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  1. Hey DF! I didn't know about the layoffs. That's rough... And I'm curious if there will be a post-mortem episode 20? Surely. Because y'all will win all kinds of awards. Because you are beasts!! Congrats on finishing.
  2. Got it; next time I'm in germany and someone's about to get hit by a buss or a fast moving airlock door I'll yell out ACHTUNG MEOW!
  3. I just finished Part 1. Brilliant style. Looking forward to playing Part 2 very soon.
  4. Hey Double Fine and fellow fans. I was a slacker backer, and have only just caught up in the last week. This is my first post! 1) What a rush! 2 Player and Double Fine are taking me for a ride. I thought Amnesia Fortnight was a blast. This is 10x crazier. 2) Sad to see this sort of struggle, but I can't think of a job I ever did where this didn't happen. Good companies always make space for making the cooler product even if it cuts a little into profits. In the long run, Broken Age will sell more copies. The idea of selling early reminds me of the TellTale games which ended up working out for them after Walking Dead. So, it could be done. All right. Kickstarter funds not making enough? Nah. Not asking for enough to start with? Not since they didn't know this would happen. In one of the first episodes they said Stacking / Brutal Legend took millions to make. I'd say keep those budget people on board and be really careful with Massive Chalice because it made one third of the money that Broken Age did. And for whatever project comes on AFTER both of these games, maybe things will go better. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON. Edit: Elsewhere in the adventure game world, KickBack a team of two just spent two years on their adventure game for iOS: http://www.kickback-studios.com
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