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  1. Yes, but the outcome is more frequent, severe, and longer lasting to women. When I was young, I quickly learned that if I wanted to have a voice on the internet, I had to avoid revealing my sex. It's super freaky, honestly.
  2. So my parents just took me to a love hotel and watched despicable me 2. It went okay.
  3. Silent Hills 1-4 were pretty good at achieving horror minus jump scares. I mean there were some during some portions of the games, but they are few and far between. A Machine for Pigs apparently didn't have enough jump scares that it was ostracized by the youtube community that pretty much harvests jump scares for money for being ~~~booooorring~~~~ While not all of these are technically horror, it should be worth looking over this list. also i'd include gone home not because lesbians are spooky but because im personally afraid of being in the dark
  4. I've sorta become an atheistic heathen I guess. I really like the symbolism and feel of rituals and mythos but don't believe in a literal Thor or Valhalla. I use stories as a sort of vehicle for grounding and bettering myself. Pros of heathenism: lots of reasons to celebrate throughout the year, Yule is way longer than Christmas, and a general push to make the most of your mortal life. Cons: attracts a lot of racist buttholes
  5. Woah I saw this lady speak live. She really opened my eyes to the potential of games, but yeah, those ideas often seem as lofty as Peter Molyneux.
  6. I grew to like Goku's Japanese voice by listening to it often. It helps that I didn't watch the American releases growing up. It's honestly not bad.
  7. I don't think you realize that you're talking to an individual who loves spiderman (and many other superhero comics ) so much that there was vocal despair between spending money on food or buying all the spiderman comics that went on sale that day that he didn't already own. Honestly, I don't know a person who likes spiderman more than Dashing here. You're rather presumptuous there, buddy.
  8. Honestly, it warms my heart to know that our community was so tight and important to each other that we decided to stick together. It must be weird for you guys to have us join all at once, I understand, but I'm so glad you guys accept us so quickly.
  9. I got a Naga Epic refurbed and even though I don't play mmorpgs anymore, I really like the weight on it. Honestly, just lurk Woot for deals because they seem do do razer sales often.
  10. Lady and the Tramp The Bigamist Human Desire Secret Ceremony See Girl Run Sunday Bloody Sunday Body Count bonus: The Long Shot
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