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  1. Like Potato I did a lot of Beta testing, and am a bit burned out. I have 90 hrs logged on steam, which obviously doesn't count any time I spent not logged into or synced to steam. Granted steam will be an overestimate if I ever left MC running in the background, but that was pretty damn rare. So I'm at least 90 hrs invested, if not more--maybe double that being plausible. Sadly when I hit a snag in my Iron playthrough on retail I just lost steam. This is not a failing of MC--it actually happens to me a ton in any Iron type game. I love the mode for how intense it makes things, but a loss sets me back in playtime unless I have friends egging me on. I quit Diablo 2 for months after losing a high level HC Amazon to Hell Cows and lag. I'm not much of a completionist; I don't care about achievements or seeing the end screen. I'm many multiples of hundreds of hours into XCOM and never actually saw the end screen, so if--when--I do come back to MC it won't be for completionist purposes, it'll be because it's a fun game with a very unique design. For me the fun had playing it is independent of whether you "finish" the game or not.
  2. Yeah I think more item slots and lower research times might encourage more item diversity. As a brutal/iron player not sure items play a critical role in my strategy. Health Potions and Ultralixers. Maybe Wunderpants to stop heroes dropping from 10 to 9 in the last few fights. I used to like the old vitalibands. I think you can get by without a lot of the items, which is sad.
  3. yeah that event outcome is *brutal*
  4. I feel like its great till its not. I'll be cruising along and then hit a wall and just teamwipe. All of a sudden I'm hugely behind because advanced cadence or a new enemy type has popped up. Difficulty could definitely be smoother. Those teamwipes can be run-ending on Ironman, which saps my enthusiasm for playing. Ironman is a double-edged sword: it makes every moment of play more intense with the threat of ultimate doom hanging over every second, but when the game actually cashes in those chips and makes you pay with actual pain and loss, it hurts so much worse! Same thing with Diablo Hardcore mode--once I quit playing for months after losing a high level character. But thems the breaks with this kind of mode, I still love it. I actually (still) think we need a brutal+ You have the people to staff a sagewrights guild early on? I can't help but think this is a highly suboptimal strategy. How well has this worked out on brutal? Beaten it yet? (I havent I hit a wall at 170 with advanced bulwarks)
  5. These were wanted, and just didn't make an initial 1.0 release due to time and budget I think. So we'll see what items future patches and DLC address! Smiles lets hope! more UI stuff: why can we only access information from the regions being attacked when the cadence incursions happen? sometimes I need information from different regions (eg amount of strikes) to determine which of the regions I should defend. Or keep and regent information.
  6. Sure thing, all contributions are welcome. something a friend mentioned: family trees for relics! ok not exactly, but if you could see all the people who have held a relic in the past by clicking on the relic, that'd be pretty cool! also more stats recorded in general. A memorial for fallen heroes and how they died. Kill records for heroes. etc
  7. I don't think the forum is big enough for multiple first impressions threads so I'll add my comments here if that's ok: UI stuff: Show the levels of the regent/partner in the hover-over screen on the main map. We get names and ages and number of trainees, but not levels. Maybe show the level/xp bar of relics in the main screen, instead of having to hunt into the EQUIP menu for it. Not sure if this already exists: maybe a END ALL button which ends your entire turn, rather than having to end turn for each hero individually.
  8. discuss build orders, tips and tricks, strategies and tactics for BRUTAL difficulty here! I'm also playing Ironmode thoughts: 1. the most common failure of a run is not enough heroes. researching the early recruitment boost might be a killer strategy in brutal. It should allow you to beef up your roster with some mid-level heroes so you can get some keeps going and become self sufficient. 2. health potions take almost no time to research and are really really useful. I recommend taking the time to research them early. They've saved my ass loads of times. 3. Most common causes of tactical failure: poor scouting and strings of misses. Use stealth to scout out the area and hide non-stealth heroes from enemies behind cover to force them to wander into you! And have a backup plan for if your caberjack knockback glances, or your brewtalist stun is off target... 4. Invest in crowd control (CC). I went with 2 alchemist houses and 1 hunter house so far this game and I am already dreading my next generation of stunless heroes. My early caberjacks became partners to my alchemists, so I was flush with brewtalists for a while, but now I'm going to have to establish a caberjack keep so I can get some stuns and knockback in my lineup.
