a crochet hook stuck in its back. For some reason, it was blaming me for it. Is it referring to the accident I provoked earlier when I made the train fall from its tracks? Did the accident with the crochet hook happen there? If so, did the doll get hurt offscreen, or was I just not paying enough attention?
  5. Shay Neck Glitch

    I noticed the same thing somewhere else as well: when he's putting on the hazard suit. It shows up both during the animation of Shay putting on the suit and afterwards as you can see in the picture.