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  1. Anemone sounds like one of those biodrones who parrots the developers talking about "gamer entitlement". Check your paying-customer privilege! Ah say if a developer doesn't consider its' patrons entitled to a product they enjoy then neither should the developer consider itself entitled to a profitable business. Ah've to agree with Seneschal on this one. The editor's being referred to as locked despite bloodline backers like Lightknight77 and DblBlac submitting symbols before the deadline which have not been added to the editor. Smiles solution is basically, "you could make a facsimile of your symbol using those provided" which begs the question if not to have their symbols incorporated into the game whole then for what service were the bloodline backers paying? Even if you were paying one of the artists on staff like the brewer or Mnemonic's lead $100 an hour he could get more than one symbol made per hour leaving funding left over for other expenditures. No, that's not meant to be a realistic example, it's meant to show how extremely feasible the inclusion of more symbols is. If there's some technical difficulty to adding more symbols then tell the community and we'll be more sympathetic. At the very least, if not adding the symbols themselves then the team should spend the time and money to allow the importation of images into the editor so everyone can get the symbols they want. http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/276/0/3/judge_dredd_by_heroforpain-d5go2uc.jpg
  2. Alternate take on the Everemp. Swabaharjaz Schlageter, general for King Berthier, and his wife Ava Matrashi wanted a baby more than anything in the world. It would be the manifestation of their love, proof that each loved the other so much they wanted more of one another in the world and to be comingled in that creation. But the gods had cursed Ava with a fallow womb. Swabaharjaz tried eating more onions and garlic, hunting and participating in sports more to get his blood up, but he failed to sire a child. Ava left more of the housekeeping to their staff, moonbathed, and was visited upon by physicians from across the lands who prescribed everything from hanging upside down for an hour before bed to mercury. No morning sickness came. One turbulent night, Ava dreamt of being a woman in a nomadic tribe, she came to love the leader of the hunters yet never knew him. She wanted to ask her parents to ask his parents about a union but became sick after eating a new fruit. She died without seeing him again. The following morning, troubled by these memories, Ava told her husband what ailed her. He had dreamt he was the hunter. He had planned to propose a union next season when he returned to the village but a neighboring tribe encroached upon their gamelands and bashed his skull in with a rock while he slept. The couple were convinced these dreams were a message from their ancestors of a love which failed to come to fruition. They prayed and made offering to their ancestors, seeking their blessing in the creation of a child. They dreamt oncemore of being the hunter and his desired but this time they lay with each other. Upon waking the couple found they had made love in their sleep. Soon Ava was pregnant and in 8 months 3 weeks gave birth to Cngwn Schlageter. To most people, the coup of Cngwn Schlageter over King Berthier II came suddenly as a thunderclap in a clear blue sky. But he had spent years readying the stage for his ascension, having garnered the allegiance of officers from his youth, during which tales of his martial prowess become the stuff of folklore. He only awaited the passing of his father, at which time he formally took over his office of general, to begin his infamous career with propriety. The details of his subsequent conquests of surrounding kingdoms are detailed in Henry Brar’s Military Histories Volumes 1&2. Cngwn is remembered for his militarization of the lands. Every man of fighting age was required to own and be proficient with a longbow. Were his aim tested at any time and found wanting he would be fined. Taxation increased, more greatly burdening the common farmer, and Cngwn’s advisers saw no purpose to the buildup and development of new keeps