  9. the kick ass metal riff that plays when you select brutal difficulty
  10. Probably my second msot wanted idea for the expansion pile after more enemies is: relics giving traits, stats and skills. All that stuff is already in the game, all that remains is stitching them together. So say a caber or thrower which grants hunter stealth, or a bow which grants leech stone lifesteal. Maybe a caber which gives +strength, or a thrower which gives +int. A bow which gives "bloodthirsty" or "patriotic". Maybe give cadence weapons the ability to become relics as well. So you can have "cursed relics" e.g. a thrower which grants increased damage at the cost of fertility. Or a caber which passes a curse down to all of your descendants.
  11. not sure this is expansion material, maybe its patchable, but: a difficulty above brutal! I still think veteran tactical gamers will find brutal a bit too easy.
  12. Agreed. More enemy types is the biggest thing the game needs. This has always been my biggest gripe. I also think a Long-War esque decompressed timeline would be a great option for those who feel no connection to their heroes. More battle per lifetime, longer timeline, less exp, more generations to get to level 10. etc.
  13. With only 1 item slot, at least on Hard I rarely use wunderpants. I think they're important to stop level 10 heroes de-leveling, especially in the final battle, but other than that I prefer killing wrinklers and lapses to defending against them.
  14. hey that's really awesome! do some more for the other classes?
  15. Just wanted to throw it out there that I love reading about all your playthroughs, in case you are worried that you are just writing to no one . I find all the data and your thought process very helpful. hey thanks a lot! means a lot that someone is reading and enjoying it. I *was* worried I was writing to no one There probably won't be anymore till the next patch. I'm not sure this run is salvageable. I'm tempted to go back and get 5 heroes for this fight, but if I go back that far I may as well go back and fix my strategic layer mistakes, which means I may as well go back to like year 120, which means I may as well start over, and if I'm going to do that I may as well wait for .97, which is what I'm going to do I think.
  16. Interesting point. It would be a bizarre advantage to building on the outer territories. Not that bizarre. An outer ring of fortified territories to defend the inner ring and the chalice makes sense I think? Maybe I'm not interpreting that right... I like the idea of an eternal battle. New Game+ and New Game++ would also be awesome. Maybe DLC or patches or expansions or MC II
  17. Can we get a 4th even harder difficulty? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? :3 even if its just a numbers tweak maybe call it BRUTALER? or BREWTALIST ? jokes aside, while experienced with tactics games, I consider myself a pretty mid-skill tactical player and I'm pretty comfortable on current HARD/BRUTAL, which means there are guys out there who will walk all over it. I think that final hardest difficulty level is what keeps people coming back (its what kept me going back to X-COM) and making youtube series about the game and so on. The strategic layer is tough enough with the extra corruption ticks you start with, but I think the tactics layer could really use the space to go to 11 on the 4th difficulty level. I want a tactics layer so hard there's no savescumming past it. I can get past almost everything in current HARD/BRUTAL with 2 or 3 tries. By contrast even savescumming there was no getting past XCOM Impossible difficulty unless you just got good. I'd be happy with a 4th difficulty which is just a flat numbers buff for the cadence, but starting cadence off with 1 trait each and giving advanced cadence 2 traits would be really epic. Though I know adding abilities seems to cause bugs and might be asking a lot at this late date.
  18. I was totally thinking this exact thing about level 1 relics a few weeks back: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/378718/ ITEMS GENERAL: I think item usage would be increased with more detailed tooltips on what items did, maybe with some numbers. I've never built a PERILOUS CORE. I didn't know you could throw them (that's neat) and I have no idea how much damage they do. I love the idea of an extra super-flask for alchemists with throw item/shoot item, or a self damaging skill for a buff caberjack, but I wasnt going to risk my run on an item whose payoff I was uncertain about. I never use the STEADY HANDER so I cant comment on if it needs a nerf. I might use it if I could see the numbers. VITALIBAND and HEALTH VIAL: I love the vitaliband and am not a big fan of the health vial. Probably fair to nerf the latter slightly and buff the former a bit. As it is I rarely use anything besides the vitaliband on my heroes. Part of the advantage of the vitaliband (and the steady hander) is that it's passive and always on. By contrast the health vial takes an action to use. That said, the AOE on throw/shoot items makes a perfect ultralixer worth 125 hp for the team, which is way better than a vitaliband. In the lategame for tough fights I think ultralixers with extra item slot and throw item is the way to go. Part of what makes the health vial so weak is you don't often have throw item in those early fights, which quadruples or quintiples the heal from the vials. One way to make the steady hander and vitaliband act as bandaids for heroes' weaknesses rather than augments to their strengths is to make them more effective the lower the base stat is. I think the SPONGE STONE hp decrease was way too huge for people to want to use it. Could use a buff in that aspect. -30% scared me off for sure, although it was nice symmetry with the vitaliband. I think a 50% research speed buff is dead on. I know I'd take a risk on some items if I could get research two of them between battles. Now I might not even be able to finish researching one!
