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  1. The Humble IGN Merger

    Don't mind this that much. It's not an important platform for me, considering that they provide download links and steam keys, that I can get from other places if needed. I liked they're original mission, where everything was released with proper DRM free downloads and PC, Mac and Linux versions for everything. That's something that has been watered down in many steps now, so what IGN does with that is not really concerning. Most of the bundles now are just backlog fodder, where everyone spends money to get more games then they need.
  2. I would have much more sympathy for him, if trying to be a paying customer for tv shows wasn't such a chore so very often. I subscribe to three different streaming services, I'm prepared to buy individual tv shows digitally if I'm allowed, and yet I'm very often left out. I only use illegal streaming sites as a last resort, but it happens. Now I haven't tried to follow his show specifically, but others have pushed me to using illegal methods. Something I'm not using for movies, games or music at all. But for TV shows, the ones selling them need to up their game.
  3. Saw this post by Ron Gilbert, about the likelyhood of a new P&C adventure from him anytime soon. Of course, actually having the Monkey Island IP could change a lot about that. and a crowfunding campaign for Monkey Island 3 would probably be much more succesful. I knda liked Thimbleweed Park. I didn't reach the heights of the genre, but I think that a third Monkey Island game based on what they did for Thimbleweed at least wouldn't be terrible. It's a shame that neither Broken Age or Thimbleweed seem to spawn more games in the genre, but it really doesn't seem to be that much of an audience for these games now. Broken Age managed reach outside the core fanbase, but I think that also showed that a lot of the gaming audience doesn't really have patience for these kind of games anymore, where constant progression is always expected in the games now. Still a bit sad that we can't get a new Loom game, based on the style of Broken Age. :\
  4. Even if they would sell it, would he have the money for it? And even if he had the money, or even if they just gave it to him. What happens then? For a new game in the series to happen, with the quality people would expect from it, I would guess that at least the budget Broken Age had would be needed.
  5. Arrival Watched this a bit of preparation for the Blader Runner sequel, with them having the same director. I liked it. It was different from what I expected, interesting, and well paced.
  6. What are you playing?

    Despite som reservations about Divinity: Original Sin 2, I've continued to play it. I don't care for the combat at all, am now playing it on explorer difficulty, and there's some things I don't like it about that part of the game no matter what the difficulty is. But the story did pick up pace now, and the graphics are stunning, and compensates it's lack of orginality in the style, with a stunning attention to detail.
  7. I've beaten the game on PC and can talk for ages about it, and then some more, but I assume it's how well it works on iPad you're interesting in?
  8. Anyone here playing Divinity: Original Sin 2? I have pretty much no experience of the series, but the positive buzz surrounding this game is making me very interested in the game. Voices seem a bit off, the art style is a tad generic from the look of it, but it has been praised for it's writing.
  9. Totally agree with that. Valve have been lacking in many departments. And if too little gets done with tools like that, because their "we only works on what interests the employees" is the reason for that, then they need to hire a bunch of different people on top of what they have. The one good advice the author has is that you should spread your business and buy games from other store that you want to encourage. Unfortunately for me, that only means GOG, Humble and directly from devs. I don't see buying games from Origin, uPlay or the Windows Store doing anything good for me, because they're not want I want. I should have a look at itch.io, but haven't done that yet. Yep. If GOG was as big as Steam, they would be faced with the same problems. And while one can speculate that they might have handled things differently, there's little reason to believe that it would have been perfect, based on that pretty much all big community platforms have problems with issues like this today. And I'm not running away from either Facebook or Youtube because of what other people are doing there either. The review bombing of Firewatch is sad to see, both out of a general perspective and from a personal one, with Firewatch being a game that I hold in very high regard. But it's the same there, with review bombing being a thing on metacritic, amazon, IMDB, etc. And even if Valve haven't taken enough steps to counter it, the fact is that they have done something, with separating overall and recent aggregates, letting people upvote and downvote (something I use for all games I like that I feel need help) and more things coming to see scores fluctuation over time.
  10. There's nothing incorrect about the opinion that you can and should expect more from Valve, but it's written from the high horse angle that I really loathe. Even more so when the author adds a late disclaimer that he doesn't really care about either his Steam games or PC games in general, but wants you to decide what kind of person you want to be. I consider myself to be a pretty descent person in general, and I act against the things I encounter that I find to be wrong. But I spend time with games to enjoy the creativity I find in them, not to engage in every battle that happens to take place with gaming communities. I leave postive remarks and upvote good reviews for games I enjoy and developers I respect, but I'm not going to limit my access to games I want because of what other people do.
  11. It's apparently your responsibility as a Steam user that people are being dicks on the internet. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-09-14-why-i-deleted-my-steam-account Delete your account.
  12. What are you playing?

    Mario dressing up as a cat and making cat sounds in Super Mario 3D World is really weirding me out.
  13. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 I liked it, even if Kurt Russels character was kinda weak (with him still doing a good job with what he had to work with), as did Nebula this time, and the plot felt kinda weak and vague for the first third or half of the movie. But while It was not as good as the first movie, it was still great fun to watch, with many scenes I want to rewatch again. I
  14. What are you playing?

    No proper XCOM squad is complete without a good old swedish snake ninja.