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  1. I don't seem to have any other cookie issues. but everytime i log in (and it lets me log in) and i click on VIEW ON SITE to see the latest update, it asks me to either become a backer or log in again... im already a backer and logging in with my backper account name etc.. can't seem to read the latest update... whats with this site?
  2. Hi.. i can't see the private forums... i am pretty sure the emails are the same.. my backer payment went striaght thru paypal not thru the kickstarter website. i did try changing email to my alternate one in profile settings but it says "email not available"
  3. im new to the forums etc... just been playing MMO Justice.. great game.. my middle manager peaked at level 15.. am i right if i guess that that's it for now? judging by this thread it seems like some ppl have maxed out the levels and content? im still fighting and working my way thru the bosses and most heroes are around level 8 - 11.
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