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  1. Breath of the Wild looks really neat. Out of the releases for the spring, that is the one that's interesting for me. Don't have a Switch preordered, but might have to look into getting one in the upcoming batches. Mass Effect Andromeda is one game I want to be good, but Dragon Age: Inquisition was so packed with mediocre timeconsuming content that I'm not having any real expectations on Bioware even being interested in improving that. If they do, then it will be a pleasant suprise though.
  2. Still hooked by Overwatch, in a way that I haven't been by a game in a very long time. I should be happy by that, considering that I generally just play it in burts of 15-30 min, and it fits my schedule of things to do pretty good, but I keep looking at my Steam account and have that niggling feeling of wanting to dive back into Civ 6, XCOM2 and Invisible Inc. The upcoming release of Thimbleweed Park should get me some variety though
  3. Sitting and reading about Trumps comments on Sweden, and it's surreal to se my country being dragged into his bullshit tweeting.
  4. I hope that Eric Wolpaw will still contribute to Psychonauts 2.
  5. I used the same method for The Witness as for the point&click adventures, and really tried to work out what goal I was working to at the moment, and just as I because of that could dismiss certain locations and items as relevant for the moment in P&C adventures, I could dismiss certain locations and puzzles as extras in The Witness. That made it easier to work towards a certain direction, and enhance my understanding of the puzzles.
  6. The Witness is the best. Need to return to that and continue with the secrets.
  7. And the actual video, by Anton Corbijn of course. It's brilliant.
  8. Huh, didn't remember that. But I think that this is more to help with the removal of Greenligh, rather then curate the number of new games. I still think that icho.io needs to gain much more visibility to be really relevant, but I hope it does,I like alternatives like that. Yeah, Law & Order or something similiar was what I thinking about this. But it sounds like you can keep some distance to it, which is something at least
  9. Sounds good. Valve will of course get abuse for whatever they, do. Old system - You need to be buddies with Valve! Current System - Too much spam! Why don't Valve curate this stuff! Future System - Not all indies have money! Everyone should be able to sell their game!
  10. Not sure there's room for it, after masterpieces like Sharknado, and this gem:
  11. I'm only familiar with his game music works. I've seen other works on Spotify, but I felt that I need some context for it to appreciate it, so I haven't explored it as much. But his OST for Offworld Trading Company is really underrated.
  12. Played the tutorial of Gwent on GOG Galaxy now. I have no real experience of these kind of card combat games before, but I like that a minigame in a game (The Witcher III) turned out to be so well done, that it spawned a standalone game.
  13. Now there's a good sounding title, if I've ever seen one.
  14. New single from Depeche Mode.