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  1. Lazy backer communication suggestion

    Meeting minutes would be a god send. I have fallen drastically behind in recent weeks due to work and family and would love just an abbreviated notes on major points hit during the team stream, it doesnt have to be sent by email it could just be posted by moderators up on the MC team updates. It's not that I don't enjoy the team stream they are freaking awesome but minutes would be a huge help.
  2. The Inheritage of Visuals and Possible Mutations

    Im going to disagree with the whole concept of customization, games are fun based on the mechanics the game is based on. Facial cutsomization, increased poly count ect. are all just flowery decorations. Those features wont improve the quality of the game but may improve the initial experience. You may certainly bring it up in the team stream, but I dont think its gonna fly. I think you missed out on the larger aspect that doublefine studios like any and all studios need investment to run. Extending the time it takes to "make the game better" may not be feasible. D
  3. More Enemy Types

    In general I think that's what both Val and I were implying with an increase in enemy units. I'm pumped that we get so many options for our PC's but we were only concerned that with such a limited pool of enemies the variability of the first campaign might become stagnant let alone following playthroughs. It is very hard to script competent AI's. There are enormous studious which pour tons of money into it and still get a marginal product. Look at CIV 5, their combat AI is hardly worth playing aginst. I mean I do all the time because I am hopelessly addicted to CIV but that doesnt mean I enjoy it. The ways of getting around the AI problem is what has been described above. First like Blood stated you can script pre-estblished combos that maximize the potential of computers units. The issue then becomes a question of balance. As blood also state if the AI is designed to to swap your highest valued unit into 3 primed suicide pumpkins this is undoubtedly an effective strategy both in the immediate battle and long term by wiping out your best character in the match and preventing him from siring progeny. However this is a terrible strategy because its a D* move. Getting your guys one shot by a min/maxing AI is less than fun. Some folks like this kind of challenge as it presents a very real danger to winning the game. To the casual player its a swift kick to the fun. For the puppetmaster players( who like to control all aspects of the game both in winning and losing) its enough to send them into apoplectic fit. A second solution is what others including myself have suggested in a variation in the abilities any single enemy will have or use in a particular battle. This is not the same as having access to all abilities and just not using some through random chance but through willful restriction of those abilities before the match begins. This adds a great deal of "non random" randomness (if that makes any sense at all.) I know that pumpkin suicide demon CAN blow up or maybe he will use his pumpkin powers to stun my heroes, and not be able to explode at all this game. The same effect can be achieved by increasing the total number of enemies with discrete roles or abilities. Since it appears that we will not get over 9000 demons I would be satisfied with either demons be allowed randomized access to their abilities or a progressively attaining abilities as the game goes on. Forever your humble puppetmaster TheMarinoMagic P.S. The blob monster was not meant to be a parasitic demon not a supertank. It was supposed to gain strength at the expense of the heros it attached to simultaneously weakening them.
  4. More Enemy Types

    While most of Valiance's posts are the ravings of a madman, this one I can really agree with. Having a limited number of monsters drastically cuts down on replay ability. You guys keep talking about discovering a variety of fun ways to play but with such a limited number of monsters that expression of different character types essentially becomes muted. I can bash in a spore's sphere skull with a caber jack, or cut it down with a vanguard but it becomes boring if its always the same spore. Having additional monsters with unique abilities or mechanics forces one to experiment with a variety of playstyles. Tactics and strategies that might work on one compliment of enemies might not on another. I believe it will become immediately apparent in play testing that having too few a variety of enemies will make progression very boring. Here are some quick solutions that might save some animation money Idea #1 As heros level enemies also increase in difficultly not only in hp and damage but unlock abilities as the game progresses. You get to keep the same models (maybe some minor variations ie color scheme or some minor cosmetic changes.) So you arent fighting clones the entire game. You can reuse the same attack animations just have different status effects applied on the heroes. Idea #2 Add additional monsters Monster idea: Tumor blob guy: Growth A chance on attack to attach itself to the attacked hero paralyzing it taking stats & hp from that character to improve its own. can only be knocked off by an ally. to make it creepy maybe just add a whole bunch of crazy teeth and eyes like some hp lovecraft horror. Ghost ash/rust guy: corrosion Disintegrates into dust to move. Cannot attack and cannot be attacked while moving. okay the dust effect will take some coding but its a fun mechanic Emergency idea please don't do this unless the games future is likely compromised make additional monsters available for DLC. Good source of income, wont affect expected delivery date and is a fantastic source of revenue for modest amount of work.
  5. Relics: Massive Enough?

