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  1. I think Double Fine should seriously consider not using a single slot autosave feature anymore. This is the second Double Fine PS3 game I've played where I've had no recourse except to start over completely because of a game-breaking bug that will not be fixed. "Brutal Legend" had save file corruption problems and now "The Cave" saves your game and places characters and objects in different places than where you left them. Please consider breaking from this methodology with Massive Chalice and Broken Age. Allowing players to save when they want to and giving them the ability to use multiple save slots would have alleviated much of the pain of these game bugs and would not have taken away from the game experience whatsoever.
  2. I was in the middle of the monk quest, just after the water jar part. I decided to save and exit the game. When I came back to the game later, my knight was back at the feather bridge, and my other two characters were standing where I left them near the flying carpets. The bridge has reappeared, the feather is sitting weirdly on the first step of the mountain, but there's no way to get my other two guys on top of the bridge again. I'm playing on PS3 and have installed patch 1.01. I'm using Monk, Knight, Hillbilly. Any help will be appreciated.
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