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  1. RIP DFAF. I was trashed for my first post here. Still here. Sweden representing.
  2. @Spaff Would it be to much to ask, to have official updates, and Psychonauts 2-related stuff that's posted on the DF twitter account, posted here as well? These forums feels like pretty pointless, if they're not even used for official updates. If there's a plan to shut them down soon, I might understand, but otherwise, I expect to find stuff like that here. I pretty much never go to the fig site, so if I want to look at older updates, I have to dig through my emails right now,.
  3. With the news that Anna Kipnis is leaving Double Fine for a new job, I just want to say thank you Anna, for her effort during so many years to create great games for us. Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, Broken Age and Headlander, among others, are all favorite games for me, that I have enjoyed thoroughly. And her part in the awesome Double Fine Adventure documentary shouldn be applauded as well. Not everyone would be willing to participate in such a project, and even fewer would do it as well. Congratutations on your achievements on Double Fine, and good luck on your future endeavours Anna!
  4. Have also posted here less and less since the Discord. But it's not solely because of Discord, but rather also because of Double Fine's own inactivity on making something happened here. I interpret their choice to not even post the updates for Psychonauts 2, as that they're not planning to keep this forum alive.
  5. Dunkirk I'm usually hesitant to watch war movies, and the awfull stories and situations those tell. It's something I prefer to have in documentaries. And the best movies for me are movies that I want to rewatch, over and over again, which is something difficult for war movies. But this was 5/5. It constantly balanced between heroism and tragedy, and between truly horrific scenes and impressive views. This is what I want high production value movies to be, that they to their best extent replicates realism, instead of missguided overblown mixes between confusing viewpoints and cameraviews and unrealistic CGI sequences. This didn't lean to much into action, and the mix of viewpoints air, land and sea worked very well. The flight sequences are among my favorite scenes in any movies.
  6. I've beaten the game now, and I think I agree with you. Some sequences were great (cannery, comic book), while some were pretty bad (kite), and everything between them were really boring. As you say, audio logs are not fun, especially not when everything you do in terms of playing is moving forward and looking for the object with an indicator on it. I'm a bit hesitant to criticize the story, since when the game start to annoy me, like the "gameplay" did, I tend to loose my concentration on what the story is trying to tell me. So I come off the game knowing about all these tragic events, but not much about what the point with the story was. I assume Edit went back to learn about her family herself, instead of through stories, and then ends up reading a bunch of stories, and that . I'm somewhat glad that I played the game, and the cannery sequence was fantastic (even if it was about a topic that should be a game itself, not just a pretty brief sequence), but I feel pretty done with the restrictive games that relies on audiologs. Gone Home and Firewatch gave you some freedom to explore, even if it maybe just was an illusion of it, but I want to play games now, not listen to endless dialogs. 3/5 if I had to give it a score. And that's not a strong 3.
  7. Well, that's what happens when there's no push to promote the forums. If they don't want the forums anymore, fine, that's their descision, and there's of course many other platforms for them to promote themselves. But I would rather see it being an active descion, then what it seems to be now.
  8. Much appreciated that this is posted here as well. I must say that I find it a bit weird, and to some small extent dissapointing, that the updates for the game are posted on this forums as an afterthought, or not all, by DF themselves. I would have thought that they wanted to encourage discussion about the game here. I'm a frequent user of these boards, but at the comment sections of FIG, so as a backer, I feel that I'm missing out a bit. Maybe @Spaff can clarify the reasoning about this?
  9. Because that's how we pronounce his name here in Sweden. (or because I made an error while spelling it. One of those reasons).
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