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  1. They actually have the prototype up: massivechalice.com/bloodlineeditor.
  2. Axe336


    No, see, if the Thief's attributes peak early, along with fertility, then, based on the trend of how such mechanics work in games, the thief will have an (lets say) 85% chance of passing on pretty close to as good as its stats are gonna get for what a Thief uses. NOW, if we're saying that a Thief, for some reason, continues to become more agile and strong with age, then it WOULD be a good balance. But, logically, the agility should peak in the earlier years and have sort of a diminishing return in terms of fertility lost to agility gained. But that's IF we're doing things realistically. If we say "Oh, well, yes a thief might have diminishing returns on agility after 30, but its cunning keeps going up, and that's what you need for certain thief skills!" Ah, then we're playin' with a whole new deck of cards! Suddenly there might be a reason to not keep your skilled thief over here to breed a generation of 3-7 thieves when their fertility peaks, because there's an amazing skill that its only going to pass on if it gets older and passes it on as a sagely old master thief. Because obviously a mage poppin' around with base level fire and ice and time spells is not that impressive, even if you have 20 of them, because they're a slow-burn kinda class. Their main attribute won't generally start really making headway until they're 30, lets say. You'd have to make the older mages REALLY worth it. Like, having an elder mage on the battlefield is a game changer kinda thing.
  3. Axe336


    Well the idea is that if you retire your thieves early--you simply have no thieves to fight with. So there's a balance between wielding an effective fighting force and retiring people to have children. The classes are equally powerful, but with differing fertility trade offs. Well I think prime fertility would be early for the mage. The point being that to get a really powerful mage in 40 years, you sacrifice the next generation of mages. It's a desperation move in a way. You're saying: " I can't afford to retire my mages now when they'd be fertile because I know there will be a huge attack in 40 years, and I'll need them on the battlefield then, not taking care of children." No, see, here's the problem: My thief gets to age, say, 25, and is at peak skill and fertility. Boom, into making kids. Suddenly, in a decade or so, I'm going to have 3 or 4 or 10 thief offspring coming up through the ranks, each able to do the same thing over again, OR, I could just take 2 or 3 of them and start them off, and end up with 9 or 14 or 27 this time. Meanwhile, my mage has been a trooper, puttin' along and gaining steam and leaving fertility far behind. One day, around age 80, the mage looks around and say's "Huh, why are there so many thieves of exceptional ability about in all these keeps? Where are the mages?" and realizes that, due to a dedication to study and knowledge being required for optimal skill, sexy times were right out. I think anyone will do the math on 1 really powerful mage vs. 20 decently strong thieves and go thief.
  4. Axe336


    Ah, yes, because things discussed in history are never discussed ever again by people new to the topic. Approaching a topic anew tends to unearth new dimensions to the concept. Though, honestly I don't think this is necessarily a great concept, as it would likely over complicate things and make you start focusing on breeding more than combat strategy.
  5. Axe336


