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  1. Why not have a thread about good sales? Shadow of Mordor - 80% off, 3.99€ Headlander - 80% off, 3.99€
  2. Beat Thimbleweed Park. It was....ok. 3/5. It had some bright spot, but very rarely utilized them. Rate Broken Age much higher.
  3. They are introducing something new this year. And yes, I'm going to spoilermark aspects of a game sale, because this is the internet, and I fully embrace that. I'm sticking my tested formula for Steam. Buying 2-3 smaller games, that before was interesting, but not day 1 purchases. So that I feel like I'm "participating" in the sale, don't clog up my backlog (on my Steam account, I'm only at 2 completely untried games), and at worst support the devs behind those games.
  4. Steam Summer sales are starting tomorrow.
  5. Still haven't played a single Resident Evil game, on any platform. Not one minute. But for me it's rather that I despise the idea of zombie games, rather then being afraid.
  6. I'm all over that art style, love it. And I love that in that short demo that Greg and Spaff did, it seemed that every scene and dialogue, something suprised me a bit, by not being what it seemed, or just funnier then I expected. One of my favorites from E3, alongside Mario Odyssey, Griftlands and the XCOM expansion.
  7. I was watching a bit of the E3 show at youtube, and timed it so that I saw Greg And Spaff show Ooblets and Knights&Bikes. And those games looked really good. Especially Knights&Bikes. You can find it here if you back a bit https://gaming.youtube.com/e3 I was a backer of Knights&Bikes, but that was more for I liked the enthusiasm behind the project, more then actually knowing what they aimed for. But it looked really awesome now.
  8. Heh, I didn't know that Tenacious D song Roadie actually was written to promote Brutal Legend.
  9. Metroid Prime 4 - No details, but still announced. More then I expected. Mario Odyssey - I was really suprised by how good it looks. Didn't expect that. Rocket League - Being both announced and coming with cross network play against XBOX and PC. Didn't expect that. Nintendo did well.
  10. Yeah, I thought that one looked really bad. Like any F2P game, but with fancier graphics. Sea of Thieves looked supringsly good though. Like actual fun.
  11. As an online focused prequel. Ubi gonna Ubi. Best of Ubi show: Mario+Rabbids game. Mario XCOM game, that was not what I expected. It looked terrific. Worst of Ubi show: Assassins Creed: Origins. I know that I'm not the target audience, but this really looks like a complete bore to play.
  12. Not really a fan of the aesthetic, or zombies either. But I do like what I hear about different factions, and more dynamic to the campaign. That's the one thing I want from them, with the battles being as good as they are. Hope to see a less linear base building with this also.
  13. I'm happy myself, have just gotten looks at: XCOM2 Expansion Battletech Griftlands Mount&Blade 2 Ooblets Tunic Wargroove