  19. I agree; and I daresay there's a consensus on the two biggest issues in the strategic layer. 1. Research and building are too slow, especially rebuilding destroyed keeps. Items are too slow to research as well. 2. Fertility is too low. We don't have enough heroes to do much selection for traits. The focus is just fertility and levels, which pretty much removes the trait system from the game! Maybe periodic free hero recruitments/pilgrimages would help. Allowing keeps to build faster would help fertility as well.
  20. YEAR 263 Gave it another shot. Stealthed the caberjack and the level 5 trickshot, waited for the advanced twitchers to wander around. They wandered into me and uncovered my stealth and stunned me, but I managed to use the alchemists to kill both advanced twitchers. Took a lot of ultralixer AOE spam, but managed to heal my way through the first half of the fight. 29 enemies and 22 turns later, it's just me and and a bunch of advanced seeds (and normal seeds) and eventually they just wear me down. No more ultralixers, no sponge stone, and 1 damage a turn per seed just wore my shadowjack and boomstriker down. Really fun fight, but probably not possible with 4 heroes, one of whom is level 5 nearly 270 years in. I need to back up and at least take 5 heroes into this fight--I'll switch my research to recruit heroes over the next ellite weapon training. To be honest to do this right it's probably worth backing up to year 120 or so, to undo that stupid second sagewrights guild and play this thing right from the beginning. We got behind the level curve pretty quickly in the second half. I wanted to push through to 300, but I'm not sure we can make it!
  21. Pretty much the only way likely to get this is to recruit, or rescue Heroes in the late game. I'm pretty sure the Hybrid classes when paired with a base class, create base class offspring? I remember doing in my last game that I didn't give up on around year 130 or so. If you marry two of the same sub-class you will get the Base class. Which is counterintuitive, but makes sense for the rule that it always goes from primary class. I still think the hybrid classes are a bit confusing and should really be described as something like "Caberjack (Blastcapper)" to make clear that is what they are. Especially since this really isn't explained anywhere, and they still use the same weapons and armour Yeah, I'm playing for the first time with only three keeps (I usually use four) and its what has made me realize how hard it is to get any pure classes outside of recruiting heroes (which, as I've said before, feels like it violates the spirit of the game--the bloodlines should be enough!). Even with four keeps that really only gets you the opportunity to get one pure class every couple generations. This, on the one hand, feels like it increases replayability (you can only have so many classes easily in a game), but, on the other hand, feels like it makes the pure classes rare, which feels weird and a bit frustrating. It would be one thing if the game really seemed meant to be played with five or more keeps, but as it is with only three I"m doing fine. Aside from a recent bottleneck due to a combination of Queenmaker in every line and recent marriages between the families, I've sustained the game fairly easily. It's my one consistent concern--it feels like the diversity of bloodlines is not important enough. glad you're on my side wrt blastcappers I had issues on hard with only 3 keeps. My fertility was on a knifes edge all game, and some bad events tipped it over the edge into a spiral I don't think I ever recovered from. In any case I think 3 keeps might have been acceptable, but I don't think it was optimal. There were not enough heroes to make optimal choices in all 3 of: traits, classes and experience. 4 keeps might be the way to go. I think the game was initially meant to be played with tons of keeps. Say 8 keeps a sagewrights and a crucible. Or maybe 6 keeps and 2 of each of the others. I think stacking buildings was too powerful earlier in beta and building times for multiple buildings was nerfed hard. Right now I think it's too slow. I'm not sure you can even fill all 10 regions and even if you can, can you also keep up with items/weapons etc? Optimal setup is maybe 5 families to give you 5 relics for your vanguard? But you can also do 6 keeps: 2 keeps per family with 1 family per class. This gives your families some anti-fragility and you can pass relics back and forth and even interbreed different branches if they arent too closely related. You can also generate multiple relics for each family (I think? I havent done this yet) and get by with less keeps. So gotta play around with it a bit.
