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  1. i can second that, hillbilly #5 is next to eels basin, with this combination of characters at least! btw #4 is in a small cave after u drop down into the pyramid section. u have to dive with the hillbilly there, then u find it to the right! greetings all! bad1080
  2. yep u were totally right! i forgot something! exit is open and all good! thanks a lot!
  3. sorry i don't quite understand the question. i try to describe it more: when you're up there meditating with the monk (last quest), to widen your view (so the camera zooms out) you can then see a stick to your right holding up a big rock. you can break that stick with your power/skill, then the rock falls down. you can then push the rock to the right to reach the rope. so i think you cant complete that puzzle without completing the previous part (the meditation) because otherwise you're not able to even see the stick... i hope that's what u wanted to know. if not and u tried to point out something different please try to describe it more or differently!? anyway thanks for the answer!
  4. hi all! i was just going through the monastery and i may be unable to finish the quest. i did the following: -go up with the carpets -climb up with the monk to do the meditation -break the thingy, push the rock, climb the rope >but then< -i went down to the exit and tried to open it with the monks skill -i went back up the hill to talk to the master again, because i figured out thats what i was missing -tried to ring the chimes or bells again with my skill but nothing happens, i mean they ring but my master isnt reacting or anything... -i went back down to see if i could open the exit now but sadly i dont! then i read the quide/walkthrough to see if i was missing anything but it seems i just may have done it in the wrong order... so is there a way for me to proceed or do i have to start over again (which would suck...)? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks for reading! kind regards bad1080
  5. i just thought of that myself and wanted to give it a try just now, when ur answer arrived ^^ thanks to you too! i am going to test that right away now! edit: yea that works! but it is not quite clear, would have been easier with an option 'controller /keyboard /mouse' or something like that. thanks again! and i already got an new problem ^^ but i gonna need a new thread for that...
  6. hi and thanks for the reply! yea i tried that, but maybe i was doing it wrong or didnt understand how it is working... i tried the following: -pushing a button on my pad so second player would come up -'selecting' player 1 by pushing input button on keyboard or mouse -press esc then 'drop player' all i could do i drop out player 2 with the pad controls, anything other than that sadly didnt work... what am i doing wrong? maybe i need to switch player 1 and 2 before drop out but i dunno how to do that?!? thanks again!
  7. hi all! wow my 'new topic' button just arrived - must be shipped from asia or something... ^^ my question is: is there any way to get a somewhat descent controller support on pc? maybe i am just doing something wrong here but this is my problem: -i have the game on steam -i want to use a xbox 360 controller (cable) on win7 (x64) -when i start the game it recognizes the controller just fine (configuration wise), but only as player 2... well there is no player 2 here, i just want to play on my own (forever alone *sniff) -if i click on drop out player (or whats it called) in the menu, it drops the pad player / player 2. player 1 is always on keyboard and mouse so i want to play single player with my pad, thats all. maybe there is an easy solution for that i just overlooked. or there is an easy fix i could use. thanks anyway for reading and in advance for any help! kind regards bad1080
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