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  1. There's also been a lot of criticism of the lead actor, who's apparently been rather miscast (and can't really fight, which isn't great for a supposed superior martial artist).
  2. Most critics are saying that the series is boring, doesn't have a particularly strong narrative and lacks a strong main character. Which is a shame.
  3. Since this is basically the Nintendo thread now... Hey, Breath of the Wild got leaked. Well, I say 'leaked'... (Had to search for a non-Kotaku site. You're welcome)
  4. Ah, I see what you meant about the little guy. That was... tolerable. As always, thanks for doing these. Greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the recaps, @Noname215. Much appreciated. Curious to see how the story ends.
  6. Back when I played Homebrew Wii games (this WAS a few years ago, mind) they all seemed really basic and not that much fun to play. I'm sure it's changed over the years,but it's been so long it'd take something REALLY good to get me back into it.
  7. Cool. Looking forward to them, but don't rush on my account - whenever's best for you.
  8. Thou hast uttered the sacred words, and thus I have emerged from my place of slumber. Now gimme them recaps.
  9. Cautiously optimistic. Both studios mentioned have good track records, so that bodes pretty well, but there's always a worry with licensed stuff.
  10. Huh. Well, that was a set of changes well worth making. That Darth Vader scene... woo!
  11. I won't say how I did it, but I will say that my Wii has a few of these custom games - namely, the two Lost Vikings games, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Moonwalker - that I myself put together back in the day. Good times...
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