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  1. That's such a hipster answer.
  2. I'm interested in that game, it sounds neat (and frightening). Still haven't bough a new game so far this year, and Thimbleweed is my planned next one, but Torment is tempting. Did Avellone work that much on this game though? I had the impression that he was more of feedback guy for this game.
  3. Jim Sterling irks me. Too much of a smartass wise guy, too often just preaching to the choir when something is being shit on by the general public. But that was a sweet version of the MI theme, thx for the link.
  4. I feel so old and out of touch for not knowing more about these "celebrities". But everytime I've tried to watch these guys, I've stumbled on the particular episodes where they comment on development processes and project managements, and gets irked by their naivety and eagerness to pass judgment rather then learn. I really don't know where to go for gaming youtube channels that won't annoy me. End of angry rant.
  5. I didn't hate Inquisition, it was serviceable. But you should expect much more from the biggest player in the genre.
  6. All of those are true. And I pretty much discarded the game after 4-5h. But I came back to it, beat it, and thought it was awesome. It just had that great scifi movie feeling of homebase, exploration, great villain,enemy grunts, artistic design and soundtrack. Mass Effect 2 was much more polished, but also less interesting. Story was worse, villains was worse, grunts were worse, and it was just so much more in-your-face "gamey". Most encounters were just the same, all locations were corridors, and it became boring when you could figure out which enemy you were about to meet based on what ammo that were just suddenly laying around.
  7. I chuckled a bit at some of the animations in the game, but if the rest of the game had been awesome and interesting, then I wouldn't have mind even more animation glitches or whatnot. But the review comments about the quests and characters are what's putting me off this game. But I'm also one of those who feel that Mass Effect 2 is massively (pun intended) overrated. And that Mass Effect 1 is the best game in the series.
  8. Mass Effect: Andromeda is not getting the best reviews. General consensus seems to be that it's descent, but unpolished and underwhelming in regards to how time consuming it is, much because of the writing.
  9. The lyrics on the new album are great. We are not there yetWe have lost our soulThe course has been setWe're digging our own hole We're going backwardsArmed with new technologyGoing backwardsTo a cavemen mentality
  10. It's been four years. But now it's happening again. A new Depeche Mode album. Going in.
  11. That article is written in a dreadful (to use his favorite word) way, but I wouldn't say that John Walker is wrong there, since most of his complaints against the game can be said about Bioware's previous game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. A game that I played to completion, but didn't really enjoy. If Mass Effect: Andromeda is more of the same of that, without lessons learned, then I'm not that interested in it.
  12. Played another 20 min or so of Zelda, and it really is a pleasure to play. The pacing when you start the game continues to be excellent, and the graphics continues to impress, at least when you're playing it in handheld mode, like I did.
  13. Got an opportunity to test Zelda: Breath of the Wild. All games should start like this. No long intros. No long tutorials. Just let the player play as soon as possible.