    I'd have to agree with Blood on this one. It seems rather pointless to struggle so hard to come up with a new naming schema for a world that doesnt even exist. Lord and Lady I feel are appropriate designations to quickly designate a specific rank and Identify a gender. IT seems odd to apply historical connotations to a modern fantasy game. Further applying male and female gender identifiers to the classes seems rather dumb. There are male soldiers and female soldiers. There are no soldierettes because that is both ridiculous and demeaning.
  6. Fertility

    Im a Civ fanatic, Brave new world has got to be one of the best iterations of the game, Rome 2 however I have not tried due to all the bleeting on game breaking bugs and looooooong processing times between turns. CKII can be a grind but I found it to be most often the case if one were doing constant reloads when your leader kicked the bucket and all your vassals turned against you in the middle of/just after some brutal holy war. CK2 has been brought up but the way people go on about traits and reproduction I figured it would simply be easier to point to the most logical parallel I've found in gaming. For a large part it appears that massive chalice will have that match making system to roll your combat classes the way you want, at least to a partial extent. One question that has been bugging the hell out of me is exactly how many battles a single character can potentially fight in his lifetime. Have the dev's discussed this at all? If its only 1 or 2 I would be extremely troubled.
  7. Fertility

    I think you guys really need to take a look at CK2. They have a reproduction system that is spot on to what you guys are talking about. However they did mention that when developing the system and included child mortality and women dying in child labor it made it impossible to generate a dynasty. You'd have 15 kids and 4 wives (in succession) out of which maybe one offspring survive (assassinations also helped create this outcome), god help you if it was a girl. So they decided not to include dying in childbirth and reduced infant mortality to a much lower level. Play Ck2 its a masterful grand strategy game and basically has the trait system, dynasty, and inheritence through keeps that Massive chalice is going for.
  8. The Immortal Ruler's Adviser!

    Scrap the immortal emperor and get it on with an autonomous collective, monty python style. In all seriousness. Why not just have a former character player who racked up the most honor ie killing the most enemies be the advisor. His portrait is ghostly or something. Wooo spooky ghost dad WOOOOOOOOO. Advisers get periodically replaced as you progress through the game. update: Everyone else had the same idea first and fleshed it out better than I did, Therefore I am fully throwing my support behind the autonomous collective.
  9. The Art Dump: Inspirations for Massive Chalice

    Whelp, there goes feeding ducks at the pond.
  10. Trieste on Human and Demon magic MO' MAGES MO' PROBLEMS

    These were simply examples. I was thinking more from a skill tree you had to research from. What might be a difference between an early game ability and late game ability. There was always talk about researching demon tech from the dev's. If you are going to have research there should be a logical progression from early to late game. That early abilities would more than likely be inferior to late game abilities. I thought you might also be able to research some new character ability along side or directly opposed to that demon. If each class simply starts off with class based ultimates, I guess you wouldn't need to research human abilities. I only trying to think of a system that was relatively easy to implement without too much extra programming or animating. Although modeling and then coding your summoned ancestor sort of defeats that purpose. Ill be honest id just be happy if they only included the corruption mechanic I listed above.
  11. Trieste on Human and Demon magic MO' MAGES MO' PROBLEMS

    Dear blood bridle, thank you for not tearing my post a new one(just kidding). Also awesome comic(manga?) it definitively has a massive feel to it. While I'm all for having your ancestors being used tactically in combat, I'm not sure how id feel to think about them more like bullets. Further if you had one of their relics and then used them as a spirit gun (yuyuhakusho) would the relic still work? I'm all for corruption affecting how one could interact with his ancestors or spirit magic, an imposed penalty or outright inability if corruption gets too high. Thanks Malcolm I'm not sure if the dev team still need game mechanics but I thought the idea was pretty cool.
  12. Livestream Feedback: Class Design

