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  1. I love your games Double Fine,I have pshyconauts,The Cave,Brutal Legend,costume quest and many more. Iam also eagerly awaiting the upcoming titles Doublefine Adventure and Massive Chalice. Now you tried so many diffrent genres aswell adventure,action and rpg and more. What is next DF, I would love too see a Horror game or atleast a DF take on the horror genre would be awsome.
  2. I have not backed up that many yet and sadly I have missed out on the current doublefine projects(Gonna do better in the future DF I promise) But backed up some projects on both Kickstarter and Indigocrowdfunding. Indigo: DreadOut Horror Game(Funded) Ghost of a Tale looks to be a interesting fantasy game with animals as main cast(funded) Kickstarter: Akaneiro Demon Hunter(Funded) Shadow of the eternals(in progress) LFG the fork of truth - looked to be a fun fantasy action/rpg based on the comic with same name (sadly unsuccesful)
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