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  1. Seeds need to be good against something, they are already extremely weak as is, having the hunters be able to 1 shot them from across the map would make them even more pointless(I have not played the game in a while so if they now need 2 hits then maybe change it?). Also the game is balanced for using all of the classes, changing the game due to a optional restriction seems counter intuitive to me. The natural counter for Seeds is the Alchemist. Anyway seeds seem fine as is to me.
  2. Update: I started over and have some new thoughts. I think the biggest thing that hindered me is the Caber/alchemist the lack of stun really hurts. I love the shadowjack that is a sweet class. The Hunter/Alchemist is also a really cool class long range AOE is sweet. I like the Alchemist/hunter as it brings back the old cross and gives them even more damage. The Alchemist/caber is better the more I play them but sometimes I am unclear if a bomb will stun maybe make a stun icon like the blast and eye, other than that cool class. So yea other than the Caber/alchemist the other classes are cool have not tried the Hunter/caber Caber/Alchemist needs stun it is the main thing that caberjacks do. Either give them knock back, the shadowjacks have it and stealth stun is awesome, or buff the hell out of the AOE caber attack.
  3. The strict upgrade is an interesting idea. Maybe have it work like the psionic training in Xcom, u send your guy away for 5ish years he comes back with a new class and like Xcom another skill tree with the new class skills. That way they would still have all of their original class skills plus the new ones that would need to be leveled up. Maybe have the XP on their new skill tree relative to their level so a lv 10 hero would have a full skill tree. It would be an early research/building maybe unlocks with the crucible.
  4. I disagree with you on the pure classes, in the game you want to the leveling up your bloodline heroes. They give relics and you can marry them between houses to further get advantage or they could be the next regent. The only time you want to recruit more heroes is if you are running out of heroes, as before the XP buff research they start at lv 1 reducing the lv of future generations. A long winded way of saying that you do not want to recruit heroes if possible it sets you back on research and XP. My problem with this system is that you set up a keep with whatever cabers in my case. Then you build another keep 1st thing, in my play through it was alch. So now I am producing cabers and alch. Now when a regent dies I since I have 2 houses will marry the other one into it since they will most likely be the highest level. So now I have Cabe/alch and Alc/cabber. This will contuinue to happen until I make a 3rd house and prob put a hunter in there to get the full classes. Basically the system seems force you into using hybrid classes and the same ones at that, until your kingdom is stable enough to have 3 keeps then you have more options. As for the Brewtalist again they seem cool but the knockback never did much for me and if they were a regular alchemist i could throw 2 bombs with the new AOE spread and possibility kill 2-4 pawns in 1 turn. I completed a game of massive chalice and the alchemists were the MVP of my run due to after they get leveled they do a lot of damage and there melee is good. But again if I could have 1 or 2 of them and a few Alchemists then it would be cool but having only brewtalists is not cool.
  5. I have just played a bunch and I have some thoughts on a few of the hybrid classes. I did not get to the late game with any of them and I had a caber and alchemist houses so I only have feedback on those classes. First off the game needs a way to let the player use Pure classes. after the 1st 40ish years you are primary getting heroes from the keeps. If you have 3 keeps for the base classes there is no way to get a pure class except by recruitment or to have 2 keeps of the same class. A suggestion is to at marriage have the option to produce children of only regents class. This would last until the regents death and you can choose again when you pick a new regent. Blastcapper: caber/alchemist: This class feels bad, the lack of stun which is the cabers main focus really hurts them. The lack of knockback makes them very vulnerable to ruptures. The AOE attack they get instead is very situational and does not do that much damage a buff is needed. maybe give them back knockback and move AOE to lv 4 or give the AOE a limited knockback?? Did not get to far up the skill tree because the game is hard now. Alchemist/Caber (forgot the name): This class also feels bad, it is primary due to the knock back bombs. Maybe I do not have enough practice using them but they don't do much for me most of the time. They do little damage and the removal of free throw makes using them risky because it takes up your whole turn. The 2 melee skill is cool. Maybe buff the bomb to auto stun but do no damage? would make them feel more caberjackish. Those are the only 2 classes I got to play much with my hunter house did not produce a child in the 25 years they were married. Also is is just me or is the accuracy down for all of the heroes, it seems like they are missing all the time.
