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    DFA Blu-ray?

    Is it going to be possible to purchase or pre-purchase a DFA blu-ray? I missed the kickstarter and became a slacker-backer so i missed the opportunity to get one. Thanks anyone who helps, place a link and burn with fire if there is already a thread about this.
  2. I love the idea of this being released to the public, I think that being able to see it early was reward enough for me. Sadly i was a slacker backer so i need to purchase a bluray or hdx even though i paid a inflated fee... but no hate, i had my chance to back it early but i talked myself out of it. I do not regret my purchase Double Fine and 2pp productions team, if anything releasing this to the public makes my purchase more worthwhile.
  3. Is there a way for slacker backers to download the episodes? because it is not showing up on my humble bundle page...
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