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  1. Thanks alot John. I am still learning my 3D modeling and right now I am tackling texturing and modeling so I am trying to dig up some examples for quick prototype work for inspiration as well as figuring out a work flow. It is cool to see how you guys approach this stuff. Right now all this is just a hobby for me but I am hoping to make a small game in the near future.
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured I would put it here. It is sort of related to something I saw during Massive Chalices development but wasn't sure if it was worth posting in there as what I will be referring to has greater reach outside that project. During the development in the Unity prototype there was a placeholder model made of blocks that was animated. My question is was that done in Unity or was that a very simplistic model made out side of and then imported into Unity? As far as a request, if the model was made within Unity, does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to do that?
  3. For the alchemist how about combining the scoop with the big glove. The shape being reminiscent of The Maxx. Also maybe he keeps a sort of potion vending machine that draws some inspiration from this And
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