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  1. Thank you! I'm a bit gutted that a Linux demo build wasn't made in time... Maybe I should poke the programmer and get him on it, ahaha!
  2. Hey all! Long time no post! I've recently launched a Kickstarter for a light choose-your-own gentle queer romance and thought you folks would be interested in having a look! I'll post the blurb here <3 --- It Will Be Hard Arthur never had much taste for physical intimacy. Harold’s craving for affection led him to an abusive relationship he needs to get out of. Two men, with two polar opposite relationships with their bodies, meet and strike up one impossible romance. It Will Be Hard is a 70-page erotic interactive comic created by comic artist Hien Pham and game developer John Kane (Mallow Drops, Killing Time at Lightspeed). Using light choose-your-own adventure mechanics, YOU choose the nuances in the characters’ actions you wish to see in the story! Focusing on respect, boundaries, and sweet, smutty cuddling, It Will Be Hard is a sex-positive story about wanting and feeling wanted for who you are. Arthur and Harold must navigate their own sexuality and desires to create a mutually fulfilling relationship --- Hopefully you'll find this worth checking out and we'd super appreciate your support <3! Now I've gotta catch up on the Amnesia Fortnight doco ahaha. Never downloaded the final cut (if my memory serves me right they /are/ finished and released, yeah?).
  3. Welp turns out I'll have to colour 2 comic pages a day to make my next deadline. Apologies folks I really thought I could help out but I don't think I can anymore Good luck though! Looking forward to the finished product!
  4. @Cheeseness Fake memories would still be up on the wall, but instead of being a glorious memento they'd be like a DVD case taped to the wall / some trivial object attached to the wall instead of being mounted and the like. The wall can be easily adaptable to be something scale-able, but since I'm not calling the shots I'll leave it up to you folks. I might have a comic deadline I need to push for anyway so I might not have that much to contribute after all. Will keep y'all posted <3
  5. @Mythalore go ahead! I haven't delved too deep into anything just yet @Cheeseness realistically I don't think this project will need much scalability. The custom memento wall would work for the small number of contributors we have now and make it look good. The wall can also be expanded in the future and contain photos or pictures instead of objects. The wall has the added benefit of giving the player a sense of progress and achievement. The more they've done the more things will populate their once lonely retirement home! @Jenni I'd agree with Cheese and go for 1920x1089. Bigger art can be compressed down but smaller art doesn't look good stretched.
  6. Hey all! I'm Hien (pronounced like Ian with an H) otherwise known as WavingPeople or Taekon. I'm a 2D digital artist specializing in comics and storytelling. I don't really have a stable employment as of yet, and am pursuing indie comics while flinging resumes every which way. I'm interested in Amnesia Adventure because I love stories! Storytelling is what I do and what I love doing. I won't be able to contribute much aside from assets for one or two rooms, but I'm very much looking forward to working with everyone! If anyone was around for Bad Golf: Community Edition, I contributed a few concept art pieces here and there. I really enjoyed my time on that project, so I hope this will be just as fun. My art portfolio: https://hienpham.artstation.com/
  7. Just wrapped up a job I've been on so I should have more time to pitch in now. Here's a late night sketch of what I'd imagine to be the menu screen. After the player presses play, the menu falls away to reveal the wall if adventures (and if the player had solved any memories, the appropriate place on the wall will light up! See bottom left for rough ref of the wall of adventures). Ignore the top left thumbnail. I forgot to cross that one out Didn't post this in concept art because I'm also wondering what you folks think about the wall of adventures being the portal / access point to memories. False memories still have a place on the wall, they're just not as decorated / fancy when finished (would look funny to have a VHS tape next to a dragon's head or whatever!).
  8. They recently uploaded a Day 11 in which Tim and the company play the prototypes and give feedback. Hope this is what you're looking for!
  9. In terms of items appearing in the hub, I think it'd be cool if the adventurer's home has something similar to a trophy case or some sort of memorial wall /.collection of keepsakes. The items are kept in the dark and can only be lit up / unlocked with a password, which comes from the memory itself. This screen would work as where the player access different memories. Fake memories can be like a box full of junk (film tape, comics, etc.) on the shelves on the same wall instead of a trophy. A note on an identifying feature for the protagonist across all memories: It would be easier to make this a part of the clothes they're wearing (like a red bandanna or weird glasses) instead of something like a scar. Unless it's on the character's forehead, the scar should ideally only show up on one side of the character, meaning flipping the sprite won't make sense. I'm also happy to work on hub art to start us off with as soon as we settle on how we want the player to access memories etc.
  10. Thanks for the kind words Ben & Jenni! I'm up for doing characters and backgrounds and props etc for one puzzle branch. I could also do animation for that branch as well. I'll have a look at the engine on anims and such. Once the brainstorming is done we should decide on a uniform image size or some guidelines regarding the resolutions!
  11. Hey all! I'll be happy to do a small bit of art (like a puzzle branch or the hub or whatever) if someone would like to write or give me something to draw. I would love to do some designing but I'm thinking of doing this in my spare time as relaxation from my comics so... less brain more brawl is better at the moment I'd also prefer to do an entire branch / room if possible. My art portfolio: https://hienpham.artstation.com/
  12. Another thanks to greenfalcon for the work! I've also checked the charts a lot and the recorded data has been super helpful and interesting!
  13. After reading Scott C.'s Hug Machine. I am currently stretching my arms to hug the entire DF office building. Grats everyone! Looking forward to following Psychonauts 2 for the next 2+ years!
  14. Let this be my official sign up for the shoes (or sandals, I don't own wearable shoes atm) on head festivities when we reach 3.3 (which makes a funny little face emoticon as well) Fulfilling my duties with a reversed sandal!
  15. Most of their previous content (DFA doco, Massive Chalice stuff) has been made available elsewhere (Steam, VHX) but I'm not sure about this one. I have reached out to them via Twitter and sent a link to this thread. Hopefully we'll have an answer!
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