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  1. Full Throttle: Remastered Actually have two keys for this, of which I used one, because of the lacking information on the Humble Store page about it also coming with a DRM free download (which DF still haven't updated). Might do a giveaway with the other key here, if I can figure out the best way for it.
  2. Yeah, agree. It was pretty perfect. I just wished that they would utilized better.
  3. That feeling when you get when you watch the last episode of that tv series that right now feels like one of the best you've seen. Black Sails.
  4. So, it's the same again. Thanks for that answer. Not sure why DF couldn't have provided that information on the store page themselves.
  5. I'll take that as a no then. Mainly asking because the DRM free download wasn't initially shown for DOTT on Humble, but was added after I had already bought the game directly through Steam.
  6. It's hard to forget. " - So here's the Monkey Island franchise. Do what you want with it, be creative." " - Ok, here's our take on it. Lets reuse all the old characters without any clear purpose as to why, rebuild the classic locations instead of going to new places, and then completely retcon central story points of the first game, one the most classic games in the genre. Because reasons."
  7. When I bought DOTT:SE through the Humble Store, I got a Steam code and a DRM free download. Will it be the same for Full Throttle?
  8. Working full time as a software developer, which somedays feel like someone is paying me way to much money to play with computers. Just wish I wouldn't be so easily annoyed by stupid customers. And my sports team just got knocked out of the playoffs here in Sweden, and I'm a bit annoyed at that.
  9. Good hint, I solved it.
  10. If anyone needs a new strategy game to play, Endless Space is currently 97% off, and only costs $1. http://store.steampowered.com/app/208140
  11. Most of the podcasts I listen to are swedish podcasts, mainly about sports, so I don't think they're of much interest for you guys. But for english speaking ones I do recommend this one. Designer Notes - Game design podcast by Soren Johnson, of Civilization 4 and Offworld Trading Company. It recently had a three part interview with Sid Meier, that was really great. And it has had other great guests before, like Chris Avellone, Brad Muir, Amy Henning and more. And I thought Splitscreen, from Kotaku, hade some great episodes now from GDC 2017 (March 1-3), that had guests like Tim Schafer, Anna Kipnis, Chris Avellone and Meg Jayanth (who talked about the awesome 80 Days). Those where really really good. Kevin Smith's Smodcast can be good, but it really varies in quality, and if you like his sense of humour, that can be too childish sometimes.
  12. Managed to solve the nickel puzzle quite fast, but still haven't figured out the blood swab puzzle. It's interesting that Broken Age got so much criticism for that "almighty god" aspect for just a few puzzles, but for Thimbleweed, reviewers and players in general just seem to go "whatever" about it.
  13. Also playing Thimbleweed, and yikes, I'm not that good at this. It is taking a lot of effort to move forward in it. But it's fun. A bit weird on how characters interact with each other without not really knowing each other, but whatever.
  14. I managed to find a Nintendo NES Classic Mini to buy. That's fun, or at least something.