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  1. His Majesty says Overwatch is good and all, but there are other options when considering Ally protection. For example, the Cleric class in Fire Emblem: Awakening had the ability to "Rescue" low-hp allies from a great range. This was a great innovation and it was extremely useful during hard mode. His majesty says that he liked this better than Overwatch because in harder modes, XCom tended to be a "Move tanky char forward, overwatch everyone else kind of game." This made His Majesty sad.
  2. His majesty thinks that he will take a "Wait and see" approach at this time. Until His Majesty knows how the classes will affect gameplay, His Majesty thinks it will be futile to make an opinion on how fertility should work in the game. For example, what if Thieves are great early in the game, but horrid later? Then you may want to keep Thieves on the battlefield and breed a strong Warrior bloodline in preparation for late game. On the other hand, if Thieves were great throughout an entire playthrough (Say by giving them an assassination role), the king might want to keep Thieves on the battlefield for a short period of time, but then recall them to make leetle thieves =).
  3. His Majesty thinks that relics usable by only certain bloodlines is a great idea: It adds a bit of flavor and allows Double Fine to increase the power of relics, making them more Epic. In addition, His Majesty suggests that these relics become stronger as they are used by a new generation. One interesting side effect would be that people would be forced to develop Let's say the heroic sacrifice of Martin Schmuck created the Breastplate of Warding +3, which would increase the defense of whomever wore it by 3. However, it could only be used by the Schmuck bloodline. Then, the king would be encouraged to breed the Schmuck bloodline as a melee warrior class. This is all fine and good, but three generations later Janna Schmuck is born, a prodigious sorceress with the ability to bend the elements to her will. Unfortunately, the Breasts-plate is useless on her, and this leaves her without a relic. The king orders the kingdom Smiths to forge a Staff of the Winds for her to use, and gives the breastplate to some other poor Schmuck. Here we see that the bloodline relic mechanic has added depth to the game by giving the player some kind of direction in which to build the bloodline. The mechanic is relatively easy to understand and use, but difficult to master. Each new generation can benefit from a relic, but not all of them will. This encourages the player to mess around with the system a bit to find a build that suits him/her.
  4. Mission Your lord, the king of kings, and lord of lords, asks that you inform his majesty on how to post on the Massive Chalice Action Forums, for despite having backed MC, his majesty cannot make a new topic. Reward The knowledge that you have served your king. Edit: The king has caused the New Topic button to appear with sheer willpower and no longer requires your help.
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