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  1. I want Costume Quest 3

    I'd actually prefer Costume Quest 4 instead of 3. The story is much better.
  2. "Yay, we get to see how the sausage is made!!!" ...6 minutes later... "Ewwww, so THAT'S what goes into it, REALLY!?!?!" *barfs*
  3. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    He says "3rd person action adventure game". Not usually how people define side-scroller/platform, but of course those are all 3rd person as well...
  4. It seems to have detached from the body of other pitch videos. I'd like to see it again! Can anyone help?
  5. Episode 20: We Did Our Job

    That's EXACTLY what went through my mind at this shot XPTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Double fine and 2 Player Productions YOU BOTH DID FANTASTIC WORK! I'm probably in the minority who is more excited about games that are kept secret until they are finished and released, but either way you decide to go forward I'm totally cool with. I wish you the best.
  6. Steam Reviews Appear Negative

    These days I'd rather read negative reviews for reasons NOT to buy something, but I do wish like on Amazon they'd post the most helpful positive review alongside the negative one.
  7. Steam Reviews Appear Negative

    Like most rating systems, I think it'd be better to simply hide the more specific numbers. They are almost always misleading. Like thinking a person is cool because they have over a thousand facebook friends...
  8. Not a fan. He/she/it locked my favourite thread for no good reason, then mooned me. I'm scarred.
  9. please no "it was just a dream" ala Mario 2 or Lost...
  10. +1 bloopers -1 muscle men frantically panting
  11. Maybe this: I think I understand the joke now, but it was a bit challenging at first... perhaps that's some side-effect of our clamoring for the development of harder puzzles Anywho, best wishes to all, including Tim. I'm sure no harm was intended.
  12. I don't really follow gamergate and have no idea what "notyourshield" means, but it seems people are mad about some jokes being made with a sock puppet. Can anyone clue me in? I tried to find explanations but I still don't "get it". Are people making assumptions about something perhaps?
  13. There is a poll here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16577/
  14. Please vote here. I hope this helps!