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  1. First of all, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition (with android 4.3) I have an SD Card, but it is not uses to transfer APP Data into it. It is just for my music. Anyhow, at the beginning, I had serious crashes. I managed to fix that by freeing up some space. I used to have around 200MB and now I have 1,1GB as stated above. Now when the game is running, everything is fine no crashes, only occasionally freezes. I can stop at the evening, the game, as long as it is in the memory, resumes just fine. I only have problems when I want to load the save game. Today it took arround 20 attempts. What I do is I reboot the phone, sometime it works sometime not. Most of the time I just stop the process from running, load up the game and try to load the savegame. When the game force closes, I try again until it works. But as I said before, once it manages to load the game, the game runs fine.
  2. There is a big problem with this game, it happaned for the third time in two days that the game is not able to load my savegame. So whenever I click on Load Game either immediately or after a longer wait, Middle Manger of Justice gets force closed. Sometimes a reboot solves that behaviour most of the time not. Most of the time this happens after the game exits itself automatically. My free space is 1,1 GB, so that is not the problem. What is the problem?