    But then the thieves would have an unbalanced fertility advantage since, based on the quoted portion, their prime usefulness peaks early and would therefore be prime for mating when their fertility was still high. I feel like thief would end up being an overwhelmingly popular class if you had primo thieves able to retire early, have an 85% fertility rate, and raise up a league of primo thieves to do same thing. You'd have a legion of prime, highly athletic thieves and ninjas bouncing around. They'd have to balance it so that thieves were inherently weaker than warriors or mages. They'd have to make the pay-off for an elder mage, who has to wait 3 times longer for their prime fertility. Like some sort of "Magical Mojo" bonus where a mage mating late in life is able to harness the primacy of their lifetimes accumulation of magical knowledge to produce an inherently potent heir.
  6. Still loving that third demon design. I didn't realize from the LiveStream that it was facing forward and had a human-ish set of lips. Could be a fade demon, or adaptation. One on the left looks like a Buildup demon, and the one next to it would be growth. The far right is a terrifying mystery. That might be a collection demon: Growing in size as it collects things. Or it could be a rust monster.
  7. Oxidation (rust!) I would make it so your equipment could be broken by such a creature, BUT each successive generation it is passed down, and subsequent generations experience vested in it, it becomes more resilient. Erosion Can change the terrain. Make walls disappear, send someone tumbling down through an opening in a stone bridge. Decay Like Erosion, but for natural barriers, like trees and plants. Could also cause a status effect. Growth Opposite of decay: Causes barriers to appear on the field. Collection I would apply majugi's Pikmin-ish idea here, where it gradually accumulates more and more units into its mass. Buildup Bolster other effects, speed along a charge attack. If there was a scenario with something under pressure, say, a volcano, you might have to slay a Build Up demon quickly. Corrosion Like Oxidation for non-metal equipment. Compression Time Compression? I guess time manipulation magics? Could cause your classic haste, slow and stop effects. Sagging / Effects of Gravity Could have disastrous effects on a troop crossing a bridge. Actually, you would probably often find a gravity demon along with erosion and decay demons trying to bring things down. Would probably immobilize some units, possibly causing damage. Fossilization Petrification effects on the living. Could potentially harden units which are not alive. Seasons Spring Deluge, Summer's Heat, Autumn's Winds and Winter's Deathly Cold. Collapse This could be anything. It's almost OP. Building: Collapsed. Unit: Collapsed. Elder God: Collapsed. Pressure Like Gravity but can be applied in many directions. Could push units around the board. Could also affect things on the battlefield, like switches or pressure plates, or just roll a boulder off a cliff. Crumbling Useful for the demons if you can make Golem units. Might make this specific to walls and structures and make Erosion for terrain features. Forgetfulness Unit forgets commands as you give them. Not the same as confusion since they'll still find demons terrifying, but they might just run away from them, or start picking flowers. Fading The unit is fading away! You need to slay the demon before the effect takes hold or it be as though they never existed! Adaptation An obnoxious enemy that adapts itself to your tactics: Heavy Magic user? Too bad it has high magic defense all of a sudden! Using archers? The high speed and heavy hits are gonna do a number on you then. A bane to mini-maxed troop deployments, but easily thwarted by a well-balanced party. Oh, and I really like that idea someone posted about a Monster that eats names. Sounds amazing.
  8. What I remember from playing Ogre Battle 64 back when it came out was: 1. This is a really cool game. 2. Multiple endings?? This game is too long to be having multiple endings. 3. Why does walking across this battlefield take so dang long!? I do like the idea of, say, someone dying and then being chosen by whatever gods there may be to come back as some sort of divine warrior.
  9. Sounds good to me! I think the Ranger thing could end up being iffy, but I could see a morale bonus after a major victory. The whole "Momentum of War" concept.
  10. What if you had a hallway sort of thing you could go to that had paintings of all the heads of the house throughout history? And then maybe from the main menu you could have a "Hi-Score" kind menu where it would have pictures for like "Hero with the most kills" "Longest lived hero" "Hero of the greatest strength" things like that.
  11. I actually enjoyed the lack of customization in XCOM. The fact that every recruit was assigned to you "as is" and the only was to make them the class you wanted was to play them that way was amazing. It was a great synergy of the game making the character and myself making the character. I mean, I never would have, on my own, decided to make my Iraqi Sniper chick in red armor the hero of the game, but as the game progressed I started viewing her and this one British dude as my two main characters. If I had designed the characters it could have taken 5-20 minutes and ended up with results little better. I'm sure there will be name customization though, like you can input a given name. Also also, it would make sense to me that the player makes their own hero to start and is thrown into a world of all the other heroes and bloodlines that backers and the developers have made. So, I imagine you'll be able to make your first character, but after that customization will be limited to their name and possibly hairstyle. But hair colour would be genetic, for sure. That was one of the cool things in Fire Emblem and Record of Agarest Wars, how your descendant would have hair colour based on the person you had marry the character.
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