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  1. Well, "Xenoblade Chronicles" on the wii is basically a completely different game. It's a lot more story driven. The world is still vast, but there is direction to it. And the story is really great. You bond a lot more with the party members. There's only 7 I think, as opposed to the bajillion X has. And they all have distinct personalities and roles in the plot. To put it into perspective, one of them is a noppon named Rikki. And he's actually likeable. He's not annoying and you actually feel bad for the guy. Plus he's awesome in combat. Yeah,the game falls into a lot of JRPG tropes, but you know what? It's still amazing. But it is really a different game. The only similarity is the combat (which I personally found better in the original. Pre-skell anyway. The ability to see into the future is great.). It's definitely worth grabbing if you can. Back to X: It took me around 25 hours or so to figure out how to use reward tickets. I've mostly ignored the online stuff as it was so poorly explained. Getting the game at launch was a mixed blessing. I could experience everything with everyone else. It was great seeing everyone as amazed as I was. At the same time, there was no information available on things like where to find drops. And if there was? 50% chance it was wrong. I'm only about 30ish hours in at the moment because life has been really shitty the past few months so I haven't been able to play it, but really want to. I think i'm on chapter 8/9. I just can't stop exploring. I need all those beacons! So I never progress anywhere >_> Those beetles you mentioned? I think they attack because you step on them with your skell. Enemies can take damage when you do that, which will probably piss them off. I also noticed while playing that there were a few poorly tested quests. Like I got on an affinity mission early on (about 8 hours in) that required me going to one of the continents at sea. I had no skell. It took me about 30 minutes to swim to it. I couldn't quit out because you can't with affinity missions. I was locked in until I swam there and dealt with it. Not fun.
  2. It's a great game and I really need to go back to it. Doesn't hold a candle to the Wii/3DS one though. But yeah, the city music can just die. It's so grating. And the game sorely needs volume controls. And the ability to remove tatsu. So infuriating. Some of the quests are random. Like the one that involves locating a lost cat. Really love the quests like that. I also love how the game will just tell you "find x of y" and then not tell you anything about where you can find it. If you're lucky you might get a continent but they're bloody massive!
  3. Sorry to hear things are rough for you at the moment coolsome. I know how bad depression can be, how it can make you believe the worst and how everything before it just seems like a dream. You really don't need to worry about what people here think of you. We all think you're awesome. But also, being a gaming forum we're mostly socially inept. If we're able to see something is wrong with someone we don't really know how to react to comfort them. It's not because we don't care. Add all that to the fact it's so easy to get the tone of textual message wrong and you have a recipe for disaster. Having said all that, you're welcome to contact me at any time if you need someone to talk to. I'd be happy to help. It really helps getting a fresh perspective on things, or to talk to someone. When you get your feelings out in the open it's often a relief. And it helps you see them for what they are which helps you to control them and overcome them.
  4. I've only really played the monkey island games and both the indianna jones games. But I have to say Last Crusade was my least favourite. I just couldn't get into it. I really don't like the combat aspects of those two games. Mainly because I can't get it to work right.
  5. So Celine Dion's brother died of cancer today. And her husband died two days ago. Of cancer. All I can think of is that poor woman. She must be going through hell right now.
  6. A photo from a recent convention I attended. I couldn't decide which doctor to go as so I went as all of them.
  7. I finally got to see it yesterday, and on the whole it was a good film. My enjoyment of it was spoiled a large amount by some events in the cinema but I still enjoyed it. My experiences: My heart sank when I read this. It reads like really, really bad fan fiction. This continued through most of the first act, until after Han had joined the party. Them finding the millenium falcon as the only ship they could take, and then being picked up by Han and chewie was eyerolling. But it was all still fun. I didn't mind too much. Yeah, i couldn't stop thinking "this is fan fiction" (because lets face it it is just professional fan fiction), it was still enjoyable. My main comment however is that the film was basically "A Newer Hope". It had most of the same themes, similar plot devices, locations etc. It only really kicked in when Death Star Mk III became apparent, and the rebels crowded round a table looking at the plans before deciding to attack it's weak spot. Heck, the protagonist even got to see her mentor/father figure killed before her from a distance by the main villain.
  8. 2015 has been horrid for me. Stress from an over abundance of uni work (having to take onboard an extra 80 credits worth of work(for no extra credit I might add) over 4 months. you're supposed to only do 60 a semester). Various painful illnesses. The death of someone close to me. A family member attempting to kill themselves. My fiance having insane stress at work now wanting to top themselves and being in a deep depression. Being turned down from numerous graduate job places. I lost most of my friends as I realised they were just using and abusing me. About the only light was getting engaged in the first place. I really need 2016 to improve. I don't know how much more of a beating I can take. I don't remember the last day I had when I didn't break down and cry at some point.
  9. Sorry to hear Christmas isn't going to be great for you. Best thing you can do is just try and see it as any other day. You don't need to spend it with family or whatever. It's just a Friday where everything is shut. Treat it as a day off. Watch a film you've wanted to for ages, or play a game you've been meaning to get round to. I'm currently waiting for a phone call from my grandparents with the full expectation of being disowned and thus losing contact with the entirety of my dad's family.
  10. I've spent an evening trying to find a fanedit of the prequels (I prefer them over the originals, but wanted to give an edit a shot). I've had poor luck finding anything anyone says is decent and is also available easily. This is the first one I've found so far so thanks
  11. The Wii U one is great (from what i've played, abut 14 hours) but very much a different entity. It isn't nearly as story driven and is much, much more open world. It's also fucking massive in size. Definitely worth a shot though. Just don't expect it to be Xenoblade Chronicles II. It's really not. The only similarity is the combat system (and even then it's different. X has the ability to issue commands to team mates, lacks future sight and has all the stuff with skells.) Few issues with the game (some are debatable): General lack of information. You might get a quest that says "pick up these items." the most information you'll find in game is "it's on this continent". And due to how massive a game it is, that's not overly helpful. Add to the fact that because the game is new there isn't any guides out there to help you out (even the wiki is filled with fake info) and it can become frustrating. Party Members: There is no real way to swap in party members. If you want to swap someone in, you have to find them in the central city (which is bloody massive) and talk to them. But there is no icon that I can see on your map that shows where they are, or any information that is stored in the game (that you can access). So yeah, lots of wondering around. Sound balancing: This one frustrates me a lot. There are no sound options, and the music quite often drowns out the voice acting in cutscenes. But overall those are all minor issues. The game is still fantastic. Just don't go in expecting the original game, because it isn't. It's its own entity.
  12. Screw baseball, anyone up for a game of rounders? No? Just me?
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