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  1. Okay but there is a chance no doubt syd
  2. The only policy change I've heard of was removing the patching fee for 360 games (and they didn't even say whether that extended to the Xbox One or not). As far as I know, there's been no word on them changing their policies towards indie self-publishing. If you watched E3 you'll know they've changed alot with there polices. Before assuming something please sir read about it.
  3. I swear i've heard they've changed there polices.
  4. Well then i guess march down to there door and knock it down demanding we sall have more DLC
  5. Will you guys remake Iron Brigade for Xbox ONE i am so eager to know since they made big improvements for the Xbox ONE and with the new Xbox 360 i'm wondering are you guys planning on it.?
  6. so iwas wondering will there be any future dlc or tu? i love the game i would like to see some changes.
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