since no nearby armies remained with the force to invade them. When merchants to far-off lands ceased to return, the kingdoms were heading towards a minor economic crisis. Yet Cngwn left such matters entirely to regents while pursuing a personal project in the cave network of the world’s largest mountain. His acts had taken such a course for the weird palace gossip painted him addled. He’d had a fortress dug into the mountain large enough to fit thousands though it stood empty. He’d begun beekeeping. Dendrobium Hubei, a flower only known to grow on Mt. Merun, provided honey for Cngwn’s perverse activities. He had recalled several ladies to his fortress, all of them with child. They were fed on a diet mostly consisting of Hubei Honey. During their deliveries, Cngwn burned native flora which induced visions in these women of great warriors in their bloodline. By the time rumors of Cngwn’s distasteful actions had spread wide enough conspirators whispered of revolt, the cascade came from the borderlands taking guardposts and watchtowers. Petty nobility fought losing wars on the edge of the kingdoms. Cngwn offered shelter and stored foods to any peasants or aristocracy who abandoned these lands. For years the cascade progressed while Cngwn’s prepared children grew… [game starts]
  3. Immortal King Idea 0 http://www.playerattack.com/imagery/Blizzard-OrcStatue.jpg The Everemperor's a statue in the most magnificent palace of the capital city. Whomsover rules de facto is only an administrator de jure for the statue-emperor. The original* Emperor of these human lands never died. Sometimes he comes alive: shooting lasers from his eyes, animating, regaining flesh, or weeping blood. Invaders have successfully established foreign dynasties in the Ever-Empire and the statue has stood idle. Other times new rulers are killed as soon as they enter the statue's presence with some eyeball zappy-zappy. For periods of the country's history the statue has been sacrificed to as a god, the nation a theocracy glorifying the statue, other times the nation has been more militaristic and left the statue become overgrown with moss. Does the Everemp only care about martial prowess and hate underhanded power-grabs? This interpretation is some monarchies explanation of why invaders were allowed to rule but native usurpers were slain immediately. Must one believe in the statue to be affected by it, so the usurper was acted upon by his own guilt and the foreigners indifference reflected. Does the Ever Emperor save the faithful? For he has routed armies in times of great poverty and oppression. Is the Everemperor a god, with motives beyond men's ken? So all explanations are absurdity. Is its' power limited or astrologically dependent as court astrologers and warlocks have tried to prove by making cross-referenced timelines between the amount of statue activity and solar events? The statue rests for hundreds of years unmoving. Giving no word of its' intentions. Yet in minutes it acts decisively. Once a disrespectful group of pirates sailed to the abandoned palatial grounds. They sought to take the statue as booty, breaking it into pieces for transport if necessary. Chisel wouldn't scratch his stone nor explosives crack his limbs. The palace ruins collapsed, burying the crew alive. Some men say it was the Everemperor avenging himself. Others that pirate gunpowder damaged building integrity. The player character could be regarded as a prophet or mad-man, as he claims to have communicated with the Ever-emperor no one else has heard. Many doubt the PC's powers were given by the Ever-emperor but there's no denying their reality. Even the skeptics obey. *some documents survived purges and mention earlier rulers
  4. Ah read all the research description in X-com. I loves me some flavor-text. If it's good. There're games where I stop reading item descriptions because the writing's bad, sometimes because the Japanese translates awkwardly. Out of zdesert's examples, the middle one sounds the best but keep in mind the choices aren't as stark as he makes them out. There can be varied tone between descriptions. An alchemist monk from the middle high ages needn't sound so modernized. There could be great flavor in hearing about experiments where a cascade's trepenned to better understand its' humours, the explosion of the rust-caber explained as an ignition of phlogiston. Also, Vitor Hue http://ih0.redbubble.net/image.15477032.4962/flat,550x550,075,f.jpg
