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    Mouse Issues

    Hi, If you have a controller plugged in or any other extraneous USB devices, try unplugging those to see if that makes any difference. You can also manually change your controls by opening your profile in the installation folder. Open the .cfg file with your name on it. Also try setting the game to a windowed state. If you still have issues, please list of the other solutions you have already tried.
  2. Hi, We're sorry for the mix-up. The previous build that was uploaded was outdated. We took down the OSX build until we can get a non-DRM build that is 1:1 with the currently released one on steam. In the mean time, if you would like a refund, you can request for one in Itch.io's support page. We do not have the ability to issue refunds ourselves. https://itch.io/support
  3. Hi, A new patch has been released. This should fix the black screen issue for all Adreno users. Some users may have to completely uninstall the game and redownload it again for the fix to work.
  4. Hi, Please email us your save file to support@doublefine.com We know that it is intended that you can't return to the ramp room if you forget to hook it. The reasoning is that the cavefish dudes are alerted and you can't go back. But if you can't re-enter the ramp room even after leaving the cavefish and returning, then that may be something for us to look into.
  5. Go up to the tabs and go to the 2nd one (Parametres/Game Settings). The language options will be in there.
  6. Hi, Can you please describe in more detail this bug? When you say the Corley Presentation, is that the scene where Ripberger is presenting the Minivans? And when you teleport, do you recall what specific road that is? Is it outside of corville, or did you somehow teleport to the highway 9/mine road? Any additional information will help us greatly.
  7. If going to your speaker's properties menu, and check the sample rate. If it is anything above 24 bit, 48000 hz, try turning it down to that.
  8. Hi Schmatz, We've done compatibility testing, and we're pretty confident that any system that meets the minimum requirements should run the game just fine on 1080p. With the caveat of the system not being bogged down with other system resources, or bloated software, of course. If for some reason it does not, there are graphics settings in the options menu to turn down the game's texture size.
  9. We were able to reproduce the issue, and our devs are aware of the issue. It seems to be a specific issue with iPad Pros and possibly other iOS devices similar to it. Unfortunately, we don't have any extra hands to look at the issue, so there is no ETA on a patch. We will get to it as soon as we possibly can. If anybody else is having this issue, please chime and and let us know what iOS device and version you have so that we have more information on this issue. Thanks.
  10. Hi Arizphil, What was the exact device you were using and its iOS version?
  11. Hi, Could you please send us your save file? You should be able to copy the PS4 saves onto a USB stick, and zip up those files. Then send it to us at support@doublefine.com.
  12. Hi, To clarify on the issue, what exactly did you see when the Safety pal attempt to pass through the debris? Was there any dialog or animation showing that it was blocked? Any extra detail would be helpful. Normally, if there was debris during this scene the safety pal should be blocked for 1-2 seconds more before leaping through the debris. It shouldn't block progress. If you still have the affected save file, please send it to us at support@doublefine.com
  13. To clarify a bit; We do not distribute any of the keys. Humble Bundle handles all of the Kickstarter and Slacker backer key distribution. Normally, we would send out an e-mail or direct you to the humble bundle key resender to retreive the keys. The only thing we can do is confirm whether or not you've backed the game in our database. If you have had any changes to the e-mail account that you've used to back the game, you should contact https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us and provide them with your old e-mail address and ask that they transfer the access to the keys to your current address.
  14. We have your surveys on hand as well. If you email me at support@doublefine.com with your new address, I can change it for you.
  15. What happens when you attempt to load the save? Or do they not appear?
  16. The DRM free builds are still being worked on at the moment. There are a few bugs that Brandon are wrangling with and it should be out soon.
  17. People know David Wise mostly for DK Country. But I love the soundtrack he did for Battletoads vs Double Dragon
  18. My personal interpretation is that whoever was occupying the pod before just spilled their strawberry jam all over the pod. That's why we can't have nice things here spacers.
  19. That should be the case already. Also, I believe if a citizen is loitering in an airlock, the citizen entering should ignore them and open it anyway. It would be very helpful if you can get us a save with a citizen jerking around in an airlock. Send us saves at Support@doublefine.com
  20. Please try disabling any browser plugins that might block scripts or cookies.
  21. We've just manually sent out hundreds of messages in support. If you have sent an e-mail to support and haven't received a response, please try e-mailing us again.
  22. We've just manually sent out a batch of of e-mails with the appropriate codes to the people that have e-mailed support. If you have not received this e-mail, please try e-mailing support again.
  23. We're sorry that this issue isn't being resolved for you. Could you please Private message me original and changed e-mail address? Also please include your full name in the PM in case your e-mail address does not show up.
  24. Hello, We're sorry for the delay. If you are still not receiving your codes, then something that should've been changed on Humble's side didn't get changed. Please contact Humble Bundle Support directly and they should be able to sort this issue out for you. Be sure to supply them with your original backer e-mail address.
  25. This little gem is a personal favorite of mine.
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