  22. Pretty much the only way likely to get this is to recruit, or rescue Heroes in the late game. I'm pretty sure the Hybrid classes when paired with a base class, create base class offspring? I remember doing in my last game that I didn't give up on around year 130 or so. hybrids x hybrids make the base class as well. The regent's primary class determines the kid's primary class, and the partner's primary class determines the kid's secondary class. So any caberjack/anything x caberjack/anything will make a caberjack/caberjack re: blastcappers I'll try them out lategame if I get there, but I'm not convinced they don't need knockback. Frankly if a class's only selling point is its funky interaction with its level 10 skill, I'm not sold. and I am the only one who thinks their explosive caber damage lags behind their melee damage? Maybe its just me?
  23. This is a very smart suggestion and I've been thinking about it for a while. For elegance of design I like the idea of the fun way being the best way--I do like your suggestion. But the best way being the best way is its own sort of fun. I *enjoy* farming xp on heroes (not to an extreme extent) but when I can, and I think being able to do so adds depth to the game. I think the current system just works, and it'd be a bit rash to overhaul it this late in the game. I think your thesis here is dead on. Easing up the fertility restrictions just a touch, and making research times a tad faster, would open up a LOT of room for players to experiment and enjoy all the parts of the game they don't get a chance to see right now. I don't mind fertility and experience being "unbalanced" mechanics vs traits, items etc, but I do think exp and fertility are a bit too stingily tuned right now. In fact I think that aspect of the strategy layer is my major balance complaint/concern.
  24. I found myself thinking about class balance a bit, and I was wondering what people thought the best and worst classes were. Who needs a nerf and a buff before retail? For my money the blastcapper is by far the worst class. A caberjack without knockback is like a fish without fins: useless. And their explosive caber seems like it's stuck doing 10-12 when their main attack is doing 30+ I used to think the best class might be the brewtalist, who has ranged AOE knockback/stun, and a double-attack skill which is good against bulwarks. But the pure caberjack is even better. Charge and Knockback give mobility and tons of CC, rebound is great for defense and more CC, Stand Ground seems like it'd be amazing against Twitchers and Kill Rage is probably the best level 10 skill in the game. Discuss. And to help you all I typed out the skill trees, because I didn't see them anywhere: ALCHEMIST (Throw Flask) Free Throw Extra Item Slot/Spirit of the Dart Falcon Throw Items/The Acid Solution Bees in a Bottle/Fertilizer Flask Mad Bomber BOOMSTRIKER (Throw Precision Flask) Free Throw Extra Item Slot/Aerodynamic Flasks Throw Items/Honed Hearing Smoke Bomb/Boom ‘n Zoom Mad Bomber BREWTALIST (Throw Knockback Flask) Hack ‘n Slash Extra Item Slot/Fury Prime Target/The Acid Solution Bladestorm/Bees in a Bottle Mad Bomber CABERJACK (Knockback) Charge Rebound/Fury Log Jam/Prime Target Stand Ground/Fortify Kill Rage BLASTCAPPER (Explosive Caber) Charge Extra Item Slot/ Fury The Acid Solution/ Prime Target Bee-bound/Fortify Kill Rage SHADOWJACK (Knockback) Stealth Move Put It Down/Rebound Log Jam/Sneak Attack Stand Ground/Honed Hearing Kill Rage HUNTER (Stealth Move) Follow Up Honed Hearing/Put It Down Flarrow/Blinding Shot Deadeye/Shoot ‘n Scoot Chalk One Up ENFORCER (Stealth Move) Knockback Arrow Honed Hearing/Point Blank Shot Stand Ground/Blinding Shot Fortify/Shoot ‘n Scoot Chalk One Up TRICKSHOT (Stealth Move) Flask Shot Extra Item Shot/Put It Down Shoot Items/Blinding Shot Dead Eye/Crop Duster Chalk One Up
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