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  1. I'm letting other people do the yelling about that. Mainly since I don't care about that part. My only interest in Switch is for classic single player Nintendo games, and that they have a high quality. I will yell if it turns out that they once more tie game purchases to hardware, but that's about it.
  2. A new Portal game would get me to buy a Vive VR headset. No doubt. It wouldn't even have to be required for the game, just supported. Instant buy. Portal 1 and Portal 2 are such great games, and such great events when it comes to gaming.
  3. Returned to Civilization 6, and really enjoying it. Just booting it up to hear a bit of the fantastic theme turned into me starting a new game with France, and spending quite a lot of time with it. This great article about the leader animations, on Kotaku, also inspires me to play more of it. http://kotaku.com/civilization-vi-has-the-most-incredible-animation-1791100996
  4. I've been reading through impressions of the press showing, the planned launch, and the selection of available games, and I still don't get the negative impressions. Eurogamer wrote " I hope I'm wrong. Switch is a fascinating console - fun, innovative, unique, attractively designed, technically impressive in its own way, with a magical party trick and a compelling pitch. It deserves a better fate than the desperate, last-ditch mission Nintendo appears to be sending it on. " Desperate last mission? I sometimes try to look at things more positively then they deserve to, but my feeling about Switch is: The selection of games is not optimal, but way better then it was for WiiU. And I don't recall the first six months of PS4 and XBOX One impressing anyone. It's launched with a proper system seller. Nintendo have managed to communicate the appeal of the different design of it this time, no WiiU "is this is a new controller for Wii?" situation. It's expensive when you put together a package of the console, additional controllers, and games, but isn't that the case for any new similiar hardware launch?
  5. So, if I'm got everything right, the Switch will from Nintendo themselves have: 1. Zelda at launch in March. 2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with new modes, characters and tracks in April. 2. Splatoon 2 in the summer. 4. Super Mario Odysee at the holidays That's four of their biggest IP's within 6 months, with the more gimmicky 1-2 Switch and Arms at the launch also. Not that bad.
  6. I've beaten the game now, and the part that really annoyed me was one particular boss, where the intentionally bad gameplay made it very frustrating. I enjoyed the game well enough overall, with a couple of fourth wall breaking moments that really stood out, but it's really not a good game :). I'm not sure I want to put myself through replaying it and trying to find all 24 tickets.
  7. I can feel the same sometimes, way too much stupid things going around when it comes to games. Somedays you want to ignore everything but GOG. I do love games that keeps being developed and updated iteratively, Team Fortress 2, Crusader Kings 2, Prison Architect, etc. That's just games that keeps being better, and grows to something they wouldn't be able to be otherwise. But any games that just tries to keeps you hooked, with levels and progressbars and whatnot, like Destiny and The Division, doesn't get in my home.
  8. Yeah no. I thought so to begin with also, but "gameplay" is really insufferable. It's of course part of the joke, but when you end up having to redo the same section over and over again, the joke stops being fun. Might just look up the rest on youtube.
  9. This Humble Bundle launched today. https://www.humblebundle.com/overwhelmingly-positive-bundle So now I'm playing Pony Island. It's quite the mindf*ck.
  10. Well, it was always a bit weird that they spent so much money on something that completely separated from Windows. That they're merging them now makes sense, but it of course also means that they're out to mess with a lot of what people like with PC's as a result of it. And while I don't think that they want people to forget the XBOX brand, I'm not sure how well that and the Windows brand will play with each other if they launch a new XBOX that's an even less disguised Windows machine then the current XBOX's.
  11. RPG heroes are the worst heroes.
  12. As with all Microsoft games, since they're merging XBOX with Windows 10.
  13. Why are you fishing? Shouldn't you and the boys be on your way to save the........I want to say.....kingdom?
  14. If a game has problems, it might be time to cancel it, but Microsoft are giving few reasons to potential customers to buy a XBOX One nowadays.
  15. Yeah, pretty much. It feels a bit mean towards the developers to say it, but it's quite close. I'm trying to figure out exactly why it bothers me so much more in this game then in Firewatch that I really liked, but I guess the difference is the ability to explore the space in Firewatch, dictate the pace, and that moving around in that game is actually fun.