  5. Klaatu is a forensic psychologist driven mad by the antediluvian truths he glimpsed under cyclopean ruins in the north pole. It solved the problem and posted my drafts. Yes. My wife suggested we spice things up with shape-play, something an ex-boyfriend turned her onto. Maybe if I'd been willing to experiment instead of reacting with repulsion we'd still be together. Seriously though, looks like the Chevy logo.
  6. Ah drafted some compositions for the houses from the Cui Bono random event. Copy the gibberish and paste it in the debug field of the bloodline editor to see how they look. Prototypes for House Hülsen 1 {"foundingFemale":"",āăąćgMčďđē"mottoĐĒĔkeepNamĜĦ"bloodlćeĬĮĥHülsenĞcoijrIdxHăŀSeńąaryĐ0ĔńņňŊŌePriČœĐ8ŗŅorHairŕťņSkćŭ"layersĐ[ĀŠagįShapes_05ĞyPoź:15Ŗ"xƍƏƑƓrġatioł:ƓscěYĐ146.6ƬƭƮ67ĔƣěXĐ-ƨƪƯƺƱ"uŀŞžœCŦŬ:fčŀ},ŽČƀĥAnžĿƈ3ƋƖĐ74ĔƕƎĐưĔƚtƜƞƠƢƤĎƦƐ0ǦƴƧǫĔƾŝşšyǃņĐLJĿeNJnjſįǐǒƇ0ǕĔƌǝ:229ǛǗȈ26ǠƛƝƟųƳǨǮǬĎƵ:ƷǯƽƿdzŒǵDŽǸLjǻNj"žǎđƂƄƆǔǖȇȉǚƔȍ71ȑǢȓǥƲǧeǩƒȽǭ:ɁȟDzǁȣǷ:truȧǽȫ"ȭƅȂȄ"ȆƏ7ƓǜƏȳȹǣȔơɂȗɄșețɅDZǀǴǶŧĐɌɎ}]} 2 {"foundingFemale":"",āăąćgMčďđē"mottoĐĒĔkeepNamĜĦ"bloodlćeĬĮĥHülsenĞcoijrIdxHăŀSeńąaryĐ0ĔńņňŊŌePriČœĐ8ŗŅorHairĐ7ťņSkćŕĔlayersĐ[ĀŠagįAnſĿ_03ĞyPoŻ:15Ŗ"xƌƎ301Ĕrġatioł:ƒscěYĐ177.ƪƭƮƪŤ"ƤěXƨƪƬƯƯƱuŀŞſœCŦŬ:fčŀ},žČƁĥShapesƇ5ƊƕĐ53ĔƔƍĐ3Ů"ƛtƝƟơƣƥĎƧ:44.ǬǯǰǰĔƳĎƵǫǭDZǹǬĔƼŝşšyǁņĐDžĿeLjNJƀįǎǐǒǔǖǝƏ6ǚƓǗ:ǟƚƜƞƠŴƲǨeǪǬǮdzȟǶȢ4ǼƽǿŒȁǂȄdžȇlj"ſnjđȌǑǓ0ǕĔƋȑ27ȔǜƖǠǢǤȜƢȤƦĐȧɉǵɋǸȩǾƿȭȃDŽȰȈȳNjįȐƎƐƒɂƨƑșǣțǦɍȠƨ0ǧƴɩƒǽƾȀȂŧȯȆ}]} Demo for House Adamczyk {"foundingFemale":"",āăąćgMčďđē"mottoĐĒĔkeepNamĜĦ"bloodlćeĬĮĥAdĭczykĞcoijrIdxHăseSeŅąaryĐ2ĔŅŇʼnŋōePriČŕĐ6řņorHairĐ0ŧŇSkćůĔlayersĐ[ĀŢagįShapes_07ĞyPoŽ:15Ű"xƐƒƔƖrġationŶ"scěYĐ117.7ƯưƱ78ĔƦěXƪƬƮƲƲƴ"uŎŠƁŕCŨŮ:fčŎ},ƀČƃĥƅƇƉƋƍĔƏƑƪƕĔƘǙ:-9ĔƝtƟơƣ:ƖƶĎƩƓƬƵƧĎƸǭ7ĔǀşšţyDžŇĐljlNjǍ"ƁǐđǒƈƊƌƎƙǚƖǝƒ3ƫǢƞƠƢƤǪeǬƫǴƥǰeDzȚǵǁǸŔǺdžǽNJenjǎƂƄƆȇǕȊǞ38țȎȌȒǤȔǧǩȝș0ȼƷƪȿȡǷǃȥǼLjȨȪȂǏȭǓȈǖ"ǘƒ-10ŦƗȋƓǛ"ǣǥȕǨǯƨƹțȗȟǮƿȢɆǻũȧǿȩ]} Could use a coin and scales to represent wealth and trade. Scales would double for justice.
  7. Form language For forgetfulness hunter armor, I prefer i because it looks like he was sprayed with ice forming blades behind him, A cause it looks like a jetpack, and c for transparency and bits floating in the air. I prefer a and d's legs where it looks like the blue-stuff's covering him up as armor vs h where it looks like the cadence material's making a boot but no leg-piece Kill-checks on research should be easy to manage. Just remember to make the value start to go up before it becomes visible. So if a player has killed 15 forgetfulness brutes but the FB tech wasn't displayed because he hadn't completed its' prerequisites, when it does become visible it should also show as unlocked rather than not starting the counter until it's unlocked so players get pissed their previous efforts are wasted. Such design is easy to game (require enemy-generation on maps to include x enemies of y type) and allows you to delay player progress, developing a higher-tier of tech options. To keep enemies varied, you could place them in tiers and have some techs with multiple allowable prerequisites (3 suicide sploders killed or 1 fossil assassin). Alternatively, some tech may become even more exclusive along a branch which's more powerful requires multiple enemy type checks be satisfied (1 forgetfulness mage, 12 artillery fossils). Some players may farm spores to get the tech sooner but if so they deserve the reward for their diligence. If for any reason it were hard to get 10 spore kills (perhaps they keep becoming the higher form and players hit them) so that the delay in tech development significantly impaired a player, there could be an alternative kill-based tech entrance into the cadence tech tree. Since designing their own bloodline's one of the features the game was kickstarted based on, make sure y'all add symbols as necessary so backers can recreate their family crests or whatever in-game. Guys like this dude http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13604/P25/#339039 for example should cause a rampant griffon and lion to be added to the library of symbols in the library. It'd be funny if on the right side for babies you showed a cabbage.
