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  1. I made this character as my first attempt at pixel art a while ago. Unfortunately I kinda suck at drawing of any kind but I thought it would be fun to try at least: This is the main character of a game I want to make some day. (and I really hope I do eventually make it, because I've spent a lot of time fleshing out the world and story in my mind over the last couple of years, mainly while trying to sleep or do homework, and only have some notes on my iPod to show for it. Haven't thought about the characters' traits that much though, so this should be a fun exercise) IDENTITY Name: Ling Age: 27 Gender: Male Nationality/Ethnicity: One of the last humans in a country mainly populated by humanoid squirrels and platypuses. Parents: Probably killed by bandits or something. Siblings: Has an optimistic younger brother who likes playing the guitar (I wanted to call him Ching but that sounds kinda racist). His life is simple and he likes it that way. Significant Others: None. Location: "The Green Sea", basically a giant forest country. He lives in Purple Village, a small town on the top of a hill that sticks above the tree tops like an island. Religion: His mother probably tried to raise him as a worshiper of the Great Sky Orange but he is now an agnostic. (though he still likes oranges, until a lot of them get thrown at him one day by an angry crowd) Class: Not really part of a class. He lives in a small house with his brother. They are fairly poor, but never short on food. His brother makes money from playing the guitar in crowded areas and coins thrown in his hat. Ling makes some money protecting the village from bandit attacks. Marital Status: Single. Education: Taught sword-play by his father. He never had a natural talent for it, but he became fairly good through hard work and practice. PHYSICAL Fat/Skinny: Fat. Tall/Short: Shorter than his brother, but generally a bit taller than most of the other inhabitants of the forest. Strong/Weak: Strong. Hair Colour/Style: Who knows. He could be bald, or have a mohawk. Style of Dress: Wears a pretty ridiculous green suit that makes him look like a cross of Link from TLoZ and a teletubby. Attractive/Repulsive: Fairly unnattractive. Unusual characteristics / markings / disabilities: A few scars from fighting. Always has black bags under his eyes. BEHAVIOR Speech (accent / pitch/ dialog tags): I guess it would be kinda cool if he had an eastern European accent. Temperament (cheerful/grumpy): Fairly grumpy, though makes an effort to be nice around people he likes(such as his brother). Social Skills: Fine, though his cynicism can be somewhat alienating. Ambitions/Desires: Wants to become a hero. Fears/Hates: Afraid of moths. Hobbies/Obsessions: Swordplay. Occasionally plays a bit of guitar, to show appreciation for his brother's interests. Special Talents: He's a pretty good shot with a bow and arrow, though he doesn't know that until he tries it out. Self Image: He has a pretty poor image of himself after 27 years of what he views as a mediocre life. Emotional Baggage: His inability to save his parents, his insecurity about the lack of significance his life holds on the world. Secrets: He has the blood of an ancient forest dwelling race in his veins, making him and his brother the only ones who can harness the power of a weapon necessary to save the country. Smoke / Drink: Once had some hallucinogenic mushrooms he bought from a dodgy squirrel down an alleyway, but decided it wasn't for him. Likes to have a drink every so often, though neither he or his brother have the money to fund it as a habit. Self-destructive / defeating: Yes, in quite a few ways. Mannerisms: Gets fidgety when doing something boring, like sleeping. (he has also had insomnia a few times) Intelligence: Fairly intelligent. Strong/weak: Pretty strong-willed. Leader / Follower: Neither. Prefers to do his own thing. Graceful / Clumsy: Not exactly graceful but not clumsy either, thanks to his training. Seeks attention / isolation: Despite his desire to become a "hero", it isn't because he craves attention. He wouldn't mind saving the world, even if no one knew he had done it. He just wants his life to have some significance. Once he had achieved such a goal he could quite easily live out his life in peace and isolation. Funny / Serious: Pretty depressed, but he sometimes demonstrates a sense of humour. Mellow / Energetic: Mellow and uninspired for most of the time. Humble / Arrogant: Neither. Obedient / Rebellious: Rebellious-ish. Favourite music: His brother's guitar playing.
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