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  1. He was cool and extremely talented. If you haven't heard of him, there are tons of great songs from him to discover, in various genres and themes. If you're interested, I can recommend these to start with: Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun Soundgarden - Mind Riot Soundgarden - Rusty Cage Soundgarden - Halfway There Soundgarden - Birds of Prey Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me Audioslave - Yesterday to Tomorrow Audioslave - Show Me How To Live Audioslave - Like A Stone Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me Chris Cornell - Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart Chris Cornell - Pillow of Your Bones Chris Cornell - You Know My Name (The Bond Theme Song) And of course, the Temple of the Dog songs, even if Eddie Vedder is singing most of Hunger Strike on the album.
  2. If I would have pointed to one idol I've had as a grown up, it would have been Chris Cornell. Out of the artists we've lost recently, this is the heaviest for me.
  3. Zelda BOW is sweet and awesome.
  4. Had yearly salary talks at my job. Was prepared for tough talks, and had my arguments ready. Then they have the nerve to offer a reasonable pay rise, and then double that as a token of appreciation. I was furious, of course.
  5. Giving a person a 2/10 rating is just mean. For me, @Anemone, you're at least a 4/10.
  6. So, I'm just now starting to discover swedish metal music.
  7. As usual, a great episode. Really enjoyed this. And the credits music is really uplifting everytime I hear it.
  8. If somone missed it, a pretty good deal at Humble Bundle, with The Very Positive Bundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/very-positive-bundle $1 Super Mega Baseball Deadly Tower of Monsters They Bleed Pixels BTA Hackney Crashlands UnderRail $10 Stephen's Sausage Roll Curious Expedition
  9. With the risk of derailing an good and important discussion, about a serious topic, do we have a thread about TV shows here? Because I feel an urgent need to talk about just how bloody excellent Silicon Valley is.
  10. Spent the day cleaning out a lot of thrash in the two storage rooms I have access to with my apartment. Feels good throwing out old unused stuff. I really don't like owning stuff I never use.
  11. Sounds weird if that really was the issue, considering: The NES Mini has 30 fixed games, while the library is wast. They would have sold plenty even of those 30 games on Switch. There are rumours of a SNES Classic Mini being developed. Happy that I finally found a NES Classic Mini to buy, even though I have so far only used it once.
  12. Was it really terribly handled? A few more games would have been nice, but it still doesn't feel terrible.
  13. Got to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch. And the concept of Switch, it really does work. Switching from portable to a big screen, multiplayer with just the joycons, it's pretty brilliant. And the game was really good also, even though I sucked at it.
  14. Nes Classic Mini Ice Climber is still fun. And the intro screen and music to Metroid still trumphs those of most modern games. Edit: Oh, this might take some space in the forums, but sheer brilliance of this makes it worth it:
  15. I unfortunately didn't have much time to follow the event "live" this time, so I'm very happy that there are episodes like this, with the quality they have (I have watched the first three episodes), so I just want to say well done to everyone involved in this, and I really hope that you guys want to continue produce material like this. I have enjoyed the livestreams before, but I don't feel that it's necessary for them to be continuous during the days, but rather more on the fly, whenever a developer or artist just feel like they want to livestream their current worksession, And move the effort needed from the previous full day streams, use some of that to even more encourage and help that, via Youtube, Twitch or similiar? And promote those via twitter and the forums? And as for the daily episodes, I wouldn't mind them being done in fever episodes, that covers more days? Although that might of course be something that doesn't help the process. Anyway, AF is still ongoing for me, who have to catch up, so I'm looking forward to more episodes.