  8. Oh yes, there's nothing nicer than owls. Perhaps joined by the Moon and friends http://ad-or.org/realidadesparalelas/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/cubismo.jpg http://files.paperlesspost.com/img/blog/surrealist-guests2.jpg http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/13/58/95/135895c0d07e5ef77bf3f87d96908df8.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4CCP8xed8kg/UiStVGJUU5I/AAAAAAABeMQ/11splVsHQmQ/s1600/extraordinary_photos_from_a1972_05.jpg http://luniversovibra.altervista.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/93.jpg
  9. Pillars of Eternity got dey music update. Where's our O-ficial music up date?
  10. How about House words displaying somewhere? It could just be in whatever GUI menu you look at the Sigil. A little scroll where you type in the words of your house. Those words could show up again in Hero-descriptions, "[character name], of house [house name], whose words are [house words], son of [father of this hero], victorious in [battle name], son of [grandfather of hero], who died from [terminal wound method] is a [years old] year old [class]. " Battle names would be simple adaptations of mission/level names. In X-com you've random word-pairings for operation titles like, "Operation Blind Crone". The MC equivalent would be to say, "The Battle of Raging Wolf" and then this battle would be added to a list of battles a hero has participated, tagged with some significant detail about what happened to him there. The simplest would just be he won or he died but there could also be, "Injured in the Battle of Raging Wolf" or "Blood Tainted in the Battle of Raging Wolf". House words around the sigil would be illegible at country-patch sizes so they needn't be incoprorated/displayed there but it would be cool to have house words exist in the game and visible somewhere, if only when you're looking at your Sigil screen. http://i.ebayimg.com/t/OUTLAW-BIKER-1-er-CHOPPER-SKINHEAD-BNP-EDL-MILATARY-TOTENKOPF-RUNE-SS-PATCH-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/8ioAAOxy14VRXdl9/$T2eC16R,!zoE9s5ne3cqBR(dl9I1zw~~60_35.JPG
  11. Cool ideas bro. Anvil Earth's my favorite of the bunch. The most fantastic elements would be a woman smith and carrying a forge. The metal around a forge's hot enough to give you 3rd degree burns. Forge work requires strength, endurance, and tolerance for pain and discomfort to a masculine degree. I second (third?) smiles that if we get DLC with an additional class, it should be something occupation-oriented and cool like the Battlesmith. Vanguard was a more generic swordsman.
  12. Not lack of interest buddy, lack of knowledge. I don't know what facts would inspire the team or how they'd be included in the game. This's interesting stuff to read but how would such information be incorporated into the game? Maybe the text description of one of the cascade types says it has no mouth and procures nutrients via symbiotic bacteria on its' skin, like an Osedax. This's kind of like a trivia challenge. I knew about interstates and oracles. Folkhistory has it Delphi's where the conception of "Greek-ness" arose as men from different islands found they spoke similar languages, had similar manner of dress, work, cuisine, etc. You wanted sourced info too and most of the stuff ah remember ah don't remember where I read it. Explosion-demon weapon-related: while other countries developed thrown grenades to counter tanks, Japan mounted its' explosive on a spear which would also kill the user. Maybe the cascade sploder caber has an "Overload" feature. It'll boom exceptionally strong/big but do friendly-damage to its' user. Could be taken to the extreme that it'll do enough damage to kill him so it's only used in situations where the tide's turned against you and you need a dramatic move to change the course of battle, you don't value the hero equipped with the cascade weapon, or you expect he'll die anyway and this's the best use of what life remains.
  13. While focusing on a means for pairs of men to have babies in the game, provided with proto-babies, did the team forget its' backers?
  14. [url\http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA2vFCq64RM] Jonathan Hardy [/url] Has good voice-acting chops.
  15. Thanks for the link GiantTankard. Ah agree face-caps next to names in the soldier-list and during battle would personalize the heroes more. Can you see the following pic? http://www.signsfunny.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/German-female-football-fans-2.jpg Teamstream of Conciousness 18: The brown on the Spawner looks a bit like mushrooms scaling a tree trunk. The time-killer is approaching sexual ambiguity/femininity in its' hips, akin to Diablo prime's shape in D3. Ah liked the look of B for the walking cannon, it looks like a parent leaning forward to carry a kid on their back. The fossil-bow (which looks rad) could pierce walls and enemies but have a limited number of times it surpasses collision. Like so long as Piercing>0 it goes through collision and each time the bone-bolt triggers collision Piercing -1. New game+ could work in terms of bloodlines. You start a new game, selecting heroes from the final bloodlines of your previous game. Either enemies auto-level or your heroes lose their levels at the start of the game. Fluff-wise it could be them transferring to another dimension to fight the cadence there and explain the origin of the hero bloodlines as humans victorious vs the cadence from anotehr dimension. When's the sound-guy going to come down to the forums and let us know his plans for the musicians? Ah preferred the crawler as a worm. All the other cadence already had legs. It made the crawler more unique and the cadence more diverse. The "scholars guild" concept better befits a monastery. A celibate life dedicated to research. "partner" why does Brad, a man who just got married, not want the institution/sacrament of marriage in the game? Chad has the mad skill to check the hero-sex value to insert the word "husband" or "wife". What genes do the proto-babies have, new ones? They could be a way to reroll until you have an optimum-genes hero. If they're gene-less, do their kids resultingly have fewer traits or take more traits from the other parent? How is a proto-baby's level determined?
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