    I think they only really meant it as a brain storming/ using forum member feedback, but by and large the 5th class isn't nailed down. Lets go retarius! Although maybe a different take like a mancatcher, or a partizan instead of just a spear or trident? Really work that CC angle.
  13. Accrediation to Valiance for his help in fleshing out these ideas. It strikes me one of the most obvious differences/themes you could show between demons and humans and they type of magic witch they use. I love the idea behind ancestors leaving behind their weapons and such as relics to combat demons. Therefore I would propose that human magic essentially comes from spirits of their ancestors. Human magic in could be activatible skills or spells that grant passive buffs and bonus's in combat. Casting of these "spells" would exhaust "spirit". Here are a couple examples Vanguard Early spirit spell "Guided strike" +25% chance to hit on next attack Late game spell "Ancestral incarnation" Summons your ancestor to fight by your side for 3 turns. Arbalist Early game Spirit spell "spirit veil" stealthed for 2 turns Late game Spirit spell "One in a million kid!" automatic 400% crit I never much liked the idea of a single class of being able to warp reality by thinking it IE magic users. How could any society exist where they don't rule everyone else who cant turn their air around their enemies to acid. In this way each character reinforces their connection to their ancestors. They are with them in battle both both by the relics they passed down and striking at their immortal enemies from beyond the grave. One could differentiate between class skills and class spells by their ability to continuously use a skill after a cooldown while a spell would have a finite amount of spirit each character had. That said I think there is still a place for demonic magic being used by the hero. This magic is inherently more direct but comes with a price. Instead of using up natural human spirit it applies corruption to the hero that used them. This corruption would come in the form of counters. at the end(or begining) of every turn the number of corruption counters gives a percent chance at some ailment or debuff, The larger the number counters the increased likelihood of incurring lower ranked debuffs, as well as opening up the possibility of permanent negative traits that could prove totally debilitating to the character encouraging you to retire them early to the keep to sire their replacements. You could have both generic and class specific impairments Caberjack Middle tier demon spell "Demonic Arm" doubles damage while in effect +3 corruption counters every turn Debuff risk Low "Demonic withdrawal" 1 Damage every turn Medium "Atrophy" Cannot perform attacks for the rest of the battle High Possessed limbs Will only attack allies Catastrophic Cripple(trait) Can no longer fight Corruption on the strategic level Valiance really bought up the idea on making corruption a permanent aspect of your character. Where its not just on a battle by battle basis but you are making that corruption part of you and it affects how those under you view you. Are you a paragon of humanity and the forces of light only using "natural" forces of spirit. Or are you some kind of horrific deviant bordering on demonic collaborator. Abusing demonic magics and spreading their filth to what lands the humans still hold. This can have the effect of reduced resource gain, to open rebellion by peasants (additional battles against other humans also wielding spirit abilities) to having the Immortal emperor stripping a family of its nobility ending its line! The last few members still available to you are shamed and shunned Ronin who will end their days dishonored and forgotten on some distant battlefield. Lastly(sorry this was so long!) A cool little mechanic could be that if one of your family members dies while heavily corrupted they could return later on as a demon bent on bringing "enlightenment" to their former human brothers and sisters as a demon themselves. It wouldn't even have to be very hard. Take an established demon give him the name of the corrupted family member and some buffs or a random unique ability. Malifor the fallen Galen the betrayer Daniel the duplicitous I believe this magic system will help create more thematic cohesion to the game. Will your ancestors proudly fight by your side protecting the innocent from the ravages of the demonic tide. Or will they stand against you corrupted and broken. Unliving embodiments of the fate that awaits all men should you fail. Valiance will be posting our idea for a 5th class shortly that will fit well into this non mage world. No it isnt a bard. $%@! Bards. To be honest I did not read crystalvala post but he/she had a similar thought process that came to mind. So I guess retroactive credit to them.
  14. On managing bloodlines with minimal keeps

    I find the the idea of possibly losing some of your starting bloodlines because of keep restriction...wasteful. A look into how crusader kings 2 manages noble families beneath your character might work really well. Each keep would still have a primary lord and lady, however in each keep there could be families to serve as a pool of heroes in case a blood line were to become extinguished or enfeebled due to lack of combatants. I believe there can be a lot of potential in here. The creators are obviously limited by budget but here are some slap dash ideas 1)The lords of the major houses (keeps) get superior exp gain., prestige, greater bloodline powers/relics. Their offspring can be paired off by the immortal king and are managed directly by the player. The minor houses could get essentially dumbed down relics and their pairings are essentially randomized by the computer. In this way you have potential noble families ready to be promoted if their liege lords bloodline begins to falter. 2) This ranked system could also play around a little with different keeps giving a different flavor to heroes that are born there. 3) perhaps a diplo system between the nobles in those houses vying for the honor of fighting the demons personally, the creators already stated the different keeps will all be focused on fighting demons but maybe a basic +/- system to determine who can become the next lord of that keep. It might be a little combination of xcom and CK2. The minor houses would be noticibly weaker than any major house since the carry over of exp from previous generations would be lower, but it wouldnt be a total bust like in xcom where you are sending rooks out to die like so many redshirted storm troopers if your main guys bite the dust.