  6. First off I love the game and these are the my take aways from my first play through Long post. There is a lot of automation that needs to be in place for Massive Chalice. There should be a way to set default equipment and a way to default leveling up heroes. It does not take long but when you are doing it 30 times or more a game it becomes a hassle. Relics I love the relics, to me they are the Xcom like soldiers I got attached to. I would always look to see who had the Equalizer and put them in my party. So on that end it would be cool if they had their own skill tree. I do not know what they would be but it would be cool.There needs to be an icon showing that a hero has a relic in the management screen. I know you can sort by relics and click on them to see if they have a relic but it should be easier to tell if they have one. On multiple times during my play through accidentally gave a hero 2 relics. Maybe also put a relic section in the capital so you could better manage relics. Speaking of relics it would be cool if there was relic armor also. This would make researching cadence weapons more of a priority because sometimes you would need to research them due to having mostly armor relics because whenever I got a relic that is what I used.Also the relics should scale in starting XP with the hero that made it, this would make latter created relics useful.I have posted previously about having stats and a family tree for the relics and I still think that would be awesome. Items The items are cool but there needs to be a way so that all classes can carry 2 items. The only items I used throughout the entire game, were the health potion, upgraded health potion, and the Vitaliband. Most of the items are too situational to be used. If everyone could carry 2 items, you would have more options to carry the more situational items or maybe I would just put health and vitaliband on everyone idk. This would also free up the Alchemists to take the throw item skill, which seems cool but why would you get that instead of 2 items. This problem with the items made it so I did not even research most of them. Strategic layer The 3 strikes system worked well, I lost a few regions during the play through and it ended up creating some choice. The only problem with the system is that it makes the battle rewards not matter as much due to the corruption being more of a focus. This might not be too much of a problem but it was just something I noticed. I like the region bonuses for the outside regions gives a little risk reward. Classes Caberjack: Very good class, the stun slam skill needs to be buffed, the extra movement from the charge skill is way more useful. Ramcap caber is too good, I did not even research the Timefist one. Ramcap is almost as good as the relics. I would balance by reducing the damage of the ramcap, it will still be good because it can stun for days. Never used their special armor just the upgraded regular ones. Alchemists: Still my favorite class, area damage is good. Never researched the cadence weapons for them as I had relics for all of them. They killed everything during the last battle. Skills work pretty well though I quickly found my path. Acid, 2 items, bees. Hunters: Cool scouts and long range fighters but found myself only using 1 in my party. Used Veil armor to stealth everywhere, seems like the only real option so buff other amours or nerf it. The piercing shot weapon needs an upgrade the damage reduction makes it not that good. Skills are cool like how they are the natural Bulwark killer. One thing that sucks about them is that they are the only class that does not guarantee damage. PUt it Down, Flarearrow, and Deadeye. Keep attacks I love the concept but on the ones where my regents are separated from the party they just die every time. A little frustrating but not too bad. Never had Sagewrights guild or Crucible attacked. Final battle Love the battle, kind of funny I did not even know about the Resurrection mechanic until reading the forums because non of my heroes died during it. I love how the Alchemists can refill their flasks, lets you really mess stuff up. It has been said before but an indication of how many waves are left would be helpful. Difficulty Seemed really easy at first, but around when the advanced cadence came in picked up in difficulty but was never "Hard". Lost a total of maybe 6 heroes in the tactical battles. Already talked about the individual cadence in another post and my stance has not changed. Traits I love the traits but wish first off there are more of them, there were good and bad parts to a trait, like brute gives plus damage in the battlefield but reduced XP gain. Or some thing I would like more traits that effect the strategic layer like gives more XP when training troops, or less or will not become a sagewright ect. I also wish family members got a bonus for fighting together. It would be cool if there was a cadence that mutated a trait whenever they hit someone that would be sweet, You could throw out an asthmatic and hope for a better trait lol. Standards: Fine, but the Xp added to trainees: 0.558 per day does not make that much sense or just looks weird maybe put that for each year to give a better looking number? Maybe something to add for next game or expansion but I had an idea for a dynamic house history that would be generated whenever an important event happened something like this In the year 1 House Berthiaume was found by X and X. They had a child, X In year x. Sadly X was killed in battle by X in the year X but he/she left behind the relic x. something like that, you could read it and it would have the history of that house and you could have the names as links so that you could look at them again. Just an idea. Anyway this has gone on way longer than I thought I probably will not play another game until it is fully out and I am very much looking forward to hybrid classes.
  7. I like the Sagewrights Guild as a concept but one thing that needs to be made clearer is Intuition. This stat reduces the time it takes to research stuff but it is not clear by how much. What is the difference between 10 and 15 intuition? You can keep the stat but underneath it say like Intuition 12: reduces research time by 10%. This would make the decision to retire the heroes there easier because you would know the exact benefit of doing so, right now its like ok it seems like I need to have it full and it will benefit me by doing so but I'm not really sure by how much.
  8. I found them to be good/decent early game. In the early game you are fighting a lot of seeds usually one bomb can kill 2 or even 3 seeds if you get the right position and ruptures can just be tanked with cabers. Also you have to pick the time to use the bombs, if you can kill the pawn another way and save the bomb do it, if you bring 2 alchemist that gives you 10 bombs it takes a lot of turns to use them especially if you are using cabers, hunters, and their melee attack to conserve bombs. Also their basic attack is pretty good.
  9. Get an Alchemist relic to lv 10 and they do tons of damage usually with free throw they can kill an advanced lapse or rupture in one turn, also their weapon does good melee damage too right now 25-30 along with the acid and with upgraded armour they can kindof tank. With the ability to carry 2 items they are also the healers of the group and have increased HP with that other item. I have also been getting swarmed lately so doing good AOE damage is a plus. Hunters are also great and a god send against Bulwarks I use them to stealth scout and then the Alchemists can rain bombs from a distance usually from behind cover. I kindof use them like I did the Snipers in Xcom very powerful but I only really use 1 in a squad also might be due to having only 1 hunter relic.
  10. New update now 10 hours in it defiantly gets harder the farther you get in When a regent/standard dies and also has a relic make the appoint new regent/standard be first i have accidentally given the wrong people relics when i wanted them to take the new post. I think this is due to when I am reading the message and see regent so and so has died and i am automatically thinking of assigning the new post. make relics starting lv scale with the hero that gives it, relics that are made in year 200ish in game are pretty much worthless due to not wanting to lv them up. I hate craddles they have soo much life and hit like a truck, maybe fine but when you are fighting like 3 at a time a bit much. Keep battles make it so i can outfit the regents at the deploy screen. Have an upgrade to the health potion, after a while 10 health is nothing, maybe research to make it 20 or be able to carry 2. Flare arrow is really the only option at its lv make the other one better somehow. The bone crossbow needs a buff i think never seems to do much. If there is a popup message on the strategic layer and I hit X, cancel the message and do not send me to the place seems like a bug. Also do the final lv armour negate the acid damage of the ruptures? Would be cool to have a family tree for the relics, you could see all the heroes that used it through the ages maybe set up like the faimly tree is right now for the heroes or make a new tab in the capital that would be called relics. Also stats for how may pawns the relics have killed would be cool to see how may pawns my badass thrower "Equalizer" has taken out over the ages. Anyway I need to go to sleep lol but this game hooked me like new Xcom did and I stayed up until the late night playing it. uploaded pic of how UI might work.
  11. Thanks Brad for replying to my post Anyway I have now played it passed the half way point and have fought the Advanced Bulwarks. Those guys are hard, they hit hard and take forever to kill glancing hits suck against them. It seems like when you get to the advanced pawns the game really starts. One thing I do not like is that in the later levels you just get swarmed with bad guys. It seems like there are too many dudes, maybe cut down on the number and buff them? Another thing I find funny is that people where saying the Alchemist suck I got one with a lv 10 relic and he just kills everyone. I actually find hunters to be the worst class, at least on my 1st play through. Update: The caber corrosive weapon is insanely good, it makes me wounder why bother leveling relics, maybe nerf the base damage or something.
  12. More feedback after playing some more: 1. There needs to be a popup in battle when your relics level up! 2. I do not think you should be able to build multiple crucibles it seems weird that you can have multiple "Standards". 3. There should be a way to set default equipment for classes, it takes too much time equiping new heroes and you do it so much. Also can seeds still form up into the big guy? I had a map with like 20 of them and they never did.
  13. Hi everybody first off I love the game and I am excited for it getting even better in the coming months. FYI long post. Character classes: I love each class and I think all of them have uses, the Caberjacks are my favorite and I am looking forward to hybrid classes (those are still coming right?). Cadence: Right now the game seems a little easy I do not know if it is because I have played a lot of Turn based strategy games but the Pawns do not do that much damage. I have only had 1 person die and that only happen when my alchemist missed and one shot my caberjack lol. I only have the 1st armor upgrade unlocked and maybe the game gets harder. Ruptures: These guys are cool but they do so little damage around 3 that 1 caberjack can just tank like 3 of them then use a health potion and be fine. I think a damage increase to around 5 or increase the acid puddle damage. Lapses: Scary dudes with the XP drain love the concept again they do little damage. Bulwarks: These guys suck lol having to slowly kill them but again I love the concept. Again they do so little damage usually 1 damage against my caberjacks maybe have them shoot twice a turn? Wrnklers: The Scariest dudes in the game so far I love and fear them Research: The big problem I have with this aspect of the game is the items. So far I have only research the health potion and I think there need to be a reasearch option so everyone can carry 2 items. In Xcom it started off with only the support could carry 2 items just like the alchemist right now. That made it so that you only used a small sub set of the items in Xcom i.e. Medkits, scopes, maybe grenades, and stun rod. When the expansion came out everyone was able to carry 2 items it allowed you to bring in more nuanced items. Make this a reasurch item maybe off a grow pawn or something. Another thing about the research is it seems weird that you can not build a building and research something at the same time. It might break the balance but maybe allow it? Suggestions 1. In the deploy screen when selecting a hero put arrows on the sides of the screen that when selected go to the next hero, kind of annoying to back out of the screen to select the next hero. 2. Have the amount of pawns killed somewhere on the hero info screen, I like to see how many pawns,aliens, ect my favorite hero has killed. Might be in there somewhere but I have not found it. Also put a description of how the hero died when looking at old dead heroes. 3. Relics are super cool, I know they talked about making them distinct but that really needs to happen. 4.Traits are also rad but it is hard to tell if they are doing anything, one suggestion I have is that if they proc in battle such as you got a crit hit, dodged,ect because of that trait then the name of the trait would pop up like a critical hit. 5. Maybe have a kingdom overview screen that could tell your total population, number of men, women ect. This would make it easier to see if you have a shortage of one gender and other information